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NYPD And Flatbush Shomrim Arrest Hate Crime Suspect Who Was Writing “Free Palestine” All Over Jewish Community

Thanks to a fast response by Flatbush Shomrim, a hate crime suspect was taken into custody moments ago.

Sources tell YWN that the NYPD and Flatbush Shomrim were on alert looking for a woman who was caught on security cameras writing “Free Palestine” on numerous construction sites in Flatbush. A large contingency of Police and Shomrim were canvassing the area of East 24th Street and Avenue L looking for the suspect, after multiple eye-witnesses called Shomrim on Monday reporting they had seen the women.

Shomrim eventually found her on Bedford Avenue between K and L, and thanks to a 30 second response by dozens of NYPD officers who have been flooding the area, she was taken into custody without incident.

She was wearing the same exact clothing she was wearing when she allegedly carried out the multiple incidents.

The woman appears to be of Hispanic descent.

Shomrim thanks the community for being vigilant and reporting the incidents.

If you see anything suspicious, please call 911 and the Flatbush Shomrim 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-338-9797.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

16 Responses

  1. Stay tuned for the next incident. She first needs to be booked, released, and offered her free meal on the taxpayer’s tab. The Mayor will host her at his favorite joint.

    Does anyone understand what criminal law should do top protect society? Or is that only academic, but not reality?

  2. people off their MINDS
    you dont turn over this society for such crimes –
    we r in guless
    dont ignoire it, but dont publicize , we are not in SWEET israel………..

  3. Thank you NYPD and Shomrim for the quick apprehension. Question is with the idiotic bail reform is she back on the street already?

  4. Is she free yet? Thanks Mario the second. Because of your stupidity – the stupidity before your Covid regulations stupidity – she’ll be free before I finish writing this.

  5. Writing “Free Palestine” is not a crime. If she damaged private property she can be sued for the cost of cleaning the writing, and might be guilty of a misdemeanor such as vandalism. The police (and Jewish organizations) should be dealing with those engaging in physical attacks on Yidden, not on people writing political slogans.

  6. Did she physically harm someone or did she write FREE PALESTINE all iver Jewish neighborshoods. I and many dont seem to care if she did it besides if she harmed anyone.
    Many “Jewish neighborhoods” are not represented by the Zionist State. We dont condone violence of any sort but wldnt be offended if she wrote it anywhere as long as she kps her hands to herself.

  7. What makes this a hate crime and not just vandalism? Or are you just labeling it a hate crime for headlines?

  8. Vandalism IS a crime, whether it’s prosecuted or not. Therefore, unless she did it for some other reason than hating Jews, it is a hate crime.

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