MAJOR KIDDUSH HASHEM: Masbia, Shomrim Team Up to Aid Victims of Deadly Bronx Blaze [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


After a tragic blaze claimed 19 lives in the Bronx on Sunday, Masbia and Shomrim Volunteers from around NYC teamed up to assist the victims and their families, providing food, toiletries, and other needs to those affected.

The group made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem as they were one of the first and largest presences of organizations, where they helped ease the plight of the families afflicted by the horrific tragedy.

Dozens of boxes of supplies were picked up by Sendy Rappaport of Masbia from Bingo Supermarket in Boro Park, with the massive shipments transported up to the Bronx by a convoy of marked Shomrim vehicles.

Hundreds of now homeless people lined up to receive items that they need for the night such as fresh towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other toiletries.

A short while later, hot food was served out by the team of Shomrim volunteers, including soup, chicken, rice, and other freshly cooked food to help ease the pain that their fellow New Yorkers are going through.

Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams were personally at the scene to ensure all was being done for those effected. NYPD Community Affairs Commanding Officer Inspector Richie Taylor was on the scene and helped coordinate the food distribution and placements.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Farshtelt: I’ll assume you are just naive rather than making some dumb trolling comment.
    They are doing it because the victims are people with the SAME needs as if they were yidden. When the condo collapsed in Florida last year, the local mosdos were among the first to arrive and offer assistance. They did NOT have two different lines for yidden and goyim. Rescue teams from EY often show up in parts of the world with virtually no yiddeshe presence in the case of natural disasters.

  2. Git Meshige

    1) Unless you were there you wouldn’t know
    2) You don’t help for a thank you. You help because it’s needed. B’h H’ gave the ability to help.

  3. Oh hey where are all the maskers. Look at that DESPITE the yidden not wearing masks they’re willing to “sully” their breathing space and mix with the unmasked in order to put their hand out. Hmmmm…try that in shoprite with a colored cashier see what service you’ll get….none

  4. It’s an unfortunate situation. A fire is a fire. Yes of course there are different reasons people do different things. Some help as a means of chanifa to get more from politicians. Others think it will enhance the heimisha reputation. By the same token we are the generation post Holocaust where our parents or grandparents were survivors and thus we view the world with suspicion. We see what the world continues to harrass Israel since 1948. We see so many Jews murdered in crimes right here in the big American cities. There are reactions from each community according to their experiences. That’s why 95 per cent of frum yidden voted Trump while reform secular assimilated ones opposed him. But we must remember whenever there is tragedy such as an earthquake,fire or hurricane it’s a wake up call for tsuvah.

  5. Sarahklein: Where is YOUR common sense and empathy for people who were traumatized by a fire that killed 20 of their neighbors and injured many others. If the amazing Mabia and Shomrim volunteers are comfortable with the conditions they are working under, your mindless comments don’t really matter.