URGENT MESSAGE: Lakewood Bikur Cholim Begging For People NOT MAKE MINYANIM – Situation Is VERY Critical


The director of Lakewood Bikur Cholim, R’ Yehuda Kaszirer has released an urgent message to the Lakewood community. In an audio message given to YWN, Kaszirer pleads with people to not make Minyanim and listen to Rabbonim and doctors.

More than 200 Lakewood residents were taken by Hatzolah to the hospital just this week. There have been people R”L Niftar.

There are at least 12 people on respirators, some of them young people. One 31 year old young man was placed on a respirator on Friday morning. He has no underlying health issues and was in good health.

There are around 70 currently still hospitalized, most in serious condition.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. They don’t care. The Rabbi/Rebbe/Gabbai of each shul/shtiebel needs to LOCK THE DOORS. I honestly don’t understand the mentality, it’s the same in Williamsburg. Social distancing? Vos is das? Far Vos??

  2. I am no posek, but I would imagine that someone at this point who continues to ignore the directive of the Health agencies and continues to daven in a minyan has a din Rodef.