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TERROR IN J-M: Israeli Civilian, Soldier Stabbed By Terrorist At Ammunition Hill Light Rail Station

An attempted stabbing attack took place near the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. The station, located near the Israel Police National Headquarters, has been the site of many terror attacks over the years.

Two young men, ages 21 and 23, were moderately injured with stab wounds to their upper torso and were evacuated to Hadassah Har Hatzofim Hospital by emergency responders in mobile intensive care units.

The terrorist first stabbed a civilian in his back with a large knife. A nearby soldier then tried to intervene and the terrorist stabbed him as well. A nearby Border Police officer then shot and killed the female terrorist.

Photo: Israel Police

An update from Hadassah Hospital stated: “Two young men stabbed in a terror attack next to the police headquarters in Jerusalem were brought to the trauma unit. The men, 23 and 21, are suffering from a number of knife stabs. Their condition is moderate and they are conscious.”

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai and Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana arrived at the scene of the attack at about 2 p.m. for a situational assessment.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I hope the mother of that wicked Arab girl realizes that her own hatred for Jews caused her daughter’s death.

  2. YWN you never cease to amaze with posting the most inappropriate imagery for what? some clickbait?? You should be ashamed and maybe rethink your business decisions.

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