Stoliner Rebbe Tells Chasidim to Bring Weapons to Shul, Including on Shabbos


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The Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe has put out a call for his chasidim to bring their guns to shul – on weekdays and on Shabbos.

The Rebbe’s directive comes amid a spate of deadly terror attacks in Israel, and shortly after the terror attack in Elad in which three people were murdered by axe-wielding terrorists.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The Rebbe’s directive comes amid a spate of total ineptitude on part of bennett who simply shall just have to go and fade into the oblivion

  2. to bring their guns to shul – on weekdays and on Shabbos. Does this directive include tasers? & if so:- Tasers only on weekdays or also on שבת?

  3. Note that he said specifically that this applies only to those who a licensed (by the government) and trained to carry guns should do so. Amateurs and wannabees are more likely to do more harm than good, and be a threat to themselves and the people they wish to protect.

    Some not too clever people will read YWN’s headline and think he told people to go about getting guns, as if they were magic toys. Firearms are very dangerous when used by people who don’t what they are doing.

  4. Reb Eliezer, why must you advise your ignorance? Would you be shocked to know that nearly every city and town in Israel has a kosher Eruv? In fact Reb Yehoshua Leib Diskin made the Eruv in Yerushalyim.

  5. I am pretty sure he means where there is an Eiruv (there is practically no place in Eretz Yisroel without an Eiruv) and in the places where Stoliner Chassidim live, there is usually quite a reliable Eiruv (Yerusholayim, Beitar, Givat Zev, Modiin Ilit, Teverya) though they may not all be the best, mehudar eiruvin.

  6. Many poskim are of the opinion that weapons and First Aid radios etc. are not muktza. Anything that is meant to be used for pikuach nefesh, and a there is chance that they may be needed on Shabbos is a keli shemelachtoi l’heter. Like a Mohel’s knife [before the bris – or, a Mohel who is sometimes summoned mid-day, is muter all of Shabbos].
    וז”ל אחרות שבת פי”ט סב
    כלי נשק – הנמצא במקום ששימושו לצורך פיקוח נפש שכיח כגון במקומות שהאויבים שכיחים בהם דינו ככלי שמלאכתו להיתר
    I imagine many Rabbonim would not consider the general situation in E. Yisroel as ‘מקום שהאויב שכיח בו’ – unless one lives in Chevron or Shechem…. But I can also understand the veiw point of the Karliner Rebbe, and he is certainly a choshuve Shita one can rely on.

  7. All Kehilas and Yeshivos should teach Gun Safety and what actions to take if a shooting occurs. Fewer people would get hurt if they only new the drill.