MOMENTUM GROWING: Far Rockaway And Queens Jewish Community Throw Support Behind Eric Adams For Mayor


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Today, Eric Adams was endorsed for Mayor by a “major voting block”, the Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance and other leaders of the Queens Jewish Community. They follow the powerful Crown Heights Jewish community, who endorsed Adams a few days ago. [YWN has confirmed that other major Jewish leaders and communities will be endorsing Eric Adams in the next few days.]

Joining today’s announcement are State Senator Joseph Addabo Jr., Assembly member Stacey Pheffer Amato and Council member Selvena Brooks – Powers, all of whom have previously endorsed Eric Adams.

The FRJA chairs include leaders of the Far Rockaway community Richard Altabe, Yoni Dembitzer, Baruch Rothman, Dr. Eli Shapiro and Pesach Osina. The executive committee members are, Alkanah Adelman, Shalom Becker, Boruch Ber Bender, Akiva Bergman, Zvi Bloom, Ephraim Blumenkrantz, Dr. Gerald David, Ari Dicker, Mordechai Zvi Dicker, Alon Goldberger, Shlomo Zalman Gutfreund, Robert Hagler, Ari Klainberg, Joel Kaplan, Tzvi Keilson, Dr. Moshe Lazar, Chaim Leibtag, Moishe Mishkowitz, Baruch Rabinowitz, Richie Sinnreich, Menachem Walfish, Yosef Wartelsky.

“Today, we as a community announce our full support for Eric Adams for mayor of New York City. We’re endorsing Eric because he has a proven track record in this city, a real record, and for his commitment to public safety and rooting out anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head,” said FRJA founder Richard Altabe.

“At a time when those who are visibly Jewish are marked for attack, whether on the streets or “online,” we need a mayor who knows how to keep everyone safe, and help us protect our communities,” said FRJCC head Baruch Rothman, “and Eric Adams has been a public safety leader his entire career.”

Pesach Osina, FRJA leader and former candidate for City Council added, “I endorse Eric Adams for Mayor as he is the right person to lead the city out of these difficult times as we look for a leader that is familiar with all of our struggles. Eric Adams has shown a strong interest into the needs of the Rockaway & Queens residents, and I am confident that with his record of not standing quiet and fighting for all he is the right leader at the right time.”

The leadership of FRJA observed that Eric’s record of close friendship with the Jewish communities he represented in Brooklyn, and standing with them against anti-Semitism throughout Brooklyn, as well as his recent responses to the attacks in midtown were crucial factors in earning their endorsement today. Additionally, FRJA, representing a coastal neighborhood impacted by Superstorm Sandy, noted that Eric’s outer borough comeback and resiliency plans have given them assurance that Eric Adams will be the outer borough Mayor the Rockaway Peninsula needs.

In addition to pledging to stop anti-Semitism anywhere and everywhere, Eric Adams today reaffirms his commitment to move boldly forward on resiliency projects across the city, with a particular focus on communities like the Rockaways that remain vulnerable to flooding.

“I want to thank FRJA for joining our campaign — and I am so thrilled to have this community on board. Their support reflects the diversity and strength of growing our coalition.” said Borough President Eric Adams. “I have worked to protect this city for more than three decades of my public life, and now we are witnessing a growing pandemic of hate in our city, and I will work harder than anyone to protect these communities as mayor.”

Adams has also been endorsed by 32BJ SEIU; ATU Locals 726, 1056, 1179, and 1181; CSEA Local 1000; DC37; the Hotel Trades Council; OPEIU Local 153; PEF; TWU Local 100; the Uniform Fire Officers Association, and UNITE HERE Local 100, as well as more than 50 current and former elected officials, including Borough Presidents Ruben Diaz Jr. and Donovan Richards; Representatives Adriano Espaillat and Tom Suozzi; State Senators Joe Addabbo, Jr., Andrew Gounardes, Roxanne Persaud, James Sanders, and Diane Savino; Assembly Members Peter Abbate, Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, Carmen de la Rosa, Inez Dickens, Erik Dilan, Charles Fall, Alicia Hyndman, Stacey Pheffer Amato, Jenifer Rajkumar, José Rivera, Clyde Vanel, and Jaime Williams; City Council Members Adrienne Adams, Alicka Ampry-Samuel, Diana Ayala, Justin Brannan, Selvena Brooks-Powers, Laurie Cumbo, Darma Diaz, Oswald Feliz, Peter Koo, Farah Louis, Alan Maisel, I. Daneek Miller, Francisco Moya, and Ydanis Rodriguez; former State Comptroller Carl McCall; former Representatives Charlie Rangel and Ed Towns; former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, as well as former Assembly Members Karim Camara and the late Aurelia Greene.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. First off, I like Adams more than any of the other candidates, by far. Second, Far Rockaway and Queens are not two separate places. Far Rockaway is in Queens. To the extent that when people refer to the Queens jewish community they are referring to Flushing and surrounding areas, not Far Rockaway, none of the endorsers are from that part of Queens – they are all from Far Rockaway. So this well-paid for article is misleading.

  2. And when he stabs us in the back we’ll all be upset it’s time to STOP voting for democrats. Reb Shlomo Miller zaztal said that that we shouldn’t vote Democrat because their agenda conflicts with the Torah why do we keep doing this to ourselves.

  3. Let’s look at the list of Democrats we have supported and how that’s worked out for us recently.
    1 Chuck Schumer
    2 Andrew Cuomo
    3 Bill De Blasio
    4 Bloomberg (who supported banning millah)

    I don’t think I need to post a list of the rest of the Democrats who we didn’t necessarily support who are outright anti-semites.

    Do I need to continue?
    How many Democrats are standing up to the anti-Semitism in their party?
    Can someone please put forward one name?

    Please think before endorsing another Democrat.

  4. How on earth did Andrew Yang pull off key endorsements of all Chareidisha Mosdos? Adams looks a lot more capable and winnable. Yang appears to b another Deblasio. Hope the Kishkes wont be sorry.