Frum Family Facing Eviction

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We are getting kicked out of our apartment!!

Our family will soon be evicted from our apartment because we were not able to pay the rent for over half a year.

My husband always worked hard to support us, but when the Coronavirus pandemic arrived, he was no longer able to find work to do and we fell into great financial struggles.

The owner sent us threatening letters urging us to pay, but we could not pay.

Where would we get the money? Our bank account was empty.


From the age of 13 I became a yesoma from both of my parents. My husband grew up in a dysfunctional home who do not want a connection with us. We have no relatives who can assist us.

We will be forced out of our apartment into the cold street of Yerushalayim with a newborn baby and 5 other children. We live in terrible fear all day long!

My brothers and sisters, please soften your heart and donate to our emergency fund so that you can save us from being homeless.

With tears and a broken heart,

Chaya Liba