NES CHANUKAH! All Sifrei Torah Saved From Fire Which Destroyed Shul In Boro Park [UPDATED]


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A fast moving blaze fire destroyed a Shul in Boro Park on Wednesday morning.

The fire started at around 8:00AM in Rabbi Felder’s Shul located at 4901 18th Avenue.

Heavy fire was seen blowing out the windows and heavy fire conditions were reported.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Bichasdei Hashem, Misaskim tells YWN that all the Sifrei Torah were intact and suffered just minor water damage. It took time for Chaveirim to break into the safe, but miraculously, all Sifrei Torah were ok.

Misaskim in encouraging all Shuls and owners of Sifrei Torah to take a lesson from this horrible incident, and make sure they take proper precautions and have their Sifrei Torah in fire-proof safes.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Who in BP hasn’t Davvened here (one of the storied Minyan factories of BP) at one time or another.
    1. It’s a message to all of us not just a private one.
    2. We need to all rebuild it.
    3. Hakoras Hatov to Senator Felder?

  2. B’H no one was hurt. The building can be rebuilt. The REAL heroes in this story were those in the shul who had the foresight to invest in a fireproof locking ahron for the sifrei torah. So often we sadly read here about sifrei torah that have been burned or stolen because the proper protective measures weren’t taken.

  3. A certain unnamed world reknown Posek has suggested only lighting 1 Ner per night, in this unprecedented time of Chumra in Safek Pikuach Nefesh

  4. Maskil, I don’t believe you. The danger from candles is no greater this year than any other time in the past 2100 or so years that we have been doing the mitzvah kimehadrin minhamehadrin. Either you are making the whole story up, or your so-called “world renown posek” is actually some fringe outcast who has been saying the same thing for years.

  5. times have changed for the shul
    8am chanuka & the shul is empty ?
    to get flames that big can only mean that the shul was empty from 730 & it ” cooked quietly for 30 minutes with no one noticing
    there is only one early minyan for shachris not the factory..of old

  6. The article states that “Bichasdei Hashem, Misaskim tells YWN that all the Sifrei Torah were intact and suffered just minor water damage.” Wasn’t the fire that destroyed the building all the seforim and other klei kodesh also from Hashem? Where is the chesed? Just wondering.

  7. The real heroes are the Fireman who put their lives on the line everyday.
    True its a nes that the seferi torahs did not get damaged due to the foresight of some good people. But lets remember but it’s not about the sefarim it’s who WE are that’s more important.