WATCH: Thousands Of Gerrer Chassidim Attend Chasunah Of Grandson of Rebbe [VIDEOS]


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Thousands of Gerrer Chassidim attended the Chasunah of a grandson of the Gerrer Rebbe on Monday evening.

The Chupa was held in front of the Gerrer Bais Medrash on Yirmiyahu Street in Yerushalayim, and was attended by well over 10,000 Chassidim.

The Mesader Kedushin was the Gerrer Rebbe. Other Kibudim were given to the Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Hagaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef, Hagoan HaRav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi, the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, the Makava Rov, Former Ashkenaz Chief Rabbi Lau, and Rav Landau, the Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Packed crowds, no masks in sight at the same time there are record Covid infections and hospitalizations….just like the MAGA rally motzi shabbos in Arizona!!

  2. Cobycom1: Hopefully, we won’t open the YWN news page in the next several weeks and see one of those page with a candle burning on the left side against a black background. Even though the event was held outside, there are still risks given the much higher transmissibility of the Omicron variant and the higher rates of breakthrough infections being reported. Obviously, the Gerrer and other rabbonim decided it was more important to hold the big celebration NOW rather than waiting a few months.

  3. cobycom1, what do you mean “still”? There was, but we are done, for now at least, for many reasons. Do you want masks until 2095? Should children born today never see a human face outside of their home?

  4. Then again, I guess they could have been more cautious. A very joyous wedding could be had with a small fraction of all of those people.

  5. What is with the comments about masks and infections??!! Zero chance of contracting COVID outside with vaccines; see proof of every college football game in the US in late 2021 and the CDC’s paper on the topic. Mazal Tov to the Gerrer Chasidim, that should be first and foremost. These comments remind me of the chilul Hashem in 2019 with NYC and Measles. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet that we should stop the open criticism of one another?!

  6. @Gadolhadorah I am truly amazed by you Ahavas Yisroel. However I do want to point out that you didn’t share the same concerns when R’Shaul visited the USA. I don’t come from a Chassidische Family (Yekksih) But my Chosson is (the Original) Ger. I know for a fakt that some of his family are extreme Ger, whilst some are extreme Rosh Yeshiva. And they are all still very Happy together. You know I had a very nasty Comment to say (against Reb Shaul) and I didn’t share, for Shalom. Maybe you too will go the extra mile and stop spreading Sinnah?

  7. “אין לך זילזול ואפקוריתא יותר מזה”

    (עיין באר הגולה על שולחן ערוך חושן משפט סוף סימן תכ”ז)

  8. I want to point out that the gerrer rebbe is very for the vaccination. I know gerrer chassidim that vaccinated only because the gerrer rebbe told them to.

  9. Ichbins > I am truly amazed by you Ahavas Yisroel.

    I thought @Gadoltorah was motivated exactly by ahavas isroel caring about health of these Yidden, whether you agree with him or not.

  10. SUPER super spreader. It’s appalling. Gadolhadorah, Amil Zola etc are 100% right. Rebbeim of this stature should set an example and drastically limit the numbers at these events.

  11. Nebach, fools like amil Zola and gadol hadora are ignorant of science and spread misinformation and wish that we can remain with masks until Mashiach comes

  12. Ichbins….has nothing to do with ahavas yisroel. Every day the YWN news pages are reporting another story about record infections and hospitals ERs overflowing in EY. One would logically assume a responsible rabbanus would postpone a discretionary crowd event in an abundance of caution but they chose not to. Crowded outdoor events with thousand of screaming/singing participants , even for the vaccinated but NO masks and no social distancing is virtually certain to result in some additional infections. I’m sure they considered the risks but decided holding the simcha was more importanth

  13. yaappchik!

    explain your question. isn’t 10,000 men plus 10,000 woman 20,000

    also, did you really mean that they should have made the chuppah indoors??

  14. As I said, EY is a free country where adults ultimately decide what they can and cannot do whether its selling smart phones in meah shearim or taking the risks of clustering 10,000 people together with no masks or distancing and hoping its the “other guy” who is hospitalized with Covid. Sort of a contrarian version of hashgacha paratis.

  15. Gadolhadorah don’t even bother to answer, because I honestly couldn’t care less, what i am trying to point out is that, why are some people always so negative? If you don’t like ger, then don’t look, or look and say Mazal tov and move on. If you avoidas Hashem is the Rosh Yeshiva, Vishnitz Satmar or you name it then be that yid. But stop always being negative. And just start accepting people for who they are.

  16. Ichibins: I have no idea what you are ranting about with respect to “original Ger”, “new Ger”, “old Ger”, “Rav Shaul” etc. I’ve always believed that given the limited understanding of the virus and its seemingly constant morphing variants, erring on the side of caution would be the prudent course of action for any group…Ger, Satmar, MAGA or BLM. To the extent there are individuals in leadership positions who are able to exercise substantial influence over such groups, one would expect them to urge caution. Simultaneously encouraging vaccination while sponsoring a mass gathering with no masks or distancing is sort of mindless, whoever is involved. If your R’ Shaul was invited to the Chassanah, hopefully he was smart enough to wear a mask and watch from a distance.

  17. by the way. only vaccinated people are allowed in the gerrer beis medrash. and over 95% of gererr yungerleit, 90% of gerrer kids are vaccinated. the rebbi himself was among the first vaccinated (by the way was the second in israel and one of the first worldwide) and was the first major rebbi, rav, rash yeshiva or manhig to say to vaccinate. i myself made my husband kids vaccinate because the gerrer rebbi among the other big tzaddikim like the belzer rebbi and reb chaim said to vaccinate.

  18. by the way. only vaccinated people are allowed in the gerrer beis medrash. and over 95% of gererr yungerleit, 90% of gerrer kids are vaccinated. the rebbi himself was among the first vaccinated (by the way was the second in israel and one of the first worldwide) and was the first major rebbi, rav, rash yeshiva or manhig to say to vaccinate.

  19. Ichbins, Gadolhatorah, if I may add to the conversation on Ger.
    Ger is a cult, not a chassidus, I say this from my own experience growing up in it. So Ichbins, mazel tov on being engaged to a Gerrer chosid, but please for your own good; do your research in Gerrer shitos on marriage before getting married, and make an informed choice on who to go to for kallah classes, and your chosson too. I’m saying out of the goodness of my heart.

  20. Datey, OMG you’re right! Ichbins, PLEASE PLEASE have your parents verify from their future mechutanim who your chosson’s marriage classes are coming from. I personally know a very nice young lady who faced serious issues because she had no idea what she was getting into. Their marriage was on the rocks for a very long time during shana rishona until it was *sort of* sorted out. As Datey said, I am saying this from the bottom of my heart.

  21. datey!!


    datey: dont lie, you are not ger and has nothing to do with ger .. you just hate ger and its shittahs. where there is hatred there is jealousy. the more the hate the more the jealousy.

    lchbins: respect your decision with whom to marry your kids, if you picked ger, stick with it, and let the girl find out what it means to be in ger and not make the chosson miserable by the kallah deciding who to choose and what teacher to go, she wanted ger, let her be happy by doing what her chosson wants, and not falling for some random peoples comments, and let her blend in to that chassidus. i myself who belong nowhere almost closed a shidduch with ger for my oldest daughter last month.

    lchbins. respect your picks, i am with your daughter, i back her

  22. eishes chayil, I feel YOUR HATE, I have no hate, just pain because of Ger. I don’t hate Ger, but hate their shitos which aren’t Yiddeshkeit but antithesis to what Hashem wants and therefore I called it a cult. Look into this yourself, ask a real Gerrer woman….if they’d be willing to talk, most are brainwashed and don’t even know what they are going through due to the manipulation which starts at a real young age, of training already the young children boys and girls.
    I’ve suffered terribly and am doing intense trauma work 20 years later because of their shitos on marriage, which are basically abusive to women. So please don’t talk about something you know nothing about. And not with so much hate, for goodness sake. I’m only trying to prevent more hurt, and if I can help even one person by making them aware of what they are getting into, then I feel like my pain has a purpose. Please don’t spew so much hate, I love all Yidden all types and stripes, including you! but we need to honest about what is real Yiddeshkeit and what isn’t.

  23. datey:
    just clarify, i am not ger. and have nothing with ger, i just spek the truth out of mu heart, i know the truth hurts, so you fire back at me, i am sorry that ger made you suffer. but interestingly all gedolim in the world look up to the gerrer rebbi and chassidei ger (dont argue, because everyone knows this, you will just be a fool)
    are all the rebbis and gedolim also brainwashed and manipulated. i guess so. that is where you go wrong, thats where your apikorses come’s from

  24. eishis chayil I’m sorry you felt I fired back, I don’t think I did, but if you felt that way, I apologize. It seems like you don’t have any real understanding of Ger, so there’s no point to continue this conversation. Just to point out one thing, the Steipler and many Gedolim were/are very against the Gerrer approach to marriage. Also please don’t call me an apikores, this feels like a really harsh statement to make, please be careful with the words you write, just because one can write anonymously here, doesn’t give right to shoot comments at other people.