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Dr Stuart H. Ditchek, is calling on all parents – in all Jewish communities – NOT send their children to Yeshiva, and to demand that they close immediately. He is also calling on all Shuls to close as well.

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  1. This is a daas torah decision. They are obviously taking all of this into account. We don’t “pressure our Rabbis” into making the decisions you are I believe are correct. We wait to hear and follow what they say.

  2. I believe there is a written statement from him that is so full of lashon ha’ra and rechilus, motzie shem ra and sinas chachomim that would perhaps disqualify him as an unbiased expert. Printing his opinion here only serves to increase fear, panic, and sinas chachomim.

  3. Its very nice that hes concerned but if he gave it iver to dass torah and they havent agreed to close yet then its not up to him to bring it to the oublic like this and have go against daas torah….with all due respect he is not who people need to follow…..i am not saying i disagree with him just saying i dont beleive its his place to come out like this just because he doesnt like that he wasnt listened to.

  4. How come now that there is a outbreak Doctors become the Daas Torah for the community???

    Until the Rabanim of the Greater New York City put out a letter stating that all shuls and yeshivas should close,

    we do not need to listen to a doctor.

  5. Dear Dr. Ditchek,
    Thank you very much for your care, professionalism and courage to speak out on this important issue and fight for what is right!!
    I think that it is totally irresponsible, outrageous and extremely dangerous that some shuls are still open and conduct business as usual. The rabbonim of those shuls put themselves and their kehilas in great danger.
    One shul in their email suggested that “men over 70 or those who have a medical need “ can use Ezras Nushim. I would like to know which doctor recommended that. The right thing would be to follow medical and professional advice to suggest they should stay home.
    We have to pray to Hashem to stop this mageifa, but we have to do our hishtadlos – follow recommendations of medical professionals.
    All schools and shuls must be closed immediately! Health and safety of the people comes first!
    I am sure the mayor will close the public schools very soon or the teachers and students will stop attending.
    Thank you again, Dr. Ditchek for your care, professionalism and courage to speak up.
    You are the Man of Courage!
    Yefim Markovich

  6. A case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.
    Who don’t you want near the kids? The grandparents!
    Who will babysit these kids? The grandparents!

    This is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline!

  7. Stuart:- You somehow seem to have overlooked the directives of Torah-uMesoro, and exclusively quoted some Bergen county Rabbis:- You clearly are NOT דעת-תורה, so fly a kite!!
    de Blasio is way smarter than you, Stuart, because he clearly comprehends that were he to shut down schools and subways, then healthcare workers with children at home, just when they are most absolutely needed at their jobs, couldn’t ‘t get to work, not healthcare workers who need to take subway to go to tend to their patients, so Stuart:- Fly a kite!!

  8. I have a lot of respect for Dr Ditchek …however I beg to differ with his opinion this time . How apropos that the virus has reared its ugly head around Parshas Ki Sesah .Mass hysteria was first ,& foremost reason for the חטא העגל . Take it
    the way you like …but …enough already . Please , this is only my opinion , Don’t chop off my head . Thank you .

    how appripo

  9. Could I respectfully ask Dr. Ditchek to respond to Dr. Serota’s post [vosizneias], which seems to be taking an opposing direction?

  10. despite the best of intentions DR. this question is way way out of your league
    Yidden respect and take medical advice very seriously , but thats only part of the equation , klal yisroel’s existence was never dictated by teva
    as the mashgiach shlita said on shabbos that what happens in italy has no bearing on klal yisroel
    maybe there will be a time to close the yeshivas but we are NO where near that point
    dr ditchek may know how to measure data but no idea how to measure the ruchnius ramifications of closing mosdos hatorah

  11. I guess he thinks he knows better than reb chaim, why have i never heard him call for the closings of yeshivas in past years because of the flu which kills 30,000 Americans a years?

  12. Please quote the Mayor properly. He based his opinion on a study of the cdc. Here is a direct quote you can look it up yourself. Its not all about the economy.

    “There may be some impact of much longer closures (8 weeks, 20 weeks) further into community spread, but that modelling also shows that other mitigation efforts (e.g., handwashing, home isolation) have more impact on both spread of disease and health care measures. In other countries, those places who closed school (e.g., Hong Kong) have not had more success in reducing spread than those that did not (e.g., Singapore). “

  13. I think his opinion is exactly that. One doctors opinion. Many other doctors say it’s no worse than the flu. NY officials have just stated that everyone should consider themselves exposed. In that case, may as well continue in school and instead consider how best to shield the vulnerable. Dr ditchek is an alarmist who takes his own opinion too seriously. If you live with a vulnerable individual consider keeping your entire family locked up for the duration … otherwise just live your life.

  14. I mean, let’s be realistic . As a Jewish mom three weeks before pesach, no school
    Means I’ll be taking my kids to the grocery, to amazing savings, The park, and out shopping for clothes. They won’t be locked up at home so what’s the point of all this insanity??

  15. Why aren’t there massive gatherings to thank the RS”O for sending us this amazing virus? It is part of ma’asei breshit. It shows us the greatness of G-d and the smallness of humans

  16. Who made this baal habus a spokesman for Klal Yisroel? It was bad enough he threatened Yeshivos to kick out kids or close down completely during the deadly measles plague that ravaged and took so many nifashos from the Frum Community. Who can forget the daily livayos from measles death last year? This is the same baal habus who was spreading panic & hysteria last year. We don’t need a repeat now.

  17. As all you smarty pants chevra may not have noticed: Agudas Yisrael “now strongly recommending extreme measures to severely limit all social or communal gatherings, including closing shuls and schools. These necessary, preventative steps deserve strong consideration, even in communities that have not experienced appreciable incidences of COVID-19. The tipping point has been reached.”

  18. I hope we all heed the warning and learn at home with your children. No need to put parents and grandparents in danger because of the inability to understand sound reason and science.

  19. Um nobody said that he ideas are wrong the issue is he cane out publicly against daas torah there is no outcome here that will justify what he just did even if in the end they do exactly how he says to do it.

  20. I respect Dr. D and his medical expertise without question. However, frum yidden who look to our Rabbanim for guidance on “small” individual issues, kol shekain on such a major event we listen to our Rabbanim and heed their advice on how to conduct ourselves. I am sure that like he mentioned he was able to give over his opinion to our gedolim, and now it is the gedolim who we listen to. This is the way of frumkeit for as long as we have been around.
    Besuros tovos, mamba out

  21. I know Dr. D. For many years and i trust his judgement how to deal with this virus.
    All those critics seem to fall apart as you can see most mosdos hatorah are shutting down for 4 weeks.
    Dr. D. Has always looked out for the tzibir and deserves recognition not criticism Chas veshlem. Dr. חזק ואמץ

  22. Such perfect Frum Jews you all are talking bad about one another…
    Lucky for you all that tzaraas doesn’t exist….hopefully it doesn’t come in the form of Corona to you or your loved ones by outsmarting real Torah and Medical Professionals.

  23. In retrospect, do you think maybe the doctor was right? Safeik Pikuach nefesh is docheh Shabbos, so maybe safeik pikuach nefesh is docheh daas torah. This man was called a clown, an alarmist, accused of audacity against Gedolei Hador and told to go fly a kite. Just for trying to save lives. Had the yeshivas and shuls closed when he was pleading for it on March 11, the toll of this disease in our communities would have likely been much less. Yet is all in the hands of the RBSH”O, but more could have been done to protect ourselves, which a direct ts’ivuy. Everyone who personally attacked him needs to look in the mirror