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YWN EDITORAL: Planned Anonymous Pro-Israel Rally In Flatbush Can Have Serious Consequences – DO NOT ATTEND

A “pro-Israel” rally scheduled for Flatbush this Thursday has the potential to have serious implications for the local Jewish community in Flatbush and elsewhere.

The rally was announced by an anonymous person on social media, someone who clearly lacks the guts to sign their name on the flyer. It calls for a car rally on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue J, just two blocks away from a major Mosque and a huge Muslim community.

What this reckless individual doesn’t seem to know or care about, is the delicate peaceful coexistence both community’s have enjoyed living side by side in harmony for decades. That this unidentified person would choose to put the safety and well-being of the Orthodox community at this moment of fear and tension at risk demands explanation and repudiation. As one well respected activist declared, “we have been living in peace with thousands of members of this Bangladeshi Mosque for the past 40 years. There has never been one incident with them. How can someone be so irresponsible to jeopardize this?”

For years,, Jewish residents have been sitting on the local Police Community Council and Community Boards (not that this person even has a clue what those even are) with local Muslim residents, and have a wonderful working relationship with them.

This rally was planned to deliberately antagonize our Muslim neighbors, with whom we live peacefully.

If you were planning on going because you are outraged at the current state of affairs in NYC, good advice is NEVER GO to rallies that don’t have a recognized leader’s endorsement.

Express your outrage by registering to vote. Email your elected officials. Thank the Mayor and the Police Commissioner for making good on their commitments to us. Do something productive not destructive.

If you do attend this ill advised rally, you may play a role in setting back community relations with our peaceful Muslim neighbors for years to come.

Just this past week alone, the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, the NYPD Chief of Department, the NYPD Chief of Community Affairs and hundreds of police resources have spent countless hours touring and protecting Flatbush and Boro Park in an unprecedented fashion. As promised, every single hate crime suspect has swiftly been arrested. The NYPD has worked overtime to help our community and make sure we are safe. Massive resources were brought into the neighborhood as promised by the Mayor from Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and other areas to patrol our neighborhood until things quiet down.

Additionally, the NYPD Intelligence Division is working aggressively to find those behind this rally, and should anyone get hurt, they will be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This rally is dangerous and can only hurt our community. Level-headed people must realize the explosive possibility of chillul Hashem or violence chas v’sholom and actively work to make sure no one you know attends this.

It is certainly an emotional & frightening time. Let’s not behave in the kind of contemptible manner others are rightfully condemned for.

— YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I’m not looking to get involved in specific details. But if anyone thinks that the amazing political connections and maneuvering means that they are safe and that making a rally will ruin that. I would like to quote the klauzenburger Rebbe who said “ they hate us here the same as they did in Germany and in Germany prewar the Jews had 100x more political clout and connections.

  2. Well I do not necessarily disagree with you, signed as YWN editorial board is arguably just as anonymous as the other individual

  3. The lack of thought that went into this car rally is obvious. On a Thursday afternoon shoppers cause congestion in the area and there are school busses passing through for several hours. Why would anyone plan such an event at such an inappropriate time and place, even if there was any merit to a car parade?

  4. Besides being a disgusting Israeli parade it is absolutely dangerous. Dont cry wolf if ur attacked Ch”v. Whoever’s attending this ralley is begging for it.

  5. I fail to see how doing a pro Israel rally anywhere should be “antagonizing” to people in a free country like the USA. If there was a pro-gay rally in front of a church, synagogue or mosque I’m sure everyone would be perfectly fine with it and would even say “well isn’t that nice” that they are exercising their right to free speech. So I guess we all need to live in fear of upsetting others when we show pro Israel pride and support. You might as well stop being Jewish, because by that only your existence upsets muslims.

  6. While I agree that the person or persons should have signed their names, the time for fear has passed, sticking your head in the sand doesn’t work. Jews are being threatened and attacked in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The Democrats helped the current administrations which is why so many New Yorkers are fleeing to Florida and other cities. It’s time to stop running.

  7. This is pretty ironic, given that YWN clearly lacks the guts (to use YWN’s own words) to openly state who their editor/editorial staff is + who they’re Rabbonim are, if there are any at all.

  8. I think its a mistake to tell people to be afraid to respond to antisemitism for fear of upsetting people. What happened the last time people openly stated Jews are inherently evil and Jews didn’t respond for fear of retribution? Yea, that didn’t work out too well. Silence is complicity. How can nations understand their silence enabled the holocaust when even we are too afraid to speak up for ourselves?? It’s no wonder the ridiculous misinformation about Jews/Israel is so prevalent right here in US college campuses and now thriving on Capitol Hill with this type of Jewish response….a response of silence other than internal Jewish blackmailing good people not to hold protests for antisemitism because “we don’t want to upset the Muslims/Nazis/Crusaders etc.,”. Seriously? We shouldn’t publicly speak out against anti-Semitism and let haters think they may be incorrect by concluding Jews are evil because they might be bothered by that notion? What does that say to the unaffiliated American public? Hamas and Iran love to see this kind of response and the infighting among us which so obviously hurts us more than anything else for so, so many obvious reasons.

    And for the record (since I know people will bring it up) I have nothing to do with these event organizers; no clue who they are and I don’t even live anywhere near the east coast. Honestly this article was the first I even heard of this event.

  9. Medicineman613 Stole the words right out of my brain.

    No one complains when they have their end of ramadan street closures or any other time they want to have a jihad party that blocks the street for days…

    AS IF waving an Israeli flag (or 100) will jeopardize something? in Flatbush? even on Ave H Coney?

    UNLESS… UNLESS, UNLESS, UNLESS, You buy into that entire “I only HATE Israel, I don’t HATE the Jews” nonsense. Then, I understand. But not really. because no one really believes that deep down. Sure, let’s hide the Israeli flags so they won’t cause a (dare I say) pogrom.

    But your yarlmuka and tzitzis are still ok to wear openly…For now.

    Way before the Medina was created, a recognizable Jew was a target. Never forget that.

  10. Yes there is nothing wrong with a pro-Israel rally in the ‘Land of the Free’, but you guys are missing the point. There is no peaceful rally without a competent and responsible authoritative leader at the head of the march. The pro-Palestinians these days are hyper, and looking for a fight anytime to uphold their ‘Rights to the Land’, and if things get out of hand ch”v, without a leader, things can go terribly ugly. Please let’s use our brains and common sense, not our emotions in these scary times

  11. Yes “VICH”
    Bh the “nonsense” of hating Israel not Jews is slowly seeping in. Hard worj is slowly paying off. Thank G d.
    We Jews in America and wherever shld not be charged for the Zionistss actions. We are totally unaffiliated with the “ Jewish State”. Sounds comical? Its the hard fact. And ya know what? Some People are bh understanding the factual difference. They know not to blanketly hate us and thats good bh.
    So all u lunatics flying Israeli flags cuz u wanna fight AGAINST antisemitism? Do urself a favor and stay home. Ur just riling it up.
    And to the people complaining that BLM is allowed. Yea silly ones, they’re animals while we’re upstanding people and we might remind u all that after all, were still Galus Yiddn even with the Zionist secular State.

  12. The only thing a good Jew should have to with a protest, any protest, is selling the signs to both sides, or working for the concessions cart.

    Maybe if you can write, getting paid to sing some protest songs like Simon and Garfunkel.

    But I don’t like the self hating tone of this article. If someone wants to have a gathering on behalf of a 100 year US ally (vote in the House of Representatives in 1919 favoring southwest Syria reestablished as the Homeland for the Jews, and further consistent affirmative votes at the League of Nations carrying that out), that’s definitely their right.

    Considering the Supreme Court allowed Nazis who were never a US ally to march through the then majority Jewish neighborhood of Skokie Il..

    Also you need to do some research, about your absurd ‘living in peace’ lie. The Blind Sheikh, who was convicted for murdering US civilians in 1993 on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood jihad, a mentor of bin Laden, had his main mosque on Foster ave. in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge incident against religious Jews, was by an Islamist. NOI has attacked many Jews. So at no point since 1993 at least, can you have claimed the political Islamic community has been fully peaceful toward the NY civilian population. Though not NY, even further back Sirhan Sirhan murdered RFK for his support of Israel, on behalf of the anti-Israel jihad.

    But I definitely agree a good Jew should stay far away from protests.

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