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HATE IN BROOKLYN: NYPD Investigating Two Incidents; Boys Assaulted In Flatbush, Jews Attacked In Boro Park

The NYPD is investigating two possible hate incidents late Motzei Shabbos.

Sources tell YWN that at around 7:30PM, two Jewish teens were assaulted on Ocean Parkway and 18th Avenue. The victims claim a group of men exited a Toyota Camry and assaulted them.

The boys say they were forced to say “Free Palestine”, and were repeatedly punched. They claim another few men surrounded them with baseball bats.

The boys say that a Muslim Uber driver saved their lives when he passed by and saw what was happening. He drove them to where they were staying for Shabbos, in the area of Avenue R and East 12th Street.

Meanwhile, a short while later, a group of men exited a vehicle on 16th Avenue and 49th Street in the heart of Boro Park, and began yelling anti-Semitic slurs at Jews on the street. One man reportedly spit at Jewish pedestrians while yelling “kill the Jews”. Another man punched a car mirror, breaking it.

The NYPD is looking into the possibility that both incidents are connected. A massive NYPD response was called late Motzei Shabbos, and a Level 1 Mobilization was requested.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. 2 kids terrorizing lots of grown adults in the streets?! Give them a slap in the face and knock them unconscious! What is this to be afraid of 2 little teenage filth of the earth? Break their teeth and make sure they never think of doing this again. But walking hurriedly away and being such scared sheep only emboldens them.

  2. This is getting way out of control. Are we just going to allow a bunch of Arabs to just walk up to any Jew and beat on him? We can’t sit back and let this keep happening. I’m sure the Brooklyn Shomrim and the NYPD are doing their best, however, if this continues, more action must be taken.

  3. What happened to the old days of “chaptzem”??
    In the heart of BP and yidden just walk by, minding their business?
    I’ve witness my self, years ago, road rage against a heimishe yid in BP on motzai shabbos, I was the only one helping this yid against this lunatic goy, who I was able to divert his attention to me and yelled for help… people just watching/frozen.. unbelievable!

  4. What is the race of the suspects? Typical privileged white MAGA Trump insurrection supporters? Who should we be looking for?

  5. It such a shame that the Yeshiva World does not see what is happening here. But I can’ t blame them, as their leaders are ignoring the situation. This looks like Germany in the early 1930’s.
    Wake up before it is too late.

  6. This is war. Rabbis should openly approve carrying on shabbos; guns if u have permits or baseball bats if you don’t.

  7. Gosh! But failed Governer Cuomo of NY has this Bail release program which will put this thugs back on the street within hours of their arrest. So what will be accomplished?

  8. THE PROBLEM is one of enforcement!
    With the Zero Bail law, continued antisemitic crimes are never really punished.
    The problem is caused our City Council and the NYS Legislature. That is why it is so important for EVERYONE to vote in the primary in June (and November) for city offices, as well as next year for state offices. Too many frum Jews DO NOT vote. Stop the nonsense and get real. This a life threatening situation!
    Yes, we have B”H frum officials…but not in every area. Some of them may be affected by term limits. If you live in an area that doesn’t have frum representation – YOU MUST VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THIS LIBERAL STUPIDITY!!!
    The life you save may be your own

  9. The Left owns this completely.
    Still waiting for the Prez to condemn the attacks like he did for the “anti-Asian hate.”
    Better not hold my breath…

  10. Unfortunately it’s hard to deny that it does look like Germany 1930’s. The past few years including the virus blaming on the Jews and now, anti semitism getting more brazen and without shame even being encouraged. People think these things happen overnight. They don’t. They slowly occur throughout a few years.

  11. Two kids…. TWO KIDS…. Oh my gosh whip the crap out of their tuckuses. Do you guys not know how to spank children? If Jews would get more aggressive all this nonsense would stop. Think KING DAVID…. think YOSHUA! HELLO? Anybody out there with brains? Did HaShem tell King David not to be aggressive? Did HaShem tell Yoshua not to be aggressive? Something is very wrong with how you guys are taught these days. Return to the TORAH and Listen to HaShem’s Words not men.

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