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WATCH IT: Project Veritas Secret Video Has Aides Saying NJ Gov Murphy Planning Mask Mandates After Election

Conservative activist group Project Veritas, has now obtained hidden recordings of a campaign staffer saying that that NJ Governor Phil Murphy is going to impose vaccine mandates after the election.

Both the political aides filmed – Wendy Martinez, a consultant hired to work on Murphy’s campaign, and Matthew Urquijo, manager of a coordinated campaign called Forward 2021 funded by the New Jersey Democratic State Committee – said Murphy is waiting to act to avoid angering swing voters.

“He [Murphy] is going to do it [COVID vaccine mandate], but he couldn’t do it before the elections. Because of the independents and the undecided.”

Martinez noted that independent and undecided voters would not pull the lever for Murphy if he rolled out the mandate before the election.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

13 Responses

  1. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your individual choice to make. And with the mandate, that choice (like every choice) has a consequence. You can choose not to get vaccinated, which means you are choosing to abstain from certain luxuries, such as restaurants, museums, and other public places.

  2. I find this very interesting that Project Veritas in the last few weeks came out with numeras leaked video from inside scientist of Phizer proofing the danger but ywn never posted that… I hate Controlled news

    Moderators Note: You mean the story YWN published like an hour after the video was released?

    So true. Controlled news is not good. We don’t expect an apology.

  3. Editor, please take down this damning story. Fact is that Governor Murphy has particularly supportive of Torah observant Yidden especially during Covid. We should not be the ones promoting negative press about him.

  4. So this is politics in a nutshell
    They say what we want to hear
    Then they do whatever they want after they are in office
    We shouldn’t be surprised
    What makes me angry is that there is no mechanism to hold them accountable to their promises
    Lying to your voters should be a crime

  5. No I will repeat I mean leaked news from them proofing it’s dangerias (they where many)

    The link you provided says they are mo ey hungry and natural immunity is better does not meantion it’s dangerous

  6. You gotta love Yapchik! He thinks that because someone is nice, we should let him be a dictator & sensor all the bad that he says/does. This isn’t “bad press” This is what he will do. Maybe everyone wants it. Maybe not. YWN’s job is to report it. Our job is to vote.

    Thank you YWN for not being like the #FAKENEWS & withholding actual NEWS even if some dont like it.

  7. How do we no that he’s not Intervewing he’s friend # fake news and you’re over amplifying it this is not so shocking every politician in the history of politics has done this

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