MEKUBALIM TO THE RESCUE! Mekubalim Encircle Israel On Plane And Daven For The Coronavirus Epidemic To End [VIDEO]


A group of mekubalim carried out a “special tikun” on Taanis Esther to remove the coronavirus threat from the residents of Israel, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The mekubalim, including Rav Dovid Chavusha, flew around Israel in a plane for two hours and performed the tikkun which included reciting pitum ha’ketores, blowing the shofar and special kavanos.

A similar tikkun was carried out 70 years ago by the mekubal Rav Yehudah Fetaya, when the Nazis threatened to enter Eretz Yisrael.

Harav Fetaya and other mekubalim went to the Egyptian base in the south of Israel and flew around Israel for an hour.

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At the end of the tikkun Rav Fetaya declared that the decree against the residents of Israel was annulled. Shortly later, the Nazis withdrew.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Seems a bit odd. Tefillin not on correctly, and looked awfully young to be a big Mekubal? But I could be wrong…?
    And I wonder- in the old days did they do this flying tikkun by saying the Sheim HaMeforesh and flying around?
    As to the second story, 70 yrs ago was 1950….5 years after WW2…
    And the story I heard kli rishon was that the best 4 Yerushalmi Mekubalim of the time, went to the 4 corners of Yerushalayim to say such a Tikkun, and immediately afterwards General Rommel turned around.
    But hey that’s no stira- maybe the Sephardic Mekubalim did it too and it was a combination of all of them that did it?
    Either way, ah freilichen Purim to all!

  2. Kosher style VOODOO finally arrives in Israel.
    According to the Torah we should be examining our ways (yefashfesh bemaasov) and CONSIDER DOING TESHUVA!!
    This pagan mumbo jumbo is diametrically opposed the the letter and spirit of authentic Torah and can only make things worse!

  3. Please spare us the mumbo-jumbo of these mekubalim. If they were so powerful, they would have been up in the air two months ago. But they’re smart, they waited until statistically the curve of new cases is about to start its descent. Then they can claim it was their doing. Spare me.