Over 90 Percent Of The Very Serious COVID Cases In Israel Are People Who Are Unvaccinated

(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

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According to a recent report given by the head of Israel’s public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the vast majority of all serious cases of Covid-19 in Israel are among people who are unvaccinated against the disease.

Alroy-Preis spoke about the issue during a televised interview with Channel 12 news where she said, “It is important to emphasize that the majority of severely ill patients currently in hospitals are unvaccinated.” Alroy-Preis added that the vast majority of people who are on a ventilator are those who are not vaccinated. “Out of 175 ventilated patients, two-thirds are not vaccinated at all,” Alroy-Preis said.

At the time of the interview, there were 27 patients connected to ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machines and 90 percent are not vaccinated. The majority of these patients are under the age of 60 according to a report in the Jerusalem Post.

According to the Health Ministry statistics, there are roughly 850,000 adult Israelis who have chosen not to receive the vaccines. “It is a matter of saving lives and not a matter of how many of you catch the virus.” Alroy-Preis then directed her comments to those who are unvaccinated and said “You are endangering yourselves.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. But these 90 percent haven’t been treated with either disinfectant, an HCQ/zinc cocktail or the horse medicine so these numbers obviously don’t prove anything.

  2. Any thinking person not hypnotized by the current sponsored narrative should ask themselves (who might they otherwise inquire of?) what is the definition of ‘unvaccinated’. Believe it or not, this has been a clandestine, manipulated term. So, in Israel right now, for example, those who have allowed themselves to take the current covid-magic-shot in vogue, which would be ‘booster, shot 3’ less than 14 days ago, they are termed ‘unvaccinated’. Similarly is someone decided (wisely) to avoid the booster, but was somehow earlier convinced to take one or even both of the earlier shots, they are also unvaccinated. Just know what or whom you are receiving the latest information from. This has been widely reported. Do research it for your own safety.

  3. So if 10% of the cases are people were vaccinated, that would suggest the vaccine is not quite effective. Given that YWN is very pro-vaccine, they must not understand that having a noticeable number of people getting the vaccine and still getting the disease is an anti-vaccine argument.