LISTEN TO THIS: Frum Man Has “Credible Information” That Trump Will Remain President


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It’s simply fascinating that there are actually still individuals who think that Joe Biden will not be sworn into office at noon on Wednesday. Conspiracies are running rampant, and social media is swamped with delusional fanatic ideas. YWN receives dozens of emails each day promoting all types of conspiracies.

The attached audio clip was submitted to YWN no less than 100 times in the past 24 hours, with many people telling YWN that they know “for a fact” that this information is all true.

This individual speaking starts off by saying how he has “credible information” that Osama Bin Laden was never killed and is living in Iran, and that’s why Obama paid the Iranians billions of dollars – to keep them quiet.

He also says that on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, President Trump will be “giving a speech” where he will “be giving all the powers to marital law, and there will be martial law in this country for about three months, and there is going to be court ‘tribunerals’. You are gonna see Obama, Clinton and Biden, and 80% of the Government going through this court, and alot of people are going to be charged with treason.”

“When this is all done, they are going to be looking at all the election fraud, and when that’s done, President Trump will be taking office again.”

This highly informed individual with the “credible information” wants the entire Jewish community to know that for the next three months there will be no news networks in operation – besides for one, which will be run by the Military. All others will be shut down. No Twitter, no Facebook, and possibly no telephones either. People should expect a curfew as well.

He also recommends that everyone go to the bank today and get cash and stock up on food. It is possible there will be no electricity as well he says.

He knows this is all true, because it says it in “the Pesukim”.

YWN notes that President Trump’s presidency will end on Wednesday at 11:59:59, at which time President-elect Biden will take office along with Vice President Kamala Harris.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How is this guy any different than the story YWN ran of the guy who predicted Trump would win from purported Torah codes? Just saying, if you run kooky stories, you’re going to get kooky stories sent to you.

  2. “YWN notes that President Trump’s presidency will end on Wednesday at 11:59:59”

    Your timing is slightly off. Biden becomes president at 12:00:01.

  3. truly scary how junk conspiracies such as this one which others refer to as “the storm” made up by Qanon, who by the way is very much an anti semitic group, have made it into the mainstream jewish community. next thing will be martians… get a grip on reality, this is a farce, to put it kindly…

    for goodness sake get out of the whatsapp groups and get back to your life…

    and i have been a big trump supporter from day one just in case you were wondering. and it is too bad he didn’t disavow those q anon cronies from day 1.

  4. I believe strongly to what this man is saying. It is not nice to slander a person who is speaking with such sense. If you think for more than a second all his facts check out and we will all see that what he says is true

  5. Haha this isn’t even fake news, how did the YWN editors believe this random person ( mean no disrespect) this is absolutely hilarious, and why would they shut down a news stationS

  6. Go back to sleep!

    Let’s all empty the banks of cash and the groceries of food so we can have an instant recession and then depression! And then he woke up…

  7. This is not hilarious. If this was one deranged individual it would be nebach and maybe some of you could say hahaha. Unfortunately that’s not the case. There are people in our own community who believe this and talk like this. The pro Trump parades pushed some members of our community over the edge all the way to insanity. If that’s not scary I don’t know what is.

  8. Well we don’t know the future. But we do know the past. The guy is right about the past. The future of all humanity for the rest of eternity is on the line now. If Trump doe

  9. I Trump let’s Biden take power, world elites will take full control of every being on earth. Just check out some of the clips from the World Economic Forum. YWN likes to make fun of “conspiracies” We don’t need to theorize when these guys tell us outright what their plan for humanity is.

  10. why do you post this stuff? people rely on you for news.. This is funny but I’m afraid some people will take it seriously, you have to list it under the satire section,

  11. My version.
    Frump and Biden are both fake news. They are really martians wearing masks created by the Qanon cabal controlled by the Jooos of Hollywood. JFK is actually still alive and he will be revealed as Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach – I mean President for life.

  12. @searchin345 – Prank call?

    This is real. It is terribly distressing. There are fine, upstanding successful friends of mine that are sucked into this Trump cult so deep. It is heartbreaking. YWN actually is doing a service to the masses to open their eyes.

    It is a travesty.

  13. I think it’s Alec Baldwin (the guy who impersonates Trump on Saturday Night Live) trying to fool the YWN editors. Or maybe Adam Sandler, the guy who does those Channukah songs about assimilated Jews.

  14. The Sefer Amudeho Shiva (a mekubal with a haskoma from the Taz) writes that year 5670 (secular 2000) Meshiach comes to make the world metuhar like a mikvah 40 sah in eggs (40×144=5760).

  15. The Chasam Sofer says on the Ramban in Breishis for the coming of Meshiach in the beginning of 5000 milenium that the time was suitable if we were worthy.

  16. You think this sounds crazy.
    The country being taken over by communism is serious. Internet accounts blocked. Boycottting of stores who support Trump. It’s very dangerous. I wish Trump declares martial law and gets all the soldiers to bring America back to normal. A holocaust is in the making and because of these liberal Jews we can end up like what the reform Jews caused in Europe to our grandparents.

  17. I did supported President Trump but I do think this is over suisse the time the courts knocked down all his challenges.
    That being said this type of unhinged comments just work to redefine Trump derangement syndrome. I guess you can always hope for a miracle but this is too much

  18. I don’t know if I believe this and wouldn’t bet a penny on it.
    BUT I also don’t believe mainstream media anymore, with their garbage reporting, lies, and constant slandering. Biden and his ‘gang’ are horrific and scary. They are disgustingly pessimistic, deriding, and malicious.
    I think there WILL be something from Trump coming up, but I am not holding my breath.
    The politics in USA have turned so ugly, so, distrusting, and so disturbing, if this continues, Hashem Yeracheim!!

  19. I did supported President Trump but I do think this is over from the time the courts knocked down all his challenges.
    That being said this type of unhinged comments, predictions against all odds, legality, and logic just work to redefine Trump derangement syndrome but this time on the conservative side. I guess you can always hope for a miracle but this is too much. Now is the trump supporters turn to go see the shrink

  20. @NotCommonCommonsense and others, most people can tell when YWN is being sarcastic. Those that cannot tell are also too dumb to do anything dangerous at this point. Just one point though, if Trump does try something like that, there will be no electricity for much longer period of time than that guy imagines.

  21. I have credible information that this guy is making up all of this based on the Qanon.

    Assuming what he said is true, it would take something like 100,000 people to carry out these conspiracies.

    And see this about how conspiracies work:

    It just won’t happen.

    What this person is saying, just because he is a frummer, is mamseh sheker. And 10000% narehiskeit.

  22. The fact that people let their imaginations run wild and come up with such crazy scenarios just shows how unstable the US is right now! Good Luck!

  23. How did that guy escape from the insane asylum? I assume since he’s stocking up on food to last for months you may be able to spot him and his followers in the supermarket.

  24. I presume that whomever recorded that audio did so as a joke or prank, I don’t think anyone really believes all that. I certainly do not. BUT, it’s not right for YWN to publish it just for the sake of belittling him. And if the “to’eles” is to show the readers the kind of things YWN has to put up with, well that doesn’t justify Loshon Horah and Rechilus either.

    (For all I know, perhaps he’s right. I don’t know if Bin Laden is alive or not. I believe all the news that he is dead, and I don’t believe anything else the recording claims, but I’ve never particularly looked into it, so it’s not right to say that I know 100% that he’s wrong. I assume, pretty confidently that he is wrong, but I’m not being fair to him if I don’t bother to consider the “facts” he’s asking us to look at.)

    Further more, for YWN to state at the end of the article that:
    “YWN notes that President Trump’s presidency will end on Wednesday at 11:59:59, at which time President-elect Biden will take office along with Vice President Kamala Harris.”
    …is no less hashkofically flawed to state a future event as if it is fact. I agree that it is incredibly more likely, but it’s still hashkofically wrong to state it like a nevuah.

  25. thank you YWN for posting this and triggering all the leftists here.
    as the article clearly states this is a conspiracy.

    I am only aware of 2 frum political web sites that allow comments. Both source lots of content from the (AP) y”shmom. Many people have perceived it as a left leaning bias and quit reading unless it’s a local news or community related article.

    While what the recording said could in theory be true, for anyone connected to reality it’s clear that trump has lost to the deep state and is leaving shortly. I am sorry to tell you all, in his 4 years he never ever moved against any deep state actor. It was all talk. Not 1 criminal was investigated or prosecuted or worse while the deep state was allowed to scheme one coup attempt after the next.
    He is out, his election promise to lock her up never seriously considered.

  26. If Hashem wills it that Trump remains as President it would most likely happen in a totally unpredictable manner. So yes, it is possible that Trump will still be POTUS tomorrow night. But one cannot say it will happen for certain. We can simply daven that Hashem makes it so.

  27. I suggest that all sane, law-abiding people all go out to their local groceries this evening. Keep a sharp look out for anyone who seems to be purchasing groceries in more than the normal amount. When you do spot such an individual, you put your hands on their shoulder, and march them straight to the nearest insane asylum…

  28. Well this aged like milk.

    It’s only been a couple of hours and we’ve already a speech from Trump welcoming the next administration.

    Yet some people on here actually believed this trollop.

    I guess it’s no surprise. Considering how many still believe the election was fraudulent.

  29. So we should declare marshal law, take over all the state capital buildings, install a president for life, try our political rivals for treason, shut down all the news outlets except for one run by the military, have a curfew, phone and internet usage censorship, all so we can save our country and the democracy? Am I missing something???

  30. Is slander and baseless accusations of murder a silly little “news” story in the Yeshiva World? Used to be a time when religious people took ethics seriously. Not so much anymore.

  31. @Trump2020

    So the voters can’t be trusted, the poll workers can’t be trusted, the voting machines can’t be trusted, the media can’t be trusted, Bill Barr can’t be trusted, the guy who is charge of election security can’t be trusted, the lower courts can’t be trusted, the appellate courts can’t be trusted, and the Supreme Court can’t be trusted.

    But Donald Trump can be trusted.

    Roll that around in your head for about 3 minutes and you’ll realize how incredibly mind-boggling stupid that sounds

  32. @Quayboardwarrior Honestly noone has to roll around their heads what you just said to understand its stupid. Voters voted legally its the secretary of state and the poll workers that did the fraud. Voting machines were fed hundreds of thousands of fake ballots and what your saying is that the machine shouldve realised it was being fed fake ballots so they cant be trusted either. seriously??? And yes the media cannot be trusted as everybody knows and if you dont know that then my point of you checking into a local asylum is very valid. All the courts are scared to get involved either because they are scared for their lives or they feel its “unconstittional”. So please lay off the CNN and ABC and open your eyes to the world out there

  33. Sensational sells. Other news, not. Perpetration of pure lies and stupidity in the name of Torah. Not acceptable, should not even have been published.