HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: Three Bochrim From Monsey, Williamsburg & London, R”L Killed In Plane Crash In Ukraine


Horror unfolded on Wednesday morning, when word spread of an unthinkable tragedy which claimed the lives of three Yeshiva Bochrim.

Sources tell YWN that the three Bochrim, from Monsey, Williamsburg, and London, were part of a group of Bochrim from Mir Yerushalayim who were in Ukraine visiting Mekomos Hakedoshim. The Bochrim took a sightseeing plane ride in Western Ukraine on Wednesday afternoon, and for reasons still unknown, a horrific accident occurred when the plane went down in Prykarpattia, and crashed into a private house near the village of Sheparivtsi.

Sheparivtsi is near the border with Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary.

Misaskim in the United States were working with local authorities to ensure Kavod Hames.

The three Bochrim tragically killed in the plane crash were Amrom Fromowitz Z”L of Monsey, Hershy Weiss Z”L of London, and Lazer Brill Z”L of Williamsburg.

Additionally, local authorities are being extremely cooperative with Misaskim and are working on expediting their release from the crash scene to be able to be brought to Kevurah as fast as possible.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. One klap after another and we ( myself included) just sigh, shrug and move on. It’s becoming the new norm to hear about tragedies and we do not improve ourselves. At what point will we all just figure out a way to bring ourselves closer to Hashem?
    May the families have a nechama and may we all be zoche to do true teshuvah as a klal

  2. Nowadays there are so many unusual tragedies. Miron Lag B’omer–bleachers at Karlin–Surfside Florida–and etc. and etc.

    Maybe the best thing to do is to stay close to home or near by. An added plus you have your regular Shul near by. Travelling is a big headache and it creates a lot of pressure.