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WATCH: Sassover Rebbe Slams COVID Vaccine, Calls Doctors “Murderers”

During his final shiur on Chanukah, Rabbi Yosef Dovid Teitelbaum, otherwise known as the Sassover Rebber, raised a number of tough questions with regard to the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccinations that are now being administered in Israel and other countries.

“It is not easy for me to say this. I thought a lot about whether to speak and I know I will be criticized for it. The Gedolim have stated their opinion regarding vaccinations and I am like dust before them but even dust can say its opinion.”

“I had the good fortune to be partly responsible for saving the lives of 30,000 people who received the Matan Chaim drops. I gave these drops in America as well. People who were willing to commit the folly of going to the hospital where nobody recovered, I begged them not to go and gave them Matan Chaim drops and they recovered.”

The Rebbe went on to attack many members of the medical society. “The doctors are murderers since they don’t permit the use of the drops and these murderers are now telling us to take the vaccine. I don’t know, maybe it’s a good vaccine but we don’t know. When will we know? When there is harm? Already now they are saying that people with allergies can’t take it, as it is a live virus being injected into the body.”

The Rebbe then begged forgiveness from those who have different opinions. “With all due respect to those Askanim who went and researched the issue and then went to the Gedolim and obtained their signatures allowing for their followers to take the vaccines, I’m not talking about them since they have their interests and can help people. But to those who ask me, I tell them to care for their own lives and not take the vaccine.”

The Rebbe then sharply attacked the Israeli government for the way it has managed the pandemic. “Life is worthless in the eyes of the government. Only commerce is permitted. Prayer and shuls are forbidden, weddings are prohibited, one couldn’t even marry in a minyan this year, since they wanted ‘to cause us to forget Your Torah.’ There was never such an edict prohibiting weddings. The miracle took place that the police were too lazy to enforce it. These are the people who are supposed to save lives? These are the Greeks and the Hellenists. We have Torah sages. When it comes to matters regarding issues of life and death, we need a Sanhedrin. We cannot suffice with a proclamation by Askanim who took their research to the Gedolim.”

I sat with Rabbi Elyashiv in 1980, and we discussed a medical matter for more than two hours. At the end of our deliberation, Rabbi Elyashiv said: How can one take responsibility for a product that has only been on the market for a year or two? How are we to know that it won’t cause harm later? How can we permit a person to let such a thing enter one’s body? Perhaps we could allow it if the item was on the market for such a short time and the entire world checked it, not just a few companies.”

The full Drasha of the Rebbe is below in Yiddish:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. YWN why are you putting up shtusim ; to innocent jews in the diaspora every rebbe looks the same & they cant diffrentiate a shtibel rav who may have gotten carried away from tzar of the mageifa to responsible manhigim

  2. I listened to this video. I am not a Chossid of this Rebbe. I do not daven in his Shul. I must admit that what he is saying makes a lot of sense and it appears to me that he is really saying 100% the truth.

  3. Matan Chaim drops Oddly enough, this article makes no mention about where to obtain these drops?
    The doctors are murderers Did you mix up & meant to say “Cuomo”?
    since they don’t permit the use of the drops Are you speaking about Hydroquinone?

  4. The end of the translation is VERY inaccurate. The Rebbe said that Rav Elyashiv prohibited use of the discussed medical intervention at the time even though it was already on the market for a year or two AND was widely used by thousands of doctors since there was not enough time to know the effects (unlike the vaccines that are only here for a short time and only tested by a few companies). HE DID NOT SAY that maybe if more people tested it we could allow it after a few months.

  5. YWN is doing a disservice by spreading misinformation. Frankly, after gedolei Yisroel like Rav Chaim and others expressed their daas that vaccines are required, everything else is just noise…if not worse.

  6. What are Mattan Chaim drops, and why does the Rebbe say doctor’s don’t allow them, making them murderers? That’s very strong language…

  7. He’s not the Posek Hador. And his medical knowledge is clearly very lacking.

    He doesn’t know basic facts about this vaccine. It’s not a live vaccine.

  8. Such a click-bait title is completely unfair and deceptive. I have no other knowledge of this Rebbe nor of his opinion other than the actual content of the article (I didn’t even watch the video), but just from the article alone, the headline completely does not reflect his humble and respectful words.

    Such headlines (of which there are many similarly deceptive and unfair others) are wrong on multiple levels, and does no good for anyone. Please stop it.

  9. Wow! Finally a voice of normalcy. Hashem should give clarity to all Rabonnim. Please look after yourself you are responsible for your health not the beloved government that has thier own self interest. More info is coming out daily of reactions to this experimental vaccine including bells palsy, allergic reaction and death.

  10. I’d like to be his Chasid. He has guts and he has truth. A Jewish leader is supposed to see through the lies of era and COVID is the biggest lie ever.

  11. The Rebbe’s conversation “I sat with Rabbi Elyashiv in 1980” 40 years ago!!! on a different issue!!! “Doctors are murderers” because they prevented people from using the Rebbe’s magic Matan Chaim drops !!! All of the current Gedolim insist that everyone get the vaccinations with their doctor’s approval. “murderers” may be the ones discouraging people not to listen to the Gedolai Torah of THIS generation!!!

    Shalom al Yisroel

  12. B’mechilad k’vodo, he is incorrect in at least one fact – there is no live virus in the vaccine. People are not “allergic” to the virus, they have allergic reactions to all vaccines due to many possible factors. Two examples are a) allergic to the materials that carry the vaccine into the bloodstream which can be egg, protein, or other bases, or b) any vaccine that triggers an immune response causes an immune overload (over reaction) in some people.

    What are these miracle drops he is taking about? Snake oil?

  13. Just to mention, it’s a clear black on white halacha in shulchan aruch – we are chayiv to follow doctors advice on medical inyanim, medicine is not part of das torah, the Rashba spells that out clearly in a tshuva. The only machlokes rishonim on the matter is whether you need just a few doctors to recommend a treatment or if you need the majority of doctors to recommend it. But bottom line is that the halacha is to go ask your doctor and not your rebbe and that is what any Rav who knows halacha will tell you – if you don’t know how to go look it up for yourself.

    Im not saying that I’m not a bit nervous to take the vaccine but my emotions don’t effect what the halacha is, let’s not mix ourselves up. And besides it’s Hashem who really heals us, not the vaccine so we just need to choose the right thing and that is live life acc to what halacha says bc that’s what Hashem wants us to do.
    We must have bitachon and ask Hashem to keep us safe

  14. I also think that the statement “I am like dust before them but even dust can say its opinion” is very disturbing. It seems to be a contradiction. If you truly believe that a) gedolim are gedolim, b) that they said something, and c) that you are dust – you absolutely should NOT voice any counter opinion.

  15. I read what he said. Forgive me, but he is in error. The vaccine is NOT a live virus. Do your homework do your research. Also, Rav Elishashuv, ZTAL, allowed and ENCOURAGED taking “new” meds, if it was the only chance of life.

  16. I believe there is a statement in Pirkei Avos that says that a proper understanding of Torah requires – requires – a proper understanding of the world. (And, yes, a complete understanding of the world requires a proper understanding of Torah.) This Sassover rebbe seems to sorely lack a proper understanding of the world, whatever his understanding of Torah might be.

    And he throws around the word “murderer” far too carelessly. There are some Gedolim who have advised against Covid vaccine. I think they are wrong, medically, but I am reluctant to call them murderers – maybe just manslaughterers.

  17. People who take “drops” because they might help. People take HCQ because Zelnko says it helps, even though many disagree, but it might, so why not. But not the vaccine. Because it might hurt. Even though there are so many actual studies.
    I guess anything anecdotal like the unknow Sossover Rebbe’s rant is believable as Emes and anything coming from “official channels” must st be false

  18. Did the gedoilim who approve of the covid vaccine thoroughly research its dangers independently? Without a so called askan picking and choosing which info to share with the gadol? Im afraid the answer is no.

  19. He’s obviously annoyed that his secret elixir has not been embraced by the medical community. He hasn’t done even cursory research into the nature of the new vaccines, which contain neither live nor even dead virus particles. No idea why YVN thinks this is worthy of being on their site.

  20. For your information the Covid Vaccine doesn’t inject any live virus at all!
    Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use messenger RNA (mRNA). Coronaviruses have a spike-like structure on their surface called an S protein. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give cells instructions for how to make a harmless piece of an S protein. After vaccination, cells begin making the protein pieces and displaying them on cell surfaces. Your immune system will recognize that the protein doesn’t belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies.
    For a community leader to talk facts that are 100% nonsense is wreckless and dangerous!

  21. For those of you who don’t know the Sassover Rebbi… he is not someone who seeks the limelight, not a Rebbi that asks for money, does t have a million gaboim..
    he lives a simple life dedicated to Teffilla which he is famous for and helping Jews around the globe..
    for those that don’t know he is very well regarded in Israel for his knowledge of doctors, and complex medical shailos..
    His love for all Jews regardless of their yarmulke or non is well known.
    he is considered one of Rav Yoel Teitelbaum closest students.
    Those that know him attest to his care and compassion to all.
    I would highly recommend those that have a issue with what he said and speak to your own Rav.. as the Rebbi said..
    to bash someone so holy because you don’t agree is just wrong..
    on a final note.. keep in mind..
    when you have had non stop calls from around the globe on life and death for the last year like the Rebbi maybe your perspective will change.
    Keep in mind!

  22. It is important to do ones research. When one does- they find out that this is a very different type of vaccine than others in the past and in fact contains no live nor dead virus. It is a RNA based molecule which uses strips of RNA to code for a specific protein of the COVID virus and therefore to create an immune response in the body. This concept has actually been studied for many years. I believe it is important for everyone to do thorough research before disseminating info that they really are not familiar with. If there is someone who actually is familiar with all of this and has some genuine scientific concern please post. If not it is important not to.

  23. To Shady Chareidi:

    Your nom de plume is more impressive than your comment. If you bothered to listen to the clip before posting, you would realize that he is the antithesis of humility and respect.

  24. Since I think we should defer to doctors in medical matters (all that in Shulchan Aruch and the like about Hashem giving doctors permission to heal… not Rebbe’s), I think this new age stuff this Rabbi is spouting must be kefirah. Not sure? R’ Kanievesky and others have reiterated what is the clear halachic consensus on this matter. Simply pathetic and embarrassing to call the person spouting this nonsense a “Rebbe”. He does not sound any different than some extremist evangelical ministers who spout this same garbage. Maybe this Rebbe can also blow away the virus.

  25. The Gabboim of the Rebbe of Sassov D’Elizabeth (NJ)have released the following.
    As is known, it is not the Derech of our Holy Rebbe, Harav HaGaon Rebbe Yoel Meir Erblich of Sassov to enter into controversies. However, the Rebbe has made clear to his kehilla kedosha, that refusing or avoiding the vaccine is against the Halacha, the Derech HaBaal Shem Tov, and the true Mesoira of Sassov. Our Rebbe Quoted the possuk from Iyov “VeAdam El Afar Yashuv” to mean: One must answer to this “dust.” The RI”M Erblich from Sassov is an einikel from R’ Moshe Leib of Sassov ZY”A, and represents the true Sassover Derech, not to be confused with others using the term “Sassover.” Furthermore, the Sassover of Elizabeth Rebbetzin is a scientific authority on matters of Human Biology, and the Rebbe is well versed in medical matters as well.

  26. This is only a theory, but I believe that the Israeli government officials need to hear that the primary Gedolim are telling the Chareidi community to take the vaccine because in the absence of such a statement, it would be understood that Rabbonim are not advocating for the vaccine and the Chareidi community can be “punished” for this by having their institutions shut down, Simchas forbidden, etc. I believe that our Gedolim understand these dangers very well, better than any of us and they understand that this Sakanah is greater than the potential risks of the vaccine and therefore they must make such public declarations. That being said, it would be wise for each individual to consult with their Rav/doctor privately. Again, this is just a theory.

  27. I see many people already made the comment but that was the first thing that hit me: the vaccine is SPECIFICALLY NOT a live virus (or dead one either) it’s the genetic code for the spike protein of the Coronavirus.
    Ironically enough, all other vaccines out there ARE INDEED live (or dead) viruses that is injected-so what is the rebbe concerned about? Does he approve of other vaccines?

  28. Feigy, Yitz., and the other few sane voices, kudo’s to you for advocating the Sassover Rebbe (whom i wasn’t aware of before). As for so many others, please stop with the unwarranted slander, and twisting of words.

    Most American schools have become Marxist. TPTB have been taking over schools, govts, militaries, intelligence agencies, economies, media, etc. They’ve suppressed truth media, new energy, medical cures and natural agriculture.

    But there’s some items on their checklist which they were not (yet) successful in gaining total control. Suddenly, in the last nine months, they are shockingly reaching their goal, as follows:

    Destroy small businesses
    Collapse the economies of the US and other countries
    Distract people while printing trillion-dollar bailouts for the bankers, major corporations and states
    Enforce a Cashless society
    Censor dissidents – Internet, books and films
    Instigate civil unrest
    Ban freedom demonstrations in countries everywhere, including like Hong Kong, France and China
    Stop Trump’s vendetta against the deep state by hurting the economy, blaming him for Covid and forcing mail-in ballots that are more easily manipulated
    Force global vaccination
    Get RFID chips into everyone’s body, to track us and irradiate via 5G
    Rapidly reduce the population without the real cause being apparent
    Impose UN Agenda 21/30 and the Green New Deal
    Justify and impose total surveillance
    Technocratic fascism
    Universal government control of healthcare
    One-world government

  29. How can you trust the media,the fake news,the crooked pharmaceutical companies and the rest of these bums. No right minded individual should take this vaccine for at least several months. If they can rig elections you can’t trust these crooks. The rabbi is right. The doctors put down every death as COVID to avoid paperwork and get more funding for their hospitals.

  30. Guys-I see all this back and forth about the Rebbe’s opinion on the covid vaccine vs. drops.
    Just want to key you guys in on what I believe might be helpful info. that I was involved personally.
    I am not a chassid of the Sassover Rebbe. I was just recently introduced to the Rebbe ( for the first time), when the Rebbe was in Boro Park for the beginning of Chanukah.
    The Rebbe told me the following; Over the summer he got really sick with Covid, and he was barely able to breathe, he did not think he would get out of this… ( The Rebbe has a very weak heart). Then he was introduced to these drops made by a Israeli Doctor/ Scientist- Natan Chayim, the drops are called NCorona ( It can be googled online, you will find various Israeli articles pros or cons). He immediately felt a significant shift to the better, and within a few days he got completely out of it, B”H. The Sassover Rebbe personally accredits his recovery to these drops. Once he saw what these drops are capable of, he pushed his chassidim to organize and distribute these drops all over Eretz Yisroel. The Rebbe felt it was an inyan of ‘Pikuach Nefashos’ to do this. The Rebbe told me, he personally saw thousands of lives being saved due to this project.
    He also told me how frustrated it was to him, the tremendous resistance they received from the medical community and the misrad habriut, and hospitals, as he successful in saving thousands of lives. They were making it really difficult for them and not allowing them to give this natural supplements of drops. While the’re so easy to the medical community to have people take this vaccine, that were rushed through the initial testing, and hasn’t withstood the test of time as it is very new. So therefore, the Sassover Rebbe would encourage people to take the drops before taking the vaccines. I hope this clarifies the Rebbe’s opinion. ( I know the recording wasn’t too clear).
    BTW when you google this online you will find some articles from JP about the misrad habriut initially giving them a hard time with the drops, but then they were able to resolve it.

  31. Thank you YWN for allowing free and open discussion about vaccines, no matter what your opinion is. Misinformation should always be confronted by discussion not by censorship!

  32. Thank you Apushitahyid for your insight on the drops.
    I was wondering do these NCorona drops really work for Covid19?
    Does anybody know if you are able to get them in the US?

  33. To YWN: If You consider this the words of a Gadol then there should be no comments allowed, and if you don’t consider this the opinion of a real Gadol then why should you publish it? I don’t think I would be wrong if I guessed that some comments on this article needed to be completely censored…
    I don’t know anything about the Sassover Rebbe and I definitely wouldn’t disparage him in any way (and no one should even if you disagree or think he’s mistaken) but my main question here is: For purposes of this article, is he a Gadol or a live “discussion” bait?

  34. You can get it in the US. I got it for my friends father and he took it and got stronger. They seem to work. You can call 732-994-2141 to get it. Refuah Shelema!!!

  35. So many people here are saying very negative things about the Sassover Rebbe. They will need to go ask him for מחילה!

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