SICKENING: Man Who Murdered Woman in Monsey’s Finkelstein Library Had Been Out UNDER BAIL REFORM


The liberal democrats running New York State now have innocent blood on their hands, thanks to their insane bail reform laws.

According to a report by LoHud, 25-year-old Blanchard Glaudin had been released free on a previous rape charge when he murdered 53-year-old Sandra Wilson inside the Finkelstein Library in Monsey earlier this week.

Glaudin had been released under the new bail reforms after being accused of trying to rape a woman at Montefiore Nyack Hospital in November. Nyack Justice Robert Knoebel had set Glaudin’s bail at $100,000 and he was held as Gaudin Blanchard in the county jail from Dec. 20 until Dec. 26, until a County Court judge released him without bail under the criminal justice reforms.

Glaudin failed to appear in Nyack Justice Court three times in January, including a Jan. 7 scheduled appearance.

Glaudin has now been charged with second-degree murder. According to a report in the NY Post, Wilson had asked Glaudin to please lower the volume of his music, when he pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed her.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Maybe rape is now acceptable behavior in NY?? Listen; don’t the women do it to themselves? They should dress like Omar, they won’t have any problems. Before you jump on me- yes; I’m being sarcastic. But one cannot know, these idiots in NY get nuttier every day!

    Law enforcement officials keep warning against these new laws but these idiotic politicians couldn’t care less. It’s all about the votes, not about what’s right. NY has rolled out the red carpet for illegals, criminals- all friends of deBlasio and AOC.

  2. The politicians who (pandering to their liberal supporters) voted for this bial reform AND the Governor who signed it must be held to account. Thank you once again to all those “machers” in the frum community who support Cuomo and tell us to vote for him.

  3. These politicians are even more evil than the murderer they let go free. The only way that anything might change is if they themselves will become the victims of their own liberal insanity.

  4. we can all thank the filthy TRAITOROUS MURDEROUS leftist America hating DemonRats for all this,
    these filthy sewer rats including De Blasio and governor Cuomo must be vomited out by the electorate.
    voting for any DemonRat equals suicide

  5. Don’t get it. Had he had the 100,00 to pay he would also have been let out and would also have killed her. (Someone that’s about to commit murder doesn’t think about a few K.) So why is this blood on their hands? If someone would have posted bail for him a week earlier would he have been the murderer????

  6. It starts at the local level with the DemocRats who run Ramapo Town Hall. There have now been 3 stabbings that have directly affected the frum community in Monsey/Spring Valley since the last election. The “leaders” of the chasidic kehillos knew darn well the DemocRats are outright lawless liars yet they still taxied their peons to vote them in control again.