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WIN FOR SHULS: Judge Blocks NY From Enforcing Some Restrictions on Religious Gatherings

A federal judge on Friday issued an injunction blocking New York from enforcing restrictions on outdoor religious gatherings, and from limiting indoor religious gatherings any further than any other industry that is part of Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan.

The ruling is a major win for religious organizations that argued they were being treated unfairly by the state’s response to the coronavirus — and a win for officials in Washington who suggested the state was being easier on protesters than priests.

Judge Gary Sharpe, in a 38-page ruling from Albany, enjoined Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Attorney General Letitia James from enforcing some of the capacity and other rules put in place by executive order in the wake of COVID-19.

“Indeed, in the absence of an injunction, plaintiffs’ religious activities will be burdened and continue to be treated less favorably than comparable secular activities. An injunction, on the other hand, does not undercut defendants’ interest in controlling the spread of COVID-19, provided that plaintiffs abide by social distancing guidance,” Sharpe wrote.

On Monday, the Justice Department issued a statement saying De Blasio in particular had “demonstrated a troubling preference for certain First Amendment rights over others,” citing the city’s limits on the size of religious gatherings but not on the size of protests.

Sharpe’s order says the state can not restrict indoor religious gatherings in any way more strict than the gathering rules for Phase 2 of the state’s reopening, which includes offices and retail spaces. It also prohibits any restriction on outdoor gatherings — though in both cases, celebrants and observants still have to comply with social distancing guidelines.


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  1. Oh well if if the virus spreads more this summer. I will be working from home this fall teaching and we will have a great Fall. Lets not rush to get back to normal.

  2. For Us this is a big win and a slap for De Blasio

    So i ask everyone whose side are on???

    Go look at Fox News how they are praising the FRUM YIDDEN and slaping De Blasio and Coumo

    Now you decide on whose side are YOU on-ALWAYS VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

  3. This case answers the easy legal question: can government restrict attendance at a religious service. The answer is no.

    But the hard medical and halachic question is: what should Jews do about the mitzvah of minyan? The first mitzvah is to protect life, and during a pandemic, the mitzvah of minyan is in conflict with that.

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