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NYPD Hate Crimes Investigating Jewish Man Beaten By Palestinians In Times Square [DISTURBING VIDEOS]

More than two dozen people were arrested as pro-Israel and Palestinian demonstrators clashed in New York City’s Times Square and police were investigating the gang assault of a Jewish man as a hate crime, police said Friday.

The melee on Thursday evening resulted in 26 arrests on charges including obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon, according to city police.

Also, the department’s Hate Crime Task Force said it was investigating the assault of a Jewish man in Times Square on Thursday evening.

A video posted to social media purporting to show the attack shows a group of people striking and kicking what appears to be a person down on the street.

Police did not provide further details and it was not immediately clear if the unidentified victim was involved in the demonstrations.

WABC-TV reported that the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries and released.

During one part of the demonstrations, a large firework detonated on the sidewalk as groups of shouting pro-Palestinian protesters drove through Manhattan’s Diamond District, which is closely associated with the city’s Jewish community.

Video posted on social media showed people scrambling to get clear of the pyrotechnic as it detonated, and then shoving breaking out between bystanders and protesters shouting curses about Zionism.


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  1. Satmar Rebbe ZT”l predicted that the Zionist will endanger yidden in the entire world and especially in Eretz Yisroel

  2. Coincidence this does not happen when TRUMP is President and it does happen when Biden ימח שמם is president? I think not. But we got to realize HASHEM is the real one doing everything and Biden ימח שמם is not helping with הִשְׁתַדֵלת.

  3. Attn YWN headline writer: My English professor asked me to inform you that your headline was written backwards. The NYPD is NOT “investigating Jewish man beaten by Palestinians”; in fact the NYPD is investigating the Palestinians who beat the Jew.

    Thank You

  4. NYPD Hate Crimes Investigating Jewish Man Beaten By Palestinians In Times Square [DISTURBING VIDEOS]

    Forget “disturbing videos”, this is a disturbing headline. Instead of investigating the beating, they’re investigating the victim?! For what? I don’t see anything in the article to support this headline, though.

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