VIDEO: Trump Finally Concedes To Biden, Condemns Supporters Who Rioted


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In his first public statement since Wednesday, President Trump signaled that he is ready to accept President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

“Now Congress has certified the results. A new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20th. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation.”

Trump said he was “outraged” by individuals who participated in the violence at the US Capitol. He noted that those who broke the law “will pay.”

“America is and must always be a nation of law and order,” Trump said. “The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country.”

Trump also addressed the state of his challenge to the election results. He said his campaign “pursued every legal avenue” and called for reform to promote election security.



  1. Long overdue! Sad though! I truly hope the Democrats do not ruin all the gains our country has made these past four years. I truly hope Israel will not be hurt by the next administration although I’m not betting on it.

  2. I love it! He right away condemns the riots and no one cares. They continue to say all was his fault. These loserish democrats are so hyprocratical. The same ones who jumped on these riots, blaming the republicans, sat back and did nothing this summer. To all who are happy with the new government, enjoy four years not of Obama, but alot lot worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This seditious criminal was forced by advisors to make this statement. He praises these insurrectionists as patriots and says he “loves” them. This statement is just another of his lies. He is directly responsible for the death of five Americans.

  4. Too little, too late, to salvage the way history will judge his term as Pesident.

    It was rumored that Ivanka was thinking of running for office in Florida. Forget it. The name Trump is now politically damaged goods.

  5. Good bye America. Now we will be overrun by crime as the democRATs defund the police, yeshivas will be closed down who refuse to teach the immoral values of the liberal radicals and our tax dollars will go to destroy the fabrics of this nation.

  6. Israel will be full of attacks by Arabs. Do you realize that the four years Trump was president very few Jews were murdered by Arabs as compared to Obama years. When Biden and his democRATic radicals begin funding the Palestinians again,where do you think the money will go. To support families of terrorist who kill Jews. Israel will have its hands tied and will not be allowed to build the much needed housing. The street criminals here in good old usa will increase their attacks as police get defunded and their hands tied. The upper manhattan will keep having the homeless harrass them and attack them. Murder rate is starting to climb in NYC. What you people forgot that in the early seventies over 2000 people were killed a year and most were Jewish victims. But the young generation has no clue. All our taxes will go to fight global warming and climate change. Biden will control the heat of the sun. The entire economy will destruct. Stores can’t be open and can’t pay their rents. Buildings will fall into disarray and the city will take over with socialism and communism rule. Already anyone who opposes the liberal democRATs will either lose their jobs or be ostracized from society. Yes it’s coming. Eventually a civil war will break out and the secular liberal Jews will be blamed.

  7. Sure sounds like someone got it pointed out to him that his actions can lead to serious criminal charges.

    In any case sure sounds like Trump. By the rally he says he will walk with them to the capital and then he goes back to the White House to watch the crazed mobs actions on TV (he loves taking advantage of his supporters). Apparently he was exuberant about the crowd breaking in and took him quite a while and lots of pleading from aides to release a statement. And what a statement. He repeats the fake claims that in the first place led to this riot and he calls these people special and says he loves them. Of course, by the time he released his statement the lawmakers were all already safe and any chance of his sedition being successful was already nixed.

    And yet, folks here will still support him like he is the messiah.

  8. Shut up, rt. They *are* patriots, and he does love them, as should everyone. Meanwhile NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT, including you, had one bad word for the riot at Trump’s inauguration, or for any of the riots since, especially last year. NONE OF YOU had a bad word to say about the union thugs who occupied the Wisconsin Capitol for months, doing thousands of dollars in damage. NONE OF YOU had a bad word to say about the attack on the Minnesota Capitol, which included TIM KAINE’S SON. None of you had a bad word about Antifa running riot unchecked in Portland for two years now, including several riots just this week. ALL of you praised these people, called them a “summer of love”, and a movement that would go on and not stop. You encouraged and cheered them. So you have NO RIGHT AT ALL to say even one bad thing about patriots whose passion to stop the election being stolen overcame their good sense. (Plus the Antifa infiltrators who were responsible for almost all the violence yesterday. And yes, they were there. Some of them have already been identified. But there was at least one busload of them.)

  9. Beautiful and sincere statement; I tremble, however, at the fact that it came this late in the game — a reality that will lead to devastating consequences for Republicans at the polls for years to come. I agree with his original January sixth statement for reasons stated in my comments on other YWN pages; the above statement — the obvious next step — should have been made the following morning at the very latest.

  10. Am I the only one who watched trumps speach Wednesday morning when he said we respect the men and women in blue. Then he said we will
    March to the capital to
    PEACEFULLY PROTEST then he spoke about his executive order that anyone who destroys federal property gets 10 years in prison
    Just wondering

  11. I was skeptical of Trump in 2016 due to policy and personality. I voted for him then, and again in 2020. His policy turned out to be incredible. He was a shaliach to accomplish a lot. Alas, his personality did him in. At the end, it’s not only what you do, but also how you affect the people around you.

  12. He did not concede, he simply stated that the Congress has certified the results. Does not change the fact that the election was stolen. How about the 150,000 Biden votes at 2am in Michigan???

  13. nyny- it appears you live in a delusional fantasy. Crime will be rampant under democrats? Who was president over the summer of the unrest and trouble across the country? Obama?? “Fewer attacks” in Israel, but the most deadly attack on Jews in this country in history took place when who was president?

  14. Well, at least we had a cameo post from Millhouse. Much better stuff than the banal rants we’ve been getting from the less-skilled Trumpkopf trolls. A gut voch and hopefully a gut 4 years for American