WATCH: Bennett Officially Joins Lapid Government; Bibi Fires Back


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Yamina head Naftali Bennett officially announced Sunday that he will join Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid in his efforts to form a government which if successful, will oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Israel’s political crisis is unprecedented, this madness must end,” Bennett said.

The former defense minister lambasted Netanyahu for his failure to form a government after four election cycles in the past two years, saying that “Netanyahu never had a right-wing government, no one believes him anymore.”

The pair have until Wednesday to complete a deal in which they are expected to each serve two years as prime minister in a rotation deal.

“It’s my intention to do my utmost in order to form a national unity government along with my friend Yair Lapid, so that, God willing, together we can save the country from a tailspin and return Israel to its course,” Bennett said.

Netanyahu Sunday slammed Bennett accusing him of orchestrating the “scam of the century.”

“All that Bennett cared about was becoming prime minister,” Netanyahu said.


  1. This lowlife Bennet is selling his soul and his voters for his honor and money to become Prime minister…

    He won’t be in that role for 2 years, I giving that coalition less than 30 days to survive. chibur Reshoim ra l’olam!

  2. As ariel Sharon, ehud olmert and now Naftali Bennet has proven: a secular rightist is just a leftist in disguise. Shame on any religious Jew for falling for this rat.

  3. Here is a curiosity: no YWN readers/commenters (including me) have expressed an opinion about the meaning of this coalition and the significant possibility that Bibi’s term may come to an end. Are we all out playing golf on a holiday weekend? Firing up the barbecue grill? Learning while staying out of the rain? Stuck in the Hamptons traffic?

  4. Never heard such FAKOIFTEH LOKSHEN in my whole life!
    If that selfish morron would truly want a right wing government he would step aside like a normal person and then the Medineh would have a government filled with the most right wing MESHUGOYIM ever known to mankind. Instead he lets his award winning GAAVEH destroy the country.
    I think they should make all those corrupt and maniac politicians pay for the election costs. That will teach them a thing or three.
    He’ll now probably go in the ways of his AVODA ZARA Donald Baby Trump and claim he won unanimously and refuse to relinquish power.
    They should share a cell with each other.
    Shoimu Shomayim that tyreh yidden are even following such narishkeit!

  5. Are we all out playing golf on a holiday weekend? Firing up the barbecue grill? Learning while staying out of the rain? Stuck in the Hamptons traffic?

    Not “all“ of us but was able to get in nine holes before it started raining again.

    I think there is a universal sense among both left and right that it is time to move beyond Natanyahu.

    Don’t start celebrating yet sense as we all know, much can happen in 48 hours in the Byzantine world Israeli politics. Who knows, he may adopt a strategy from the Trump playbook and declare martial law and dissolve Parliament and declare himself Melech Yisroel which is not something explicitly provided for under Israeli law.

  6. That a candidate who only has 7 seats can become prime-minister wheres the candidate who won 30 seats is not becoming prime-minister:- How far low into the abyss has the Israeli political system sunken onto?

  7. Tonight and tomorrow is Memorial Day. But not the memorial day that the barbecues celebrate. It is the memorial day for the Jews of Blois, France who were murdered in a pogrom. It is the memorial day for the beginning of Tat v’Tat, the terrifying Chmielnicki, yemach shmo, massacres of thousands of Jews. It is the memorial day for
    Zecharia Baumel, Tzvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz were taken prisoner the Battle of Sultan Yacoub in Lebanon.and have been  missing in action since the 20 Sivan 5742 conflict in which the Israel Defense Forces conducted a military operation in Lebanon to drive out the PLO, which had been shelling northern Israeli towns. Coincidence that this coalition that can, G-d forbid, put more Jewish lives in danger, is agreeing to form a government?

  8. The life lesson to be learned from Bibi is: You can mess with some of the people some of the time but if you mess with all of the people all of the time they will get together and take you down. I voted for Bib in the lst 4 elections but if there is a 5th, I surely will not. He is a back stabbing liar, plain and simple.

    @besalel, Naftali Bennet is religious

  9. Could be the Bibi and Bennet are colluding on something we haven’t realized. Bennet is worth 10s of million of dollars. He’s not doing this for the money like someone said. Bibi will come out on top as usual