LEFTISTS COMPARE CONSERVATIVES TO ISIS: Former Facebook Chief Security Officer Wants To Silence Conservatives [WATCH THE VIDEO]


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Former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos: “We have to turn down the capability of these Conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences… There are people on YouTube for example that have a larger audience than daytime CNN.”

“OAN and Newsmax have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and such bringing them into tens of millions of homes.”

“It is up to the Facebooks and YouTubes in particular to think about whether or not they want to be effectively cable networks for disinformation. “And then we have to figure out the OANN and Newsmax problem that these companies have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes. This is allowing people to seek out information if they really want to, but not pushing it into their faces I think is really where we’re going to have to go here.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What a hypocrite! As if the leftist media doesn’t create its own sealed ecosystem! What a conceited, pompous idiot (like most leftists)! And oh my gosh, did you hear how he casually mentioned that conservative disinformation is in one way more dangerous than ISIS because ISIS didn’t have a home base in the U.S. Congress and conservatives do? And did you notice that the way he demonstrated that those horrible, akin-to-ISIS conservatives have a home base in Congress is that over half of the Republicans in Congress exercised their Constitutional right to raise challenges to the election that they anyways knew to be futile and inconsequential? OH MY! #USSR

  2. Waiting for Businesses in NYC to SUE Blasio for Encouraging BLM Riots by allowing and Crowds of OCCUPY CITY HALL and BLM and ANTIFA Rioters All Summer Blasio Even spoke to Crowds of BLM Rioters in Jun and July in NYC Parks

  3. these filthy America hating Marxist swine’s are the real Nazi Fascists’ of this generation, who want to completely silence any dissenting views that does conform with their Marxist anti-American agenda .

  4. Nothing more dangerous and comparative to the USSR than the phrase the election was stolen!
    When the white trash from the south come to kill you remember that phrase.
    Talk about how frum yidden should behave – when you become a conservative before a G-D fearing Jew you have these problems and you believe in people like Trump, I suggest you go for some history lessons and for some bitachon lessons.

  5. Let’s see how much you (unnamed editor of this website) believe in free speech. I’m going to post something, and I want to see if you’ll allow it up. Or… if you won’t allow it up because this is a private company website with terms of service that my post clearly violates.

    Second… it’s not “news” to use three out of context quotes (from both sides) and call it “news.”

    Third… the rioters and insurrectionists in Washington, DC are not conservative. Those idiots calling the election a “fraud” are not conservative. They are fascists who want a dictatorship under a single cult of personality. Conservatives understand that this was a free and fair election that they lost because they were out-campaigned, but are looking towards 2022 to re-take the House and Senate because of favorable dynamics. Conservatives support law and order, not beating police with an American flag. Conservatives don’t chant “Hang Mike Pence!”

  6. @Reb Eliezer: Can you explain precisely how your comment had to do with mine? Are you seriously calling a congressional electoral challenge “violent”? Because I don’t believe I mentioned the riot itself in my post…
    My goodness…

    @charliehall: Alright, alright, hold up, you’re goin’ a li’l too far. I agreed with you on the page regarding the Antifa insurgencies (see my response to your post there); please, however, do not pretend that we need to be more wary of a few insane right-wing extremists than we need to be of ISIS. That’s just a little ridiculous.

    @OrechDin: No fair! Was that the post or was it something else that they actually didn’t post?

  7. @Josh from Brooklyn: Certainly promoting lies WHICH YOU KNOW TO BE LIES would be anti-conservative. I don’t think most promulgaters of #stopthesteal believed the movement to be based on a lie — although I may be wrong. Anyways, please present your argument that a slogan like #stopthesteal is somehow more dangerous than ACTUALLY ADVOCATING THE PARTIAL CLOSURE OF THE FREE PRESS. It sounds deep; I’m actually curious. I’m not being facetious; I can see myself agreeing if you argue this properly… but I think you might’ve just been exaggerating and/or making a point. Let’s see.

  8. @Yashar: “It sounds deep;” Yup I think free press should be with out limitations at all for example #killthejews…
    You have any idea what kind of people are promoting your side and saying free press!!
    And yes false claims by the president is worse than all and should be banned!
    Think a little DEEPER!

  9. @Josh from Brooklyn: I appreciate you taking the time to respond; I disagree with you. It is far, far more dangerous to have the ideas and viewpoints of half the country snuffed out. That presents a true danger to the country; that presents a threat to freedom. The organic death of free press brings the country closer to a government-sponsored killing of free press which brings the country closer to the killing of free speech which brings the country closer to dictatorship which brings the country closer to complete religious insecurity.
    Whether or not free speech additionally allows certain despicable and, indeed, dangerous hashtags (and whether or not free speech is additionally advocated by certain despicable and, indeed, dangerous people), free speech is infinitely more important than a president’s honesty.
    Thank you for your time.