WATCH: Pelosi Says It’s Not ‘Unifying’ To Forget About Trump Impeachment

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dismissed critics who say that moving forward with impeachment will undercut the Biden administration’s message of unity.

“I don’t think it’s very unifying to say oh, let’s just forget it and move on. That’s not how you unify,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi also said it’s the responsibility of Congress to hold Former President Donald Trump accountable for inciting rioters who attacked on the US Capitol.

Trump is awaiting his second impeachment trial — Pelosi said she’s discussing the timing with the impeachment managers she named on when the article of impeachment will be sent to the Senate.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It would be extremely UNIFYING to see this old biddy put into a nursing home in New York.
    She does well with that anti-semite Cuomo and maybe she will go the way Cuomo sent thousands of elders.

  2. All the more so, by her “logic”, it would not be “unifying” to forget that
    A. the election was stolen from President Trump and
    B. they did everything they could to stop President Trump from accomplishing anything, with one hoax after another, during his term that they did not steal from him (his first term) because they didn’t think for a second that he would actually win.

  3. Anyone who’s still pressing on with impeachment should be removed from their post. They are using a constitutional action (impeachment) but not following the constitutional guidelines. You cannot impeach a citizen. Only a sitting president. Pathetic.

  4. This machashaifa has zero credibility. From the day he was inaugurated she was a thorn in Mr. Trump side impeding everything he tried to get through Congress and specially after she ripped up his speech. I hope Mr. Trump and his lawyers milk their opportunity to show how the election was stolen for all its worth.

  5. Secondly they should also point out the hypocrisy of the Hypocrite (formally known as the Democratic Party) party. How until today they are allowing BLM and Antifa to burn maim and destroy all across America

  6. What a disgrace to watch this national joke called President Biden. The poor guy seems he doesn’t really know what flying, and this buffoon Pelosi knows just one thing,anything Trump did we need to do the opposite. This nut head called Schumer, let’s make it clear in no uncertain terms ” if you don’t leave Pres. Trump alone , come next election you’re out.” Trump has very many friends in NY