FIGHTING ANTI-VAAXERS: Frum Doctors Release COVID-19 Vaccine Information


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The COVID pandemic has challenged us in many ways, and now we are fortunate that highly effective and safe vaccines have been developed that have been proven to:

  1. Protect the recipient from COVID illness in approximately 95% of cases.
  2. Prevent transmission of COVID disease to others in approximately 90% of recipients.
  3. Give significant protection against new variant strains of SARS-Cov2.
  4. Give more protection than the immunity induced by having had COVID.

The MOST EFFECTIVE way to protect your health and the health of others and to avoid variant strains of SARS-Cov2, which are more contagious and may be more virulent, from causing new illness and death, is by widespread vaccination.

Although in most cases, past infection provides protective immunity for some time, vaccines seem to be superior in their protective effect against repeat infection and disease than having had prior natural infection. Having antibodies after COVID infection does not necessarily protect against newer variant strains of the virus and antibody levels tend to wane with time.

Misinformation regarding the COVID vaccines have led to vaccine hesitancy among some people.

This document is intended to inform and share data, so you can make an educated decision regarding vaccination against SARS-Cov2 infection.


  • Rigorous monitoring of side effects from millions of vaccinated people have shown minimal to no serious adverse events RELATED to the vaccine. What have been reported are deaths and events AFTER the vaccine but not FROM the vaccine. Deaths (and blood clots and heart attacks and pneumonia, etc.) occur every day, especially when observing a large population of millions of people.
  • As part of transparency and honest reporting in medical research, ANY negative outcome that occurs after a treatment intervention (vaccination in our case) is reported EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TREATMENT. It is available for experts to then determine the possible association between the vaccine (or any new treatment) and the negative outcome. What people are reporting are negative events, but they are likely not due to vaccination and the occurrences are NO MORE FREQUENT than what was expected in the absence of vaccinations.
  • Even blood clot concerns that are being investigated are extremely rare. A total of 18 deaths have been reported after the AstraZeneca vaccine from among over 655 million vaccines administered; a rate much lower than being struck by lightning. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been paused due to 6 cases of severe blood clots (only 1 death) occurring after 6.8 million vaccines administered in the US (risk of less than 1 in a million). Even if these events are linked to a vaccine, the risk of death and of blood clotting problems from COVID disease is much greater than that from any vaccine. Furthermore, for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines used in the US and Israel, not a single case of unusual blood clotting has yet been reported despite close to 170 million vaccines given in those countries.
  • Some have raised concerns regarding miscarriages among pregnant women after vaccination. CHEMED Health Center has researched this question and contacted 80% of the pregnant women vaccinated, all of which were at least 20 days after their first dose. Only 2 women experienced a miscarriage, which translates into a miscarriage rate of 0.8%, which is much lower than the normal expected miscarriage rate (miscarriages occur in approximately 20% of pregnancies throughout the entire pregnancy, most occurring in the first trimester). COVID-19 disease is more severe and more dangerous in pregnancy.  Data on COVID-19 disease in pregnancy has shown 3-fold greater rates of severe disease, hospitalization, life-support, and deaths among pregnant American women with COVID-19 compared to women with COVID-19 who are not pregnant.  There is also evidence that COVID-19 disease increases rates of preterm birth.  On the other hand, COVID-19 vaccines are safe in pregnancy, and has been received by tens of thousands of pregnant women in the US and in Israel. The rate of adverse events during pregnancy is not higher in vaccinated women than in the general pregnant population.


  • There is no biological basis whatsoever to this claim. The immune response from the vaccine simulates the immune response to the virus, without causing true infection. Infertility has not been an observed complication of COVID disease and has not been reported in any CDC surveillance and there have been no reports suggesting infertility after vaccination.
  • There is no data to support this myth. An active anti-vaccine campaign of disinformation has widely circulated this false claim that COVID-19 vaccines harm fertility. Despite a substantial proportion of the population on Earth having had COVID-19 infection, not a single report of infertility (among women or among men) following disease has emerged. Despite half a billion vaccine doses being given (many of which targeted young health workers, like nurses, around the world), not a single report of post-vaccine infertility or reduced fertility has emerged. Any claim of an association between COVID-19 vaccines and fertility is false. No study has ever suggested female (or male) infertility from any COVID vaccine.


  • Scientific collaboration across countries and companies has allowed for a more rapid development of an effective vaccine, removing many bureaucratic hurdles to the development of drugs and treatments. The trials studied thousands of volunteers and the data safety monitoring was identical to the development of other vaccines. COVID-19 vaccines were developed and tested in vaccine trials that were among the largest trials ever conducted. These trials were conducted under very rigorous safety oversight. The trials have provided strong and definitive evidence of safety, which are widely published. The trials have proven that the vaccines are safe and have high efficacy.
  • Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE): ADE is a known phenomenon in medicine, that can occur from past natural infection, and has been known to occur after some vaccines, leading to an amplified and harmful immune reaction in some people. This issue has been a major obstacle to the development of some other vaccines against very serious and common childhood infections. When COVID-19 began, scientists were well aware of this issue and were discussing it openly and publicly. Every vaccine study, from the animal work to human immunological and clinical trials, has examined this issue in detail. There has been to date no evidence of ADE occurring with any COVID-19 vaccine. Immunological work published for many vaccines show that the vaccines protect against This is good news, because it was a feature that has been carefully examined. ADE and severe immune-mediated disease occur also in natural infection. The benefits of vaccination in reducing COVID-19 disease means that vaccination will result in LESS, not more, ADE-like phenomena. ADE remains a theoretical issue that is under very close scrutiny, and many hundreds of rigorous scientific and medical investigations are strongly reassuring on this issue.
  • More than 655 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given worldwide, including 165 million in the United States. In places where vaccines have been introduced, large-scale studies have shown substantial reductions in the burden of COVID-19, at a scale even larger than the original large trials.
  • Israel has been leading the world in immunization coverage of the population. As a result of the successful roll-out of vaccination, rates of severe disease and deaths and new cases have declined very dramatically, allowing resumption of normal social activity.


  • The mRNA vaccine for COVID, just like any other vaccine, does not alter human DNA. The mRNA molecule is a nucleotide that the body produces constantly to translate the genetic code and produce proteins for the body. The mRNA vaccine enters the cytoplasm of the cell and stimulates the machinery of the cell to produce the spike protein of the coronavirus. This protein then exits the cell and stimulates a robust immune response, preparing the immune system’s B-cells and T-cells for any invasion of possible COVID-19 infection and efficiently eliminating the SARS-Cov2 virus before allowing illness to develop. The mRNA virus does NOT enter the nucleus of the cell where DNA resides and NEVER gets incorporated into the DNA molecule, and obviously does not alter the DNA or the genetic code in people. The claims circulated by anti-vaccine campaigners that the vaccine changes human DNA are entirely false. Also, the vaccines do not contain hormones or any other chemical or biological mediator than can affect normal biological functioning.


  • Despite the fact that many have experienced COVID disease, major segments of the population, even in the frum community, have not had COVID. As new virus variants spread throughout the country, the possibility of serious illness and death is real. Even newer treatments, such as monoclonal antibody infusions, steroids and anticoagulation, are not universally effective in preventing serious illness and death, especially if not initiated early enough in the course of disease.


  • The CDC recommends that people who have already had COVID-19 and recovered from it should still be vaccinated, because we do not know how long natural immunity lasts after you recover from COVID-19 or whether it’s as strong as the immunity you get from vaccination. Receiving vaccination, even after past infection, is the best way to ensure strong and long-lived protection.
  • If immunity fades, one could be at risk of contracting COVID a second time and possibly becoming sicker than the first time, as well as transmitting the disease to others.


  • COVID-19 disease has been difficult for the medical community in many ways. As a new disease, just discovered at the end of 2019, we have been busy learning as much as possible and as quickly as possible in order to better treat the disease and discover a vaccine that will prevent it. The primary directive in medicine is “First do no harm!” Many layers of safety concerns are in place to ensure the safety of individuals and of the community. Despite political influences that may seem to you to muddy the waters, your doctors and the medical establishment are dedicated to the health and betterment of society. The physicians of our Lakewood community have no political bias or connection to pharmaceutical companies driving recommendations. Just as you trust your physician as an expert to guide you in any other disease, your doctor has your interest here too. Their understanding of infection, viruses and immunology will guide you with regard to COVID-19 to make the safest decision for you. If you don’t trust your doctor, find a doctor whom you do trust to guide you!

Naor Bar-Zeev, MD, MPH, PhD
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Howard Lebowitz, MD
Chief Medical Officer, AcuteCare Health System

Daniel Roth, MD
Professor, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Shimshi Zimmerman, DO, FACEP, FAEMS
Medical Director, Hatzolah of Central Jersey

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I don’t buy it! We need more look back time to see the long term effects! Not ONE Dr. ever mentions how to strengthen our immune system! At least if you are a health care practitioner then the first thing you should preach is how to keep ourselves strong and healthy! Does anyone remember “FIRST DO NO HARM!”
    I’m still waiting for any “reputable” Doctor to say here’s how to keep your immune system strong! Still waiting……………………..?????

  2. major segments of the population, even in the frum community, have not had COVID I am in the extremely Frum Community and B”H never had Corona, and complied with דעת-תורה of the undisputed גדול-הדור Rav Chaim Kanievsky שליט”א and therefore obtained the vaccination in compliance with his פסק which is binding on everyone.

  3. Everyone has the free choice to do as they desire, even if it is against da’as Torah.

    The issue is when the anti-vaxxers decide that they must influence others to follow their path. That is no different than a Reform Jew trying to influence others to eat non-kosher or be mechalel shabbos because he knows better.

    Look, if you want to refuse medical treatment (neged haTorah), you will one day give a din v’cheshbon for it. But the robo-calls urging the masses, is pure “choteh u’machti ess harabim” and being a “meisis u’madiach”.

    There are people funding such anti-vaxxing campaigns, spending time, money and effort to convince as many people as they can reach, because they need mass partners to join their folly.

    That is a shanda.

    Sadly, some people actually get influenced by the mad person standing on a soap box on the street corner shouting into a bullhorn. They mistakenly think “shev val ta’aseh” or other distorted cheshbonos, not realizing that the anti-vaxxers are seeking “to’mus nafshi im haplishtim” – to bring their fate to everyone else.

  4. The fact that there are no definitive side effects in the short term for shouldn’t mean anything for the long term for an honest doctor. (Hopefully beH no long term side effects will be found either)

    The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was stopped because there is a concern today, that wasn’t there last week, nevertheless this week it’s a concern that Hopefully will be resolved beH.

    Therefore telling people that had covid and do have antibodies even if definitely they can get more antibodies or stronger ones with the vaccine, yo take it isn’t logical, the logical and prudent advise should be to wait in the meantime while the side effects are sorted out and vaccines are perfected being monitored by a doctor.

    When the above mentioned logic isn’t use, it makes people think that you are afraid to say it since your are afraid of people diagnosing themselves as healthy and having antibodies and putting themselves and others at risk therefore for the benefit of the klal, you don’t say it, meaning that you are telling an individual to care about the klal more than for to care for himself.
    That, makes the individual whether he can articulate it or not to mistrust you.
    especially when you say until today side effects were not found even though you well know it doesn’t mean anything for the future, as well as when you say that side effects can be attributed to other natural causes that could have happened anyhow without being sure 100% that they had nothing to do with it nor that they didn’t precipitate a natural occurrence to happen faster.

    From the fact that the Torah cares about the klal and the individual at the same time, your advise should have been that for someone that had covid and has antibodies you may wait and see as long as you are monitored by your doctor.
    Doctor please respond if I’m wrong.

  5. How do they know that the immunity you have from the virus is better or worse or how long it lasts. Past immunities such as rubella,chicken pox etc last a very very long time.
    I just wish doctors would say I don’t know when they don’t know.
    I take vaccines as does my family and am a pro vaxxer
    I just feel that there is information in this case that is being withheld from the public and i would like more then the fluff piece i just read.

  6. THeres a huge difference between an anti-vaxxer and someone against the COVID vaccine which is new and people are hearing TRUE stories from REAL people they know about adverse events from these vaccines as has been clearly seen by the Astrazenca and J&J but actually happened with all vaccines (check VAERS)… Even if they don’t hear stories about people they know, it only makes sense for a thinking person to wait until more longterm data is available especially since reputable doctors are warning that ADE (Antibody dependent enhancement) and other issues have not been definitively been ruled out and most people don’t even need this vaccine.

  7. Good article. Not that the antivaxers will care, though. Like any other fanatic, they loath facts and they live off paranoia and fear. Facts are their enemy. They will fight facts with teeth and nails. That’s literal by the way.

  8. The same way that those that are anti vaccers not matter what, are wrong, those that push for a vaccine not matter what are also wrong.
    I see that it’s hard for you to put my previous comment since it makes sense.
    I’m not antivaxer, but I’m not a vaccer not matter what either.
    Vaccers that hold let anyone get the shot even many may get a problem as long as the majority are safe isn’t correct either.

  9. Using ANTI-VAAXER in the title is misleading. Is everyone that is against subjecting healthy younger people to this particular vaccine an anti-vaaxer?

  10. I got my vaccine on the recommendation of one of the top doctors in the NY area (which I happen to be related to) and the havtacha from R’ Chaim Kanievsky that anyone who takes the vaccine no harm will come from the vaccine.

    An anti-vaxxer (who I’ve seen preaching a few times by a prominent shul in Flatbush) tried preaching to me how the vaccine is not safe. When I told him I am already vaccinated and it’s perfectly safe, he ran off and I never saw him again.

    We all have a chiyuv of ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם. Let us all get vaccinated and let this מגיפה go away.

  11. There are at least four issues that I didn’t see discussed here:
    1. Safety of vaccines in general, including the Covid vaccines. The government made VAERS because it is clear that vaccines are not safe for everyone.
    2. Risk/reward analysis of vaccinating for Covid versus not vaccinating for Covid, as there are multiple cures available with more seemingly on the way and that the recovery rate from Covid, certainly for those below middle-age, is somewhere approaching 100%.
    3. Approval of these Covid vaccines has been issued only for emergency use, which means they are not officially proven safe, according to the government.
    4. There are no long-term studies done with these new vaccines, of course.

    So, given the above, I don’t understand why the medical establishment feels it is so urgent to stick these needles into people’s arms, especially young people.

  12. Bacteria which causes an immune reaction. The above treatment is not a vaccine. It doesn’t contain any covid virus. It contains Mrna which is suppose to cause your cells to produce foreign protein. It’s called a vaccine to protect the manufacturer from liability

  13. @Applejuice, nope. That’s not the definition of vaccine. Vaccine is not necessarily a weakened virus, but ANYTHING that stimulates the production of antibodies in order to create immunity.

  14. vac·cine
    Learn to pronounce
    a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.
    “there is no vaccine against the virus”

  15. Firstly, I find the manner in which you classify those with concerns about the vaccine as anti-vaxxers to be very disingenuous. I have always willingly vaccinated my kids and have even been resentful when others don’t, risking our entire communities. But the easy shortcut of just marginilizing those that raise concerns by placing us in this fringe group is not fair. Unfortunately, it is apparent in the comments section how many readers fell for this tactic, assuming that anyone with concerns must be a fanatic who isn’t interested in facts. Sadly, I suspect this wasn’t just an unintentional oversight.