Transportation Minister Plans For Public Transportation On Shabbos


Less than a week since she entered her position, Israel’s new Transportation Minister, Merav Michaeli (Labor), is already planning a program violating the religious status quo in Israel by allowing public transportation on Shabbos, Channel 12 News reported.

Michaeli plans to implement her plan by transferring the authority to operate public transportation on Shabbos to local councils, thereby bypassing any objections of the national government of maintaining the religious status quo.

“Steps toward the destruction of the Jewish character of the state and harm to Jewish tradition have begun with the shameful announcement of the Transportation Minister regarding public transportation on Shabbos and chagim,” said UTJ MK Yaakov Litzman on Motzei Shabbos in response to the announcement of Michaeli’s plans.

“Bennett, who told us about ‘Yamina’s veto’ on religious issues is allowing this harm to the status quo via the desecration of the national day of rest,” Litzman continued. “A busha and disgrace.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I am crying. Literally. Bennett will pay the price in Shamayim. He thought he could control this. THIS is why we have to work harder to bring down this evil government. Bennett is an idiot and Israel is paying the price.

  2. Israel’s new Transportation Minister, Merav Michaeli (Labor) May she merit being in a fatal bus accident over שבת before she accumulates even more עבירות

  3. i always know that Bennet is a liar. He is not dati and with his small kippah this does not mean anything.
    He does not care on religion,but chaps a benkel to be prime minister i a so called jewish Land?Pig eaters Mechalel Schabbat etc.

  4. Why on earth should the national government control local buses? In what other country does that happen? It’s obvious that local transport is the business of the local council, and should always have been. And in an area where the local people want it on Shabbos, how is that the business of people who don’t even live there? Just because in 1948 the population was different?! If Haifa got a religious majority and wanted to stop running buses on Shabbos, would any haredi complain that it’s a breach of the status quo ante?! Of course not.

  5. In any case, running buses on Shabbos, with goyishe drivers, is more likely to prevent chilul shabbos, because it will cause people not to drive themselves.

  6. It would be a wonderful situation if this was one of the biggest issues with the new Government. But the upcoming destruction of the yeshivos with the certainly-coming new draft laws, for boys as well as for girls r’l, makes this issue mere child’s play…

  7. Hey guys, if you don’t know it already, Israel is not a Jewish country. It has financially supported learning out of a sense of debt for what happened during the Holocaust, not out of any sense of the real value of Torah and mitzvos. The recently chosen government is devoted to running a modern secular state with no care about Torah and mitzvos. That is the truth, like it or not. If the Haredim really cared and wanted something else they should have gone out and voted en masse.