WATCH: Detroit Police SUV Plows Through Protesters After Window Smashed


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A protest in Detroit against “systemic racism and police brutality” turned violent on Sunday night as a police SUV plowed through a group of protesters, striking multiple people and sending a couple demonstrators who had climbed on the hood flying from the vehicle.

Police accelerated the vehicle multiple times as dozens of protesters surrounded the SUV, according to videos of the incident posted to social media. After each acceleration, protesters could be heard shrieking in shock, pleading for the driver to stop putting their foot on the gas while people were in front of the vehicle and being thrown from the hood of the car.

“Detroit Police Department just ran straight through a bunch of our protesters,” Ethan Ketner, a protester who filmed the scene, wrote on Facebook. “Myself and 10-12 others were struck by this reckless driver who somehow has a badge.”

The extent of the injuries remains unclear as of early Monday. Ketner wrote that “multiple people injured” were receiving treatment at local hospitals.

Detroit police spokeswoman Sgt. Nicole Kirkwood said late Sunday the rear window of the police vehicle was smashed in. The department is investigating the actions of both the protesters and the officer who was driving, she said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I hope every violent protester that got injured remains maimed for life. Our police need to respond to destructive violence with major powerful force. Otherwise, these animals get these liberal thug politicians to excuse them, and they continue their spree of crimes.

    I would also hope that every single criminal arrested in these protests loses every form of government entitlement for life. If rioting has no negative consequences, it will never stop.

  2. What right did the cop have to put the lives of black peaceful rioters in danger?
    He should know by now that his purpose as a police officer is to allow himself to be the target for privileged black people to expres themselves. He should be proud to give up his life so a black person could feel better.

  3. Good for those police. They should have done it in New York too instead of letting it get out of hand where stores were looted and destroyed by those hooligans. Police should be able to exercise the right to protect us but yet not be brutal and cruel.

  4. Are police officers supposed to wait for a protester to kill them? Violence of the sort used by these animals must be dealt with aggressively. The police officer did what he had to do for his own safety. You attack an officer, or his property, you put your life at risk. It’s as simple as that.

  5. I have a great idea don’t surround a police car. Don’t sit on a police car. Don’t threaten police officers. The best way to deal with these thugs is to give this cop a promotion and arrest all the thugs that surrounded the car. LOL

  6. After each acceleration, protesters could be heard shrieking in shock, pleading for the driver to stop putting their foot on the gas while people were in front of the vehicle and being thrown from the hood of the car.

    They had plenty of time to get out of the way. They deliberately blocked the car’s path, and that makes them fair game. the cop was 100% right, and they deserved to be killed.

  7. Sorry, Ethan Ketner: the officer did not just drive straight through the crowd. S/he acted very responsibly, going and stopping, which should have made clear to the rioters that the car was going to keep moving. They took their lives in their hands by continuing to mob it. Obviously the officer(s) felt threatened – we know that the mobs attack police officers, and that the politicians will not defend them, but will throw them to the dogs!

  8. I agree with circle, NOT… Why in the world should a police be killed over an animal. only animal nerds would think such a thing. nevermind, even animal nerds would agree with what the cop did and so do I!

  9. @YWN Do you allow posts calling for violence? what about the comment by 147 which calls for violence against peaceful protesters who are protesting their harassment

  10. @147
    Your a moronic coward who obviously cant tell the difference between peace and war, threat and protest, or right and left.
    Just a despicable moron

  11. @Circle
    *Wow. Very peaceful.* If you were the cop in this situation you would have done the same, and you would DEFINITELY not think that a part of a police’s job is to know that you might get killed by Dumb Animals.

    *since you might not know this because you are not smart I am saying this sarcastically.