VIDEOS: “Noise” Protest Outside Gracie Mansion To Keep DeBlasio From Sleeping As Payback For Fireworks


A few hundred angry new Yorkers showed up to a “noisy” protest in Manhattan late Monday night, sending a “noise message” to Mayor DeBlasio.

The residents are furious that DeBlasio has done nothing to stop the fireworks plaguing the city every night until 3-4 in the morning, preventing millions of New Yorkers from being able to sleep.

In return, the protesters arrived in their vehicles and honked their horns outside Gracie Mansion, to give the Mayor a taste of what it feels like to not be able to sleep.

One of the participants of the protest is NYC Councilmen Chaim Deutsch who gave the following message to YWN:

“Tonight we will be sending a message to our Mayor, who has not shown any leadership. I will be joined by a few hundred individuals coming here with their vehicles, honking their horns in front of Gracie Mansion.

“We need to send a message that we need to end these chaotic fireworks that’s been happening across the city.”

“So if we can’t sleep, Mr. Mayor, then you won’t sleep!”

A viral social media message reads:

“We will be taking over all the side streets leading up to Gracie mansion if east end is indeed closed. We want to leave at this time to avoid issues of last minute positioning and setup and have ample time to coordinate and proceed on time.

We will be blocking the FDR on the SOUTH BOUND SIDE heading towards Brooklyn since Gracie mansion is right on the edge by 90th street at the beginning/end of the tunnel.

All other locations out of Brooklyn, please coordinate with those joining from those areas and commence a starting point to leave together.

Feel free to coordinate rides with each other if you don’t have a car as well.

Please have your blinkers flashing so other cars approaching know where to pull up too.
Bring any and as much loud making material that you have.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. You don’t get upset at a dog. He’s a dog that doesn’t get it. We are fools for voting him in. Its us jews especially the hasidic that voted him in for government funding. Next time you learn your lesson.

    Parohah g-d hardened his heart so to here g-d hardened Deblasio heart.

  2. An absolute chilul hashem. I live in this neighborhood along with many many other families with children, Jewish and not jewish. I understand the reason behind the protest but the method of protesting and the way it was carried out is an absolute chilul hashem. The message you are trying to send about the fireworks is absolutely washed out by the chilul hashem that has taken place. Bravo.

  3. the governments are afraid of the blacks, so they let them get away with lawless behavior which is totally stupid. Since ignoring lawlessness only encourages people to violate the law. Better to enforce the law equally so white lives matter too instead of allowing the current lawlessness….

  4. What happened to בחוקותיהם לא תלכו?
    Is this the way the עם הנבחר behave?
    How does this express מה טוב חלקינו ומה נעים גורלינו?

  5. About Time. We have have a lot to thank Hershy Tischler and the likes for having a “spine” and finally fighting for the Klal. Maybe now the Agudah will learn, what gets results and we can push thru school vouchers and more.
    Shauli and other YWN “Chillul Hashem” peddlers/commentators will get us nowhere and worse. We shouldn’t protest not being able to sleep every night, thugs released over 100 times for violent assault etc because “it’s not nice” to act in a way that brings results!

  6. While journalists are just reporters, they can serve a political purpose in asking questions of the politicians forcing them to respond. That might work for politicians who deserve their positions. But De Blasio has proven to be a pathetic misfortune for all of New York. He was asked many of the questions we read about here, and he has a perfect record of failing to expose any intellect. He cannot participate in dialogue on these subjects. They’re simply too complex for him. The only way for him to understand that there’s something seriously wrong with the fireworks is to destroy his sleep. Maybe, just maybe he might begin to understand. But then, it may be easier to train a house train a puppy than to get De Blasio to use intelligence.

  7. AbeD –
    1) I did NOT mention Chillul HaShem; Its laws are complicated and its proper application, more often than not, is misplaced.
    2) I would have NOTHING wrong with fighting for our children, Yeshivos, camps, etc. by any and all means available to us AND SANCTIONED by our Gedolim and Poskim. While I understand no manhig will go on record to stating our primary goals, but I most certainly know of one universally accepted talmid chocham who says

  8. who says this is NOT our way. We don’t break laws (or chains on park gates) to express our needs (yodayim y’dei Eisav?). We don’t keep someone up because his lack of leadership keeps us up (nekamah?).