MAILBAG: Open letter To NYPD Officer On Ocean Parkway Just Verbally Abused By Heshy Tischler


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This is an open letter to the NYPD Officer verbally abused on Thursday morning by Heshy Tischler on Ocean Parkway and Avenue M.

I want you to know that the man who just verbally abused you, does not represent anyone in the Jewish community. If you don’t think this is true, just know that he recently ran for city council, and garnished a whopping total of 200 votes, mainly of misfits and nutcases like himself.

We apologize that you were subject to being told “like when you committed a crime, like when you beat up George Floyd”, when you are just doing your job, and clearly never touched George Floyd.

I have confirmed that you (the officer) was placed at this intersection due to multiple car crashes in that immediate area with serious injuries in the past few weeks.

You should be commended for keeping calm and pretty much ignoring this bumbling fool, who is desecrating G-D’s name and embarrassing the Jewish community. It is unfortunate that our community continues to suffer from this man, as he continues destroying police relations with his despicable actions. I for one, will no longer sit back and allow this to happen.

Officer, please continue enforcing the law, and making sure that our streets remain safe and protected. We support our police and commend your hard work.

I would love to sign my name to this letter, but we all know that Tischler will be at my house in 19 seconds screaming like a lunatic, and will most likely get violent. I have no intention of engaging with this maniac in person.

Name (Flatbush resident) withheld upon request.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How does YWN post something like this article and then write
    “NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.” ???!!!

    There is no author’s name listed. This is obviously propaganda being pushed by YWN who are scared to take responsibility and credit for their work.

  2. You know good and well that the police officer isn’t going to read your “open letter” so what’s the point? To say לשון הרע on someone that might have some mental problems

    I don’t get it (especially during the 3 weeks)

    Editors Note: YWN has confirmed that not only has the officer himself read the letter, but so di the NYPD Chief of Transportation.

  3. People who believe yelling at an officer or members is a crime should know that the Jews in Germany felt the same way before World War 2

  4. Note the officers camera was off even tho he said he’s also recording!
    Heshy is an utter moron looking for arguments and fights.
    Get outta here heshy no one wants you

  5. Does Heshy realize that almost no one watches his Just Heshy show and the severity of the avayrah of chillul Hashem? Does Heshy think he can prevent a police officer from doing the job he was assigned to do?
    If anyone knows members of the Tischler family, please urge them to get the mental health help that Heshy so desperately needs.

  6. “Editors Note: YWN has confirmed that not only has the officer himself read the letter, but so di the NYPD Chief of Transportation.“

    I originally assumed that the author wrote it on ywn without telling the officer or sending a copy of the letter to him

    I’m sorry for assuming

  7. Can’t Mrs. Tischler put his meds in his Wheaties? He’s completely crazy, this ranting video proves it. It’s time reputable sites like YWN stopped giving this loose cannon any publicity, because that’s what this nutcase narcissist wants.

    Nice letter, Mr. Anonymous.

  8. To Mr. Coffee,
    My brother is friendly with a few Police Officers. Yes it is true, one of the Police Officers read th letter.

  9. I happened to have had a conversation with this police office at that corner this morning and he was nothing if not helpful and professional. I am embarrassed by the behavior exhibited by a “member” of our community.

  10. Perhaps Tischler should keep running for public office. It is a career that will occupy some of his time. And he should keep losing, with clear evidence that the public does NOT support his lunacy. It is sad that these people who are so limited in intellect and midos make the most noise. They do not represent us.

  11. When you needed Tishler to open the parks for your kids you liked him. When you needed protesters To go to mayors home to stop middle of the night fireworks you called Tishler. Reminds me how people used Meir Kahane for their protection and then dumped him.

  12. Sorry YWN what the cop or whoever sent him is wrong. Tishler is right on this one. There is a speed camera on every other block in that area. People who drive there frequently know they have a leeway of 10 mph over the speed limit so this cop is basically giving what’s called gotchya tickets. Having experienced it once the cop can give you a ticket for doing 26 mph

  13. There is no good time for a letter like this, but certainly during the three weeks I would hope we can tone down the condescending self-righteousness and loathing for another jew. I’m sure there was a time long ago when people could disagree with the way one acted without stooping as low as this. Maybe the name of this website should be changed to “The World” because “Yeshiva” it is not.

  14. Printing this incident is a much more serious avaira than what Tischler did.
    Chillul Hashem doesn’t mean to make sure
    goyem don’t look askance at Yidden. It means not doing avairos and following ratzon Hashem .
    If the incident bothers the letter writer, it would be sufficient to tell that to the officer.
    Publicly embarrassing another Jew is a very serious offense for those who care about halacha.
    It seems your hatred for Tischler is more of a motivater for you than the feelings of that policeman.

  15. This guy is a certified lunatic. So full of himself! He can’t even make up his mind if he likes police officers or not. One minute he’s saying he attacked Floyd (brains?!), the next he’s concerned for his safety, saying how he likes officers and simultaneously being sarcastic about police being busy with “other things”. Go somewhere REAALY far from NYC. Make it somewhere overseas, maybe something exotic like Ecuador, maybe Guatemala- they’re getting bored out there, they just lost a bunch of other nutjobs.

  16. He is defending me as much as he is defending you. You should be ashamed of yourself attacking a Jew who is merely defending innocent people who are working hard as the city is just trying to increase revenue in the backs of people just like you.

    This is against the background of a communist criminal that has allowed us unmitigated violence in our city who has MURDERED a once vibrant city.

    You act like a judenrat jew. Shame on you for attacking Heshy.

  17. You people who compare the NYPD to the police in Nazi Germany are too stupid for words. My mother A”H lived in Czechoslovakia and told me repeatedly in vivid details how the “police” in her town repeatedly set their dogs on Jews just walking in the street, how they instigated riots against Jews and then looked the other way and just laughed in your face if you asked for help. She ended up in Auschwitz.

    When she finally emigrated to NYC in 1958, she was amazed and shocked at how courteous and polite NYPD officers were to her, a simple immigrant. She loved the police even though there was a bad apple here or there. She always said hello to random officers on the street and they were always polite to her in response. To her dying day in 2006, she told me “Respect the police, they keep us safe.” And I have always followed that advice. Even if I get pulled over for a traffic infraction, I am always polite and cooperative.

    Heshy Tischler is a walking, talking Chilul Hashem. It says b’feresh in the meforshin that Chilul Hashem is the one aveirah for which even Yom Kippur is not mechaper. The only kapporah is tshuva and meesa.

    Please don’t compare the NYPD to Nazis. You’re just embarrassing yourselves and us

  18. Humble Truth(?????),hes a walking talking steerah,he just finished attacking the cop on O.PKWY, and then he goes and is mechanef the other cop with the cap, telling him “We like police officers”!!!! does that sound normal?

  19. P.S., i hope people dont take this the wrong way, but there is one good thing that comes with this meshigineh, and that is that since all the cops hear about this guy and hes the only one acting like a whackjob, the cops now know that theres one nut in flatbush shooting his mouth off and hes the loner.

  20. i heard Tischler interviewed on the Jim Bohannon show–Jim is the nicest guy on planet earth, but after about 15 minutes with Tischler, he realized he was dealing with someone with serious mental issues, and cut off the interview.

  21. 200 votes? LOL ROFL That makes no sense. There are so many more nutjobs, waccos, lunatics, psychos and pederasts running around Brooklyn. I guess NAMBLA didn’t endorse Heshy.

  22. Heshy is the human man version of period cramps. His tuchus is jealous of his mouth with all the drek that flows forth from his pie hole. In all seriousness, we all know Heshy will go very far in life…and I really hope he’ll stay there. For the good of the entire Brooklyn Jewish community. Alaska needs a congressman, and over there 200 votes means something. I’m not saying Heshy is stupid, but he is the reason they put directions on shampoo bottles. But let’s be honest. People call Heshy a vulture and that’s not true. He’s not a vulture, he’s something a vulture would eat. People do clap when they see Hesh. They clap their hands. Over their eyes. What a trainwreck. My apologies to trainwrecks everywhere. I’d challenge Heshy to a battle of wits, but he’d show up unarmed. You can’t fight battles with fists full of pizza and hamburgers. One thing you’ll never hear Heshy say is, I’ll have the salad.

  23. The only reason he got only 200 votes because he was running in an area of mostly secular Jews or non Jews. Brighton beach area is not exactly heimish. Had he run in Boro park he would win by a landslide. He took a chance but next time run in bp and remind everyone how he opened our parks for our kinderlech. We need a fighter.

  24. Which thing did Heshy say that was wrong? Just because you don’t have the guts to stand up to this terrible direction the city is going doesn’t mean you should bother those that do.

  25. Loshon Hora in the 9 days, not that I agree to Hershey but do not think this is something to be published if needed send directly to the officer.
    Very sad.