WATCH: Trump Says Kabul Terror Wouldn’t Have Happened If He Were President

FILE - In this July 11, 2021, file photo former president Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas. House Democrats who have spent years investigating Donald Trump are entitled to some of the former president's financial records, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, Aug. 11. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

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In a video statement, Trump described the Kabul attacks as “savage and barbaric” and “an act of evil”. Trump described the US servicemen killed in the attacks as “American heroes”, whose memory would be honored forever.

“These noble American warriors laid down their lives in the line of duty,” he said. “They sacrificed themselves for the country that they love, racing against time to rescue their fellow citizens from harm’s way. They died as American heroes and our nation will honor their memory forever.”

“Today, all Americans grieve alongside you.” He then addressed veterans of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, telling them: “We know what you did, we know how brave you were, and we thank you, we salute you, and we honor you for all time.”

Trump declared, “This tragedy should never have taken place. It should never have happened and it would not have happened if I were your president.” Trump referred to the “sorrow” felt by US military veterans and others over the course of events in Afghanistan in recent weeks.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This pathethic liar negotiated away America’s leverage to the Taliban and undermined the already fragile Afghani government by excluding them entirely from the negotiations. Biden screwed up what was already a no win situation by setting a withdrawal date in stone. Both were incompetent and irresponsible and have blood on their hands.

  2. Whose idea was it to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan? Who focused his political career on reject the “Freedom Agenda” in favor of “Make America First”?

    One might hope that the Conservative (including neo-con) stage a comeback, and Trump will encourage his popular base to stick with the Republicans.

  3. So says the egotistical maniac who forced Afghan forces to free 5000 Taliban fighters, invited the Taliban to Camp David, and had his Secretary of State pose proudly with Taliban leaders. Trump is the man who recklessly continued removing US troops even when the Taliban did not meet agreed-upon benchmarks. Just a few weeks ago Trump was boasting about how he boxed in Biden and forced him to withdraw troops by recklessly lowering the number of US troops to unsustainably low numbers. Americans know that while Biden deserves blame Trump is also at fault. Sadly Trump’s dwindling base refuses to see him for the lying fraud that he is.

  4. Lets just hope nothing has already come over the border, courtesy of Joe & the libtards that reversed all the great things Trump did. Joe cudda reversed this too but they had it all figured out that they could just blame Trump if it went bad. I don’t think they thought it would go this bad

  5. Trump may of lost the election but he’s still president to me. Those people wouldn’t have died under Trump, the blame is dafka on Biden’s shoulders.

  6. I am shocked at the comments from the people in this column.
    President Trump did so much for Klal Yisrael, greatest friend we EVER had.
    Biden is allowing millions of illegals to enter the United States and only God knows how many terrorist.
    Those of you that are writing against this man have ZERO hakarat hatov.

  7. Gadolhadorah and others–you are all wrong–your comments show your pathological hatred of Trump and total ignorance on the subject.
    The withdrawal Trump suggested was only if certain conditions were met–if these conditions weren’t met or there was violence there would be military retaliation. It wasn’t written in stone.
    Everything was just fine until recently–2,500 troops were there along with air support and vital intel–the very much cognitively impaired Biden just pulled these 2 groups out and the writing was on the wall for the Afghan army. By the way–no U.S. casualties in 18 months.
    Were you aware of the fact that info concerning US citizens and supporters was given to the Taliban to facilitate the evacuation? Does that make any sense to you?
    We’re you also aware that billions of armaments and cash were left behind because of Biden’s foolishly executed departure?
    Here’s the reality all you Trump haters–the world is incredibly less safe because of what Biden ordered while ignoring the advice from his top military personnel.
    Bottom line–Biden ordered this withdrawal so he would get a “photo op” on September 11.
    Add to this–our Southern border under Biden’s watch is allowing in at least 100,000 refugees in a month–it probably is a higher figure than that Most are unvetted and many have Covid.Reportedly coming from 150 different countries.
    Yeah–your comments show a desperate need to do some research.
    But–when in doubt–blame Trump. Also enjoy the Nuclear deal Biden is going to get done with Iran.
    These comments here are just like what I read from the liberal U.S. Media–ignorant or just choosing to ignore the truth.

  8. Well Amil–if you lived in America and you haven’t been poisoned via our Media’s hatred of Trump since day one of his Presidency, and, the fact that there was conclusive evidence across our land of election fraud against Trump, you would understand why he didn’t have a security briefing with the incoming President.
    Bottom line–our country is much less safe than it once was–the cognitively impaired Biden has opened up our Southern border–there are between 100,000 and 200,000 mostly unvetted aliens coming in each month–now after his disastrous handling of Afghanistan 10’s of thousands of refugees are being brought into this country.
    Here’s what I don’t get about you people who are so quick to criticize Trump, he cancelled the Iran Nuclear Deal shortly after he got in office. You know, the one that Iran started violating the terms of agreement almost as soon as it was made. The agreement that Biden was in a frenzy to start up again until the debacle in Afghanistan hit. A nuclear deal with a country that has openly called for the utter destruction of Israel?
    Am I missing something here or are you simply forming your opinions on news sound bites or from not doing the research yourself and discovering the truth?

  9. Sage Kahane – Please stop rewriting history, Trump’s Defense Secretary Esper is on public record that Trump undermined his “deal” with the Taliban by not sticking to any conditions. Trump pulled out troops even when the Taliban did not live up to its part of the bargain and therefore gave the Taliban no incentive to adhere to the deal. Trump also cut out the Afghan government from negotiations with the Taliban which undermined the existing government and killed morale among Afghan troops. Trump was warned that his policy was a disaster but he ignored the warnings. Just because Biden made mistakes doesn’t make Trump’s decisions OK. Not everything is a Trump vs Biden. Both Trump and Biden blew it on this issue. This thread is how Trump has the audacity to continue to lie about his role and how he fails to ever show remorse or shame. You decry the “left-wing media” but it is the equally dishonest “right-wing media” that can never bring itself to fault their dear leader. Trump is a disaster and thankfully he is gone.

    Blaming foreigners for bringing disease to America has a long sordid history. It is the same people who deny the threat of COVID, refuse to wear masks and refuse to vaccinate who somehow get all worked up about immigrants bringing COVID to America. Don’t be a fool. Recognize that these same types of people said that your grandparents were bringing typhus and disease to this country. Don’t be played by right-wing bigots and xenophobia that passes for conservative values today.

    Lastly, Iran significantly increased its uranium enrichment and decreased its nuclear breakout time under Trump. This is a fact. Trump had absolutely no success with curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. His reckless destruction of the nuclear deal with no viable replacement was an abject failure. Trump’s Iran policy was an unmitigated disaster. Hopefully, Biden fares better.

  10. @amil Zola is that the best complaint you got. Just admit it, the democrats of today are weak pathetic scum. No lies, Trump is a complete idiot when it comes to Twitter, and the like, but if you say this type of embarrassment would also have happened on his watch, you really need to get to AA fast.


    Just a few ways many frum families are benefiting from Biden:
    1) Third stimulus checks in June
    2) Enhanced Child Tax Credit being deposited monthly.
    3) Lower insurance premiums on
    4) Government no longer trying to cancel the health insurance of millions of Americans without providing a viable replacement.
    5) Additional funding for private schools/yeshivos.
    6) Bipartisan infrastructure deal that will likely become law shortly.
    7) Replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome
    Record stock market values
    Record housing values