Prime Minister And President Decry Public Incitement Against Chareidim


On Sunday evening, both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Ruvi Rivlin condemned what they called “incitement” against the Chareidi community that had been taking place over the coronavirus outbreak as of late. One anchor on Channel 12 news openly bashed the Chareidi community claiming that the majority of them are against the state and its laws.

Netanyahu responded “I strongly condemn the rampant incitement against the Chareidi public, which internalized the danger and the instructions of the Health Ministry,” Netanyahu stated Sunday.

“The coronavirus epidemic does not distinguish between Chareidi and secular, between Arabs and Jews. Neither do we. This war is all of ours. Together we will defeat it. I stand by you.”

President Rivlin also chose to respond and said: “I wish to speak out against those I hear who are against the Chareidi community. We are all brothers and helping one another is the candle that lights our destiny. One cannot blame one group or another in false accusations claiming that they wantonly spread the virus or attack an entire community because of the wrongful deeds of a few of its members.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)