EXPOSED: The Anarchists Causing Destruction In Bnei Brak Are Not Even “Chareidi”; [SEE THE VIDEOS]


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As YWN has been reporting, Bnei Brak has seen an appalling level of violence the past few days. In a previous article, some of those causing the destruction have been called “Chareidi Antifa”.

It turns out, footage provided to YWN shows just that. Many of the individuals responsible for terrorizing the entire city the past few days do not dress Chareidi, look Chareidi, or even try and act Chareidi. They are dropouts from other neighborhoods, who came to the area to join the community protesting the closures of the Yeshivas due to COVID. Some of them are not religious at all.

While it’s true that Thursday nights attack on police officers were Bochrim from Vishnitz Merkaz (Reb Mendel), and other violent protests had many Chareidi participants, it appears that much of the extreme violence has nothing to do with Chareidi protesters.

[WATCH IT: Police Officer Fires Weapon In The Air Amid Violent Clashes With Peleg Protesters]

They came armed with flammable material, fireworks and other items for their day of terror.

As of early Monday morning, police took some of these individuals into custody. Additional arrests are expected.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting 95% of the people there are locals and the 5% of the outsiders are working hand in hand with the locals, don’t pass the blame

  2. “While it’s true that Thursday nights attack on police officers were Bochrim from Vishnitz Merkaz (Reb Mendel), and other violent protests had many Chareidi participants, it appears that much of the extreme violence has nothing to do with Chareidi protester.”
    So violence is OK, but extreme violence is not?

  3. How about the chasunos in Bnei Brak, Boro Park, London, etc. , etc. they are also dropouts non-religious Jews? There is something very rotten in the state of the Haredi world. Any can anyone refute Yehuda Meshy-Zahav, the founder of ZAKA, that the rabbanim who encourage disobidience and breaking the health regulations have blood on their hands?

  4. @JLM, Sorry Mshi Zahav is not a posek, his opinion is the same as the meshulach who knocked on my door last night and told me that Covid was a Zionistic plot together with China.
    PS no one is forced to attend a wedding

  5. JLM, generally speaking “Most” Hareidi Rabbonim base their decisions based on science and in consultation with some of the top epidemiologists and Infectious disease physicians in the world, I realize that it feels much cooler to blame a community especially Rabbonim, I have personally been on dozens of such conference calls, and surprise we have been asked the past few weeks if we can share the guidelines we have gotten so that they can form a national protocol on opening schools.

  6. This denial is so sad. We have seen hundreds of videos of clear charedi violence over the past few years. The trend is just terrible. Now, instead of facing the tragic reality of near-daily charedi violence comes this sad attempt at denial. Yes, in this case a few shababnikim joined in the violence of the charedi horde. Nu, so this somehow exempts the violence of the violent charedim, the primary bad actors? Why, because a handful of shababnikim joined them this time? Face reality and deal with this urgent problem before it becomes so widespread that it destroys charedi society.

  7. were they “frum” (I don’t like the word)? Obviously, no, they are not shomrim mitzvot.

    Whether they belong to certain communities, is up to the communities to decide.

  8. It’s about time we Chareidim/Chassidim stopped avoiding responsibility for these outbreaks of violence. I don’t care if some people who were involved aren’t religious… most were! There shouldn’t be ANY apology to the frum community, because the frum community is responsible, beginning with their insistence on huge weddings, keeping Yeshivas open etc. This is just clarification, pointing out that outsiders were also involved. Even if they were riling up the crowd, that is no excuse.

    It seems that Rav Kanievsky has strongly denounced these actions. But I have to ask: is it too little, too late? Remember at the beginning of the pandemic, the Rav was adamant that nothing should change, despite pleas from health officials and experts, despite the extent of the pandemic in China and Italy. I fear the Rav has lost control of many in his community, they don’t listen to anyone, not even the Gadol Hador. How many clandestine classes are continuing? What about these Rebbeshe weddings? Massive funerals? Are they over and done with? I highly doubt it. True followers of Gaonim will not only refrain from carrying out such violent acts, but will stop the rioters in future, and their Rebbes etc will abide by the law. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

  9. @hml and jlm, [ same person? writing seems very similar], please don’t mix apples and oranges, the topic here is the riots not your perception of the community’s response to covid.

  10. Not everyone can sit and learn 18 hours a day. The frum kids hanging out on the streets are doing their best to keep yeshivas open. The serious learners should be thankful that you have street smart kids who can fight the pork eating government. We need to be mocha. It’s fundamental in Judaism. Protests are effective. Burning one bus can keep the yeshivas open as the government is not looking to be in conflict with the chareidim. If they keep bothering chareidim of Israel they will find protests in America against the Israeli pork eaters and gay paraders.

  11. “It’s like blaming Antifa for the Capital Hill riot. Yes, there were a few.”

    It is not clear that there were any. The ones who were identified as Antifa have been proven not to be. Some were very loud about objecting to being called Antifa, screaming that they were white supremacists who would never want to be identified with Antifa!