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Chaverim Of Rockland Rescue Dehydrated Couple Hiking In Forest During Heat Wave [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Thanks to volunteers of the highly-trained Chaverim Of Rockland Search & Rescue Team, a couple who was in distress in the forest was located and safely taken out of the woods.

Sources tell YWN that the couple contacted Chaverim at around 2:00PM stating that they ran out of water and food, and had no energy to continue their hike. They were on a trail around 30 minutes from Monsey.

A search team was deployed to the forest, and were brought out to safety around 6:30PM. They had started their hike at around 11:00AM, and were dehydrated when they were found.

The Tri-State area is currently suffering from a heat wave with severe humidity. Those thinking of going hiking should think twice, and if they do, should bring along an ample water supply to last a full day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

3 Responses

  1. Effectively they were already dehydrated from שבעה עשר ב”תמוז one day earlier.
    They were also in violation of Halocho of not taking trips in middle of day during the 3 weeks.

  2. 147: There is no such halacho.
    If you refer to צריך ליזהר מי”ז בתמוז עד ט’ באב שלא לילך יחידי מד’ שעות עד ט’ שעות (משום שבהם קטב מרירי שולט) ולא יכו התלמידים בימים ההם (SA OH 551:18), it does not forbid “taking trips,” is not normatively recognized as a “halocho” (see Shevet haLevi, for instance), and driving a car is far more dangerous than hiking in Harriman.

    And BTW, they came into danger well after the ninth hour of the day, past the time when קטב מרירי שולט.

    So, you can’t blame קטב מרירי on this.

  3. Out-of-shape yidden shouldn’t be involved in these kind of activities. A good thing there are other trained people to rescue them from their foolishness.

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