Spike In COVID-19 Cases Reported In Frum Communities

FILE - In this Friday, June 12, 2020 file photo, a nurse uses a swab to perform a coronavirus test in Salt Lake City. Months into the outbreak, no one really knows how well many of the screening tests work, and experts at top medical centers say it is time to do the studies to find out. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The past two weeks have seen a small spike in COVID-19 cases in various Frum Communities, YWN has learned.

There have been a few new cases in Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Monsey (Rockland County), and some in the Catskills.

While the vast majority of these cases have either mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, a few of the cases have resulted in hospiizations.

In Boro Park, the Bobober Mosdos are warning their Kehilah about the uptick in COVID-19 cases in the community and urging those with underlying illnesses or over 60 years old to follow social distancing rules. A flyer in Yiddish from Bobov was sent out to their Chassidim (see below). The notice states that there are some cases who have been admitted to the ICU.

Doctors that YWN spoke with all state the same: While there is no cause for panic, people should continue to maintain social distancing, wear masks, and use hand sanitizers, because that is the only way to stop the spread.



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  1. you missed the cases in Lakewood.
    not going to mention specifics to avoid doxxing people, but there has been an uptick in Lakewood as well.
    nothing surprising though, the second wave is real and is here, so if you or someone you care for is at risk please take whatever precautions your doctor feels are necessary for you.

  2. Just stop it already with the fear-mongering. Covid-19 is here to stay, it’s the reality and you should report it as much as you report all other viruses and the flu- which is never. It’s enough the liberal secular media is obsessed over coronavirus…

  3. Why is everyone using the dishonest fake name “Covid 19”, which was invented for the sole purpose of removing the association with Wuhan and China? If you want people to take you seriously the FIRST thing you have to do is call it by its proper name, the Wuhan sickness, or some variant thereof. If you can’t bring yourself to do that then nobody should pay any attention to anything else you have to say, because you can’t be trusted not to lie.

  4. It has been the policy of our communities to minimize this information. If this has changed which I suspect it has there must be very many cases and some with ICU involvement.
    It does not take much effort to be prudent. Why is there such a reluctance to at least make an effort

  5. Interest fact when considering public health and risk from last weeks פרשה:

    If a city accepted a similar level of risk that resulted in a מת מצוה, they would not be able to bring an עגלה ערופה.

  6. What exactly is the big deal? Covid went around numerous camps and besides for the kids bringing home antibodies and immunity, some some of the kids are bringing the virus home. There may be cases in the Frum community but there is no evidence of community spread.