Government in Agreement – Yeshiva Budgets To Be Cut by NIS 54 Million

(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

The coalition on Tuesday agreed upon various issues in the budget including cutting funding for Chareidi Yeshivos by NIS 54 million ahead of next week’s vote to pass the state budget.

The budget for the yeshivos stems from a number of sources, with the main base from the government’s educational budget, and the remainder from coalition agreements or from extraordinary budget expenditures approved by the government at various points over time.

The base budget for yeshivos had been cut since 2019 and since a government has yet to pass a budget since then, it has remained unchanged.

The head of the Knesset’s House Committee MK Uri Orbach (Yamina) stated on Tuesday that he finalized the amount to be granted to yeshivos as part of the 2021-2022 budget plan.

According to the agreement, the total amount granted to yeshivos will be NIS 1.17 billion. In 2019, that number stood at 1.224 billion NIS. Thus, some 54 million NIS has been cut from the base amount.

Yamina and Dati Leumi yeshivos are declaring a victory in this, as this is only seen as a five percent cut. Sources within the party said that “Chareidi MKs told us last month that if we succeed at getting this amount for the yeshivos with only a minimal cutback, they would take their hats off to us.”

However, UTJ MK Moshe Gafni, former chairman of the Knesset’s Finance committee slammed Orbach, saying: “Don’t let anyone tell you any stories. Everyone is playing around with the budget for the yeshivos. At the end of the day, we have a NIS 54 million  cutback and that’s without including the natural growth which has taken place over the past few years.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There is a silver lining in this cloud. At least Torah wont be supported by Reshaim. The Torah will become more purified and will protect better than ever!
    A person needs zechusim to be able to support Torah. Its their sad!

  2. Considering all the increases and one-time allocations over the past decade of Bibi buying off the Religious Parties, the relatively small reduction could actually be seen as a win. The other options that were under consideration but rejected included both bigger cuts, but even worse, more direct oversight by government bureaucrats into how the funds were spent. The latter is especially insidious form of ‘control”.

  3. Fake news, ywn the budget is actually being increased by 300,0000 to 1.17 billion source hamodia just check, ywn why do you just lie why do you post fake mews

  4. Romaine:

    I’m not sure if I managed to post an earlier comment or not, but … you are jumping to mistaken conclusions. Reread the article you linked to – it doesn’t say what you think it does. And maybe, while you’re at it, apologize to YWN for defamation.

  5. HaKatan, your chailek in olam habah is the same as the crusaders, the leaders of the inquisition, Hitler, the Ayatolleh and others who wished to destroy the Jewish people. Klal Yisroel include you in ve’hi she’amdah