Boro Park: NYPD Hunting For Clues In Brazen $1.2 Million Jewelry Heist


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The NYPD are searching for clues in a massive brazen daytime jewelry heist.

The robbery occurred in front of 1450 47th Street at around 1:00PM on Friday afternoon – as the streets were packed people doing their Erev Shabbos errands.

The NYPD says two men men swiped $1.2 million worth of jewels from a man sitting in his car. The thieves approached the man and threatened him before making off with a bag of the jewels.

They were seen fleeing in a Ford Taurus with temporary New Jersey license plates.

Surveillance video released by Boro Park Shomrim showed the entire incident unfold over the course of about 20 seconds. Boro Park Shomrim wrote on Twitter that the men were armed, though police could not immediately confirm that information.

The victim can be seen in the driver’s seat as the men walk up to the vehicle and begin reaching inside as puzzled onlookers pass by.

Eventually, the crooks pop the vehicle’s trunk, grab what appears to be the bag of jewels and run off.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Something fishy here. The driver does not seem very concerned after it happens. He’s just sitting there, doesn’t even seem to open his seat belt. And why would someone with 1.2 million in jewels suit with his window open? Idk, if I had that on me, I probably wouldn’t be stopping at all, certainly not just sitting with my window open.

  2. What is the race of the suspects? Who should we be looking for?
    Not to concerned though. Letitia James is hard at work investigating President Trump’s personal tax returns dating back to 1978, so I’m sure this is a fake made up crime.