WATCH: Bullets Strike Vehicle Driven By Lubavitcher Bochur In Brooklyn


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A Lubavitcher Bochur was nearly a victim of a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn.

According to CHI, the incident happened on Wednesday evening at around 7:30PM on Atlantic Avenue near Pennsylvania Avenue. The Bochur states he was driving when suddenly shots rang out, and two bullets struck his vehicle. One smashed the passenger-side window and a second stuck his tire.

One person on the sidwalak was struck. His exact condition was unknown, and it is unknown if that man was in fact the target.

The NYPD was investigating the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. one problem is how easy it is to pretend this is a “random” event. There is no pattern of a crumbling exile in front of all American Jews. The American Jew, especially one who grew up in the prosperous years cannot fathom the downfall of the USA. However, the racial conflict here is a potential pogrom nationwide. You just have to imagine if it was a Jewish police officer who ki ‘ll ed a black man that it would have ignited nationwide pogroms. Most Jews are unarmed. This would mean a nationwide pogrom…..except instead of bystanders taking selfies while the angry ones worked, they all would have taken part and the destruction a true night of shining glass. The country is ripe for such events to take place. It will always be so, the demographic changes are in place and only radical Neo Naz I takeover would change them…..but then we would have a whole new set of problems. Either way, dollar is going down, so all the precious wealth is going up in the smoke of the fires and the freedom is going down too. Islam, rioting, racial war is on the rise here……Time for the Jew to leave and accept the mitzvah he pretends three times a day doesn’t apply to him….the mitzvah to return home to Tziyon…..not the Tziyon that was hijacked, the Tziyon of Yerushalayim. Just daven like a mentch and reach deep inside when you mumble take us upright to our land, stop at that moment and give a krechsh that all these years saying the same words and never desiring them in emes ……Time to go home Yidden. Your communal lack of accepting this great mitzvah (see Shach on Yoreh Daeh 228) leads to Deals of the Century, if you won’t accept the inheritance of Eretz HaKodesh the Arabs will instead. You tolerate being shot at here but you refuse to fight for your true home. Go home Yidden. The time has come.

  2. gives the bochur’s version of events. A man was shot in front of him (apparently the original target) and then the assailant turned to the car to shoot (I assume because the bochur was witness).