WATCH IT: Trump-Flags Pulled Down And Stolen Off Jewish-Owned Home In Crown Heights


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A man pulled down a Trump flag that was on a Jewish-owned home in Crown Heights overnight. He then returned for the second flag. reports:

A passing Jewish resident confronted the man, which did not appear to phase the vandal. Instead, the vandal pulled out his phone and appears to video the retreating Jewish man in the backdrop of the torn down flag, which he then throws to the floor and stamps on.

Video from nearly an hour later shows as the vandal returns, this time without a mask. The vandal can be seen as he attacks the second flag, flailing it with a plank of wood with protruding nails as two neighboring girls flee in fright. After ripping the second flag, the vandal triumphantly throws the wood to the ground and runs off.

The home had previously been targeted for it’s Trump pride, with another flag having been vandalized previously.



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  1. What’s sad is that this guy and many like him don’t realize that the Dems are pulling the wool over their eyes. They don’t realize that Trump has done more for the Blacks than Biden. BH, some blacks are waking up.

  2. Another Obama voter who will now be voting for Biden. Letitia? Still busy analyzing President Trumps 1981 private tax return? Any particular reason why we still pay Ms. James salary?

  3. This shouldn’t be news. Displaying Trump or Conservative leaning signs or sentiments is always a ris for vandalism or harassment. My 2008 Bush sign was stolen from my lawn. It was 20 feet in from the pavement, someone came onto my property and stole it.

    Real news would be if a Biden sign was vandalized!

  4. I’m the one in the video who confronted this guy. Nobody should ever be afraid of these thugs, or of anything. Only fear Hashem. Ein Od Milvado. However, everyone should be very careful and I don’t encourage anyone to endanger themselves. Chas ve Shalom. G-d forbid. Call Shmira / Shomrim to deal with them.

    I had a feeling he had a weapon but I confronted him anyway. I was right because after he turned the corner onto Maple he took out a knife and started shredding the Trump flag. The building next to the building where the flag was stolen from has the video of him with the knife, and the crime was reported to Shmira of Crown Heights. I was with him around the corner on Maple Street with his knife out too. He didn’t try to come near me with his knife. He kept away. Shmira said if they got there when he had the knife out, he could have been arrested.

    When I first confronted him as he was ripping down the Trump flag, he told me “This is our neighborhood.” I answered him back, “No it’s not.”

    While I was confronting him, the coward in his mask took out his phone and said he was going to start video taping me. I walked away because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction to be in his video, which he’s going to try and use to defame Jews.

    This is the crime-ridden NY of de Blasio & Cuomo, where the criminals who have literally just committed the crime, have the chutzpah to video the citizen who just stood up to them and confronted them.

    We need Moshiach Now!

  5. Be glad this punk didn’t bash a head instead of the sign.
    Can u imagine anyone entering a black neighborhood, tearing down a Biden sign, and living to tell the details?

  6. He could be arrested for even stealing the flag. It’s private property. What you need to do is dip the flag in honey and when some democRATic bum wants to steal it, his hands will become sticky. I did that a few times by putting up a Trump sticker in a liberal area and poured honey all over it. I sat in my car for ten minutes and watched someone try tearing it off. They got all sticky. As the saying goes just stick it to them.