WATCH IT: NYS Assemblyman BLASTS Governor Cuomo For “Stoking Embers Of Anti-Semitism”


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NYS Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein released an update on the current situation with Governor Cuomop’s shutdown, but tore into NY Governor Cuomo in his message.

Eichenstein minced no words as he blasted the Governor for taking his “hate-driven messaging to a National audience”.

Eichenstein says “[Cuomo is] saying things like the Orthodox Jewish community don’t want to follow the rules…. or members of the Orthodox community – they never comply the rules…. and referring to the Orthodox Community as a politically-powerful community.”

“This is outrageous and devisive language!”, Eichenstein said.

“He [Cuomo] is shamelessly stoking the embers of anti-Semitism. There is no other way to put it!”

Watch the full video below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Sorry Simcha Eichenstein, Cuomo is perhaps being too blunt in how he’s saying it.
    Bottom line….if the frum neighborhoods were following protocol, masks etc, which most still aren’t doing except outside where they think the “media” might see them.
    Who are you fooling. Even if you don’t believe in masks. That’s the law. If everyone followed the letter of the law and then still there’d still be rise, would be be a different story.

  2. This country is going to the dogs while our “leaders” fight among themselves. Well said, Assemblyman Eichenstein. We pray to the Real Boss that we should see an end to this, b’meirah b’yomenu.

  3. giving unlimited power to one person is a recipe for disaster, even a tzadik like cuomo. he should be stripped of his exclusive power to decide ,immediately. he gets up in the morning twists the law with impunity. every day is a year. DO IT NOW, NOT LATER

  4. Masterful erudition! Eloquent and to the point! Simcha leaves no point vague! Keep it up! I wish we had heard from you last week. Surprisingly not a word from anyone in office!

  5. Why don’t we get some good jewish lawyers to come together and figure out how to get rid of these 2 reshaim……Cuomo and Deblasio? Please anyone explain to me why it hasn’t been done yet???

  6. If the community is respecting and observing the guidelines, as Eichenstein claims, then why on earth are there national and international headlines that Cuomo had to stop a Brooklyn wedding that tens of thousands were expected to attend this week? Ever hear of mar’is ayin, ie. where the halocho forbids something that is really ok, because chazal were concerned that onlookers might get the mistaken impression that something improper was done? As if any sane person believes that chasuna was going to be anything but a superspreader event with thousands in attendance.

  7. #shtika I’ll tell you why lawyers are a waste of time and money. We get the leaders we deserve. If we behave badly, Hashem gives us reshaim to carry out his decrees. If we behave well, Hashem gives us righteous gentiles to carry out his decrees.

    Maybe if Jews stopped trying to live like goyim, Hashem would remove the power of the goyim over us (I live in Yerushalayim and we have the same problem here eith zionists ruling over us).

    Did we not learn from the purim story? It was made very clear then that the leaders we get correlate directly to our actions.

  8. @shtika if it would’ve been possible you think we wouldn’t have done it?

    In regards to simcha he is speaking very good but late in the game

  9. @ long island yid. Gimme a break the rest of the world is not being so good either! Someone i know was in prospect park today and lots of nypd and park officers were not in masks.That clip that went viral of adults playing basketball in marine park has one person out of maybe 50 wearing a mask… Just because there was a rise in cases in brooklyn doesnt mean its the fault of maskless our close knit community if there are cases there will be many ,that is nature of family spread…stop blaming

  10. Long Island Yid, I’m just so tired of saying this. A MAJORITY of frum Jews are, and have long been, wearing masks and social distanced in shul. It’s not a logical attempt to get the Jews to listen. It’s been a slanderous, libelous attempt to blame the rise in NY cases on the Jews. Other communities have the same high case rates, with blatant disregard for the mask mandate, and haven’t been targeted.

  11. Eichenstein, well said. I just wish you have a larger audience who’s intelligent enough to accept the truth and not swallow the governor’s malicious and dangerous stereotyping.

  12. Long Island- sorry, but I, in FR, have not been able to go to the shul I want to even since there was any reopening, because the shul was undergoing renovation before covid. We were in a trailer, and because of size issues, the rebbe decided that only 15-20 people who have no other shul could return to the trailer. Once the renovation is over, if the current restrictions are lifted by then, they will have room for all of the regulars from before the pandemic started. You call that non-cooperation?
    Luckily another shul was planned to open on RH Nissan, that’s a three minute walk away from me, and I and that shul are in the orange zone, and even before, the limit was the number we would be lucky to get on a regular Shabbos.

  13. The NY Frum towns have issues, BUT so does the NY state and city government. One does not excuse the other.

    P.S. Move to the part of NJ far from NY, you won’t regret it.

  14. @ long island yid. Cuomo should not have a right to speak about health and safety. He sent so many people with coronavirus into nursing homes, killing thousands of people. And it’s the Jews fault??

  15. @Long Island Yid
    I dont know where you come from but like Eichenstein said, Cuomo should take a long look in the mirror, so maybe you should too. Its time for you to open your eyes. EISAV SOINEH ES YAAKOV plain and simple.There is no rhyme or reason. There is a disgusting double standard for us and for non jews.