TRUMP 2024: “I Don’t Think We’re Going To Have A Choice”

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Former President Donald Trump teased a 2024 run at the White House, alluding that the decision to run might not be up to him.

“I don’t think we’re going to have a choice,” Trump said. “It is disgraceful.”

Trump lambasted President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, labeling it the “greatest embarrassment in the history of our country.”

“When you look at Afghanistan, and what happened, and the death for no reason, just for no reason … [military] parents — they want to speak with me — they don’t want to speak with Biden,” he said.

Arguing that the administration is “divisive,” the former president said the Biden White House is hypocritical in calling itself open to all.

“They keep telling everyone how they want to get together, to be inclusive — they’re not inclusive,” Trump said. “They are very, very dividing and divisive.”

Trump has made no pronouncement as to a 2024 bid.

(Source: Yahoo News)


  1. Thanks for the continued comic relief. Listening to this ousverf running from Fox News to OAN on the Sunday morning news shows and then rant on Hannity in the evenings shows how desperate he is to remain “relevant”. On motzi shabbos he and the little Trumpkopf sat by ringside in Miami to provide “commentary” on a “fight” between two geriatric boxers only to have the referee cut them off 38 seconds into the first round. It wasn’t clear whether they called a TKO to protect Hollyfield from brain damage or shut up the commentators and protect the rest of us from the same cerebral threat.

  2. The Democrat’s best hope is for Trump to dominate the Republican party through 2024. That way Biden/Harris won’t have a hostile Congress after next year’s elections, and the Democrats can extend their control of the White House for at least four more years.

    Trump should have won in 2020. The Republicans did well in all races other than the presidency. But for Trump attacking his own side, the Republicans would have won both races in Georgia and would still control the Senate. Anything bad from a Republican perspective that happens the next two years is clearly Trump’s fault. His expertise is at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Alternatives, all of whom are people who Trump has worked with include, Pence, Cotton, Haley, Scott, Pompeo, not to mention the 2016 loses such as Jindall, Rubio, and Cruz. If Trump retires as a senior statesman, the Republicans may win a historic victory in 2024.

  3. As one of the few remaining Frum Yidden registered Republicans in NYC, if Ron DeSantis (or Mike Pence) runs, they’ve got my vote in the primary. I will NOT vote for former President Trump in a primary. Never have. I voted for Mike Huckabee in 2016 as well as in 2008. I voted for Rick Santorum in 2012. President Trump was a great President for 4 years but he lost last year and now it’s time to move on. We can’t allow him to become the Hillary Clinton of the Republican party. DeSantis is a true conservative (keep in mind Trump was a Manhattan liberal, Clinton supporter before he decided to run) WITHOUT all the baggage. DeSantis is also a close friend of the Jewish community and Israel with a proven track record.

  4. oh yes, we will.
    and you’re not even on the horizon
    every1 has had enough of ur lies, your demagoguery, your con-artistry, your lechery
    why weren’t u at ground zero with the other presidents on 9/11? afraid someone might boo u?
    must kill ur ego that ur no longer president. eat ur heart out.
    and by the way, did mexico ever pay for ur wall? hahahaha

  5. Once again, the only thing keeping the Republicans from a major sweep in 2022 as well as a Republican, Gd I hope a real conservative president in 2024 is more Democrat party cheating.

  6. “President Trump was a great President for 4 years but he lost last year and now it’s time to move on. We can’t allow him to become the Hillary Clinton of the Republican party.“

    There is another president that didn’t serve two consecutive terms

  7. this was the first election in recent history, if ever, in which a large number of prominent figures in the incumbent’s own party took stands against him, e.g. George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, former Secy of State, Rex Tillerson, and John Bolton, people whose commitment to conservative republican values is totally beyond question. His former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen opposed him saying that he had turned the DOJ into a torpedo to be used against his enemies. Others observed that he had totally subverted the constitutional system of checks and balances instituted to deny a president the absolute unchecked power he so coveted. And even if he remained loyal to causes we hold dear (and his loyalties have proven notoriously volatile), who’s to say that some later figure might come along and use that freedom from checks and balances in ways we might not find so agreeable. Apart from m’davar sheker tirchak and sheker sanaisi v’asa’eiva, which might apply to someone who is documentalbly by far the biggest liar ever in American political history.

  8. IT would be preferable all around if Trumpicans could get a grip
    they should have their Chief honcho run as vice president for whoever the nominee is going to be. He has much more to pack the personality of a vice-president in getting up the crowds the base worked up

    While he would turn off a lot of people if he was running for president

  9. ‘Once, Republicans and conservatives advertised themselves as strict upholders of constitutional principle. They brandished pocket copies of the Constitution as props. Then the leader of their party incited a violent attack on Congress in an effort to overturn an election result. The minority of Republicans and conservatives who upheld legality were forced to confront the fact that their old friends had minimized and condoned the attack, and even glorified the attackers as “political hostages” and “political prisoners.”
    Once, Republicans and conservatives defined themselves as the party of life. Human life was so precious that the law should require women unwillingly pregnant to give birth anyway. Then came a deadly pandemic, and suddenly “life” became less important than protecting the spring-break revenues of hotels and restaurants, or indulging the delusions and fantasies of people who got their scientific information from YouTube videos and Reddit threads. And again dissident Republicans and conservatives were left to wonder: What do we have in common with you?

    This process of estrangement builds on itself.
    I thought we believed X, says the dissident. You’re a bunch of hypocrites for now saying Y. You’re betraying everything I thought we believed.
    No, reply the majority. We always deep down believed that Y was more important than X. We never before had to choose. Now we do. And if you choose X over Y, it’s you who are betraying us.
    Pro-Trump and anti-Trump conservatives have often each been mutually horrified to discover how radically their highest values differed from those of old allies and former comrades..

  10. None of these anti Trumpers must have a job or be responsible for providing for a family (via a job, not government handouts). Otherwise they’d all be begging for the trump economy to return.

  11. Such negativity!!! A little hakoras hatov before yom kippur would be appreciated to the most pro israel president in history. You all forgot the Toives the did in releasing so many frum yidden from prison and the help he gave Israel.
    Shame on you guys

  12. Trump was the best and most effective president we’ve had in a very long time. If he is able to run again I will probably vote for him, other wise I will still vote Republican, never Democrat.

  13. Trump is 75, overweight, eats badly, has had COVID, which has some long-term effects. Odds that he will not live to see 2024 may moot all other issues about a third run for president.

    To rt: The greatest embarrassment in the history of the nation is that we elected that seditious, lying adulterer. There probably are worse Americans than Trump, but none of them were elected president.

  14. Gadolhadorah: What gadol of any sort, dorah or not, sits in front of their TV and then reports what they saw to the yeshiva community? Please find a different forum on which to share that goyishe garbage.

  15. when did he ever commit adultery? he is perhaps morally corrupt and gross by our Jewish standards, but did he ever have an affair with a married woman, constituting adultery?

  16. You liberal self hating individuals have no hakoras hatov to a president who did so much for us yidden. There isn’t a normal religious Jew who will not be willing to re elect president Trump. Our enemies sat quiet as they feared Trump would unleash the powerful military. Trump 2024.

  17. I cannot believe the amount of frum yidden in this chat that show such hatred and venom toward the biggest Chasidei Umos hoAlom to ever grace the white house.
    Liar, adulterer and embarrasment???? All you Trump haters prefer JFk, Carter, Obama and Biden to Trump on moral grounds? How misguided can one become because of hate to that Ohev Yisroel Trump.
    May Hashem give you better judgment and may you show more Hakoras Hatov to Trump instead of all that hatred before Yom Kippur.