Massive Hafganah Held Outside Geula Cell Phone Store [VIDEOS]


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Dozens of Toldos Aharon chasidim protested outside a cellphone store in Geulah on Wednesday evening, until the demonstrators received an unusual directive from the Rebbe: disperse.

Clashes broke out between chasidim and police protecting the store during the demonstration, though police were successful at preventing damage to the shop, which has been the target of several violent protests in recent weeks.

According to B’chadrei Chareidim, the rebbe’s order “to disperse calmly and quietly and not cause a chilul hashem” came after the shop owner agreed to surrender to the “phone thugs” and comply with the demands of rabbanim to obtain a “kosher certificate” for his store.

Police told B’Chadrei Chareidim that they are currently formulating plans to eradicate violent acts against cell phone shops in Yerushalayim, which continue to face harassment and threats from chareidim.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I understand and respect the views of chareidim, but why the violence? It will be no less effective, perhaps even less, than a peaceful protest, and cause a chillul hashem.

  2. We provide a lot of excuses for the animals within- i’d sooner befriend an Arab over any of the weirdo maniacs Israeli cops have to deal with nightly
    Wow … where did modern day chassidus go wrong ? ?

  3. I see the lady police officer had a much easier time
    They should’ve had all lady police officers and they would’ve ran the other way so not to be oiver on negia – and men as backup
    That would’ve made a massive kiddish hashem
    Jus saying…

  4. spray those who damage property with liquids that leave a permanent stench. no violence is needed just a smell that stays permanently on their begadim.

  5. if the police would use more female police officers to push the charadim, the charadim would run away fast in order not to be touched by the women…

  6. Why can’t we have protests at tattoo shops in Yerushalayim as well. And also protests against stores open shabbos. Why limit to cell stores. We got the manpower,use it. One third of Yerushalayim are chareidim. One third Arabs. And one third everyone else. We can close every street on shabbos if we came out in massive protests. We could easily stop the filthy gay parade on n Yerushalayim as well. We could easily stop these reform lunatic women who come to cause trouble each Rosh Chodesh at the Kossel. Bring out a hundred thousand young tough chareidim and let them rip apart our enemies. It’s easy. We got the manpower. There should be no traffic on any street in Yerushalayim other than emergency vehicles. We got the power and numbers. We need to use it.

  7. That store provides access to kadeshos online. It really is like an idol store in the center of the shtetle. It’s out of place there.

  8. before ppl start bashing the protesters, just think about this:
    If you cared about the CW saga, lets compare.

    how many women cheated on their husbands because of him, one?
    because of the smartphones, THOUSANDS!
    how many kids were abused from him, a few hundred?
    because of smartphones, hundreds of thousands of kids have gotten their minds royally messed up forever, in ways that are worse than abuse, (as a victim of both i’m saying this)

  9. The level of hate display here is deeply unsettling. Many of us would find it perfectly legitimate to protest against a store selling pornography in our local kehilla, however legal it may be. For this kehilla, who established their neighbourhood before the state came into existence, having such a store in their midst is against the gedorim set out by the rabbonim of their kehilla.

    Why should a kehilla where few have phones with SMS, and WhatsApp and Smartphones are forbidden tolerate this piritzas gedorim?

    The fact of that some come to these protest for entertainment, or to make it rowdy, or that the police overreact in their typical heavy-handed way, does not make the protest wrong.

    How many MO Jews have taken part in protests in support of the state, where some fraction made it turn ugly? How is this different?

    The idiot who opened this shop in Geula should find somewhere else to peddles tech that does not conform to the standards of the 100 year old Eida Chareidis kehilla. Americans like to see Malchei Yisroel as their 13th Avenue, but in fact is the High Street of a kehilla with very high standards that predates the modern Jerusalem municipality.

  10. “…We got the power and numbers. We need to use it…

    Rats: Sadly, you’ve been sniffing the rodent poison you immerse yourself in. Apparently, it gets to your brain w/o ingesting directly. Not sure if there is a cure or you are simply doomed. There hafganot are supported by a small percentage of the Chareidi tzibur and the security forces seem more comfortable than ever in bashing heads among those who attack the or engage in vandalism and property damage. Within a few years, a much larger percentage of chareidim will be using smart phones