FINALLY: Israel Mask Mandate On Flights To End


For the past 26 months, air passengers to and from Israel have been required to wear masks.

Today, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz announced the demise of this policy. Beginning at midnight on May 23 (the night between Sunday and Monday), masks will no longer be required on flights to or from Israel.

Chaim V’Chessed notes that the announcement comes on the heels of the cancellation of Covid testing for air passengers. Hence, the only Covid related travel rule will be the requirement to fill out the online Health Declaration.


  1. The state that recently endangered its subjects with coerced genetics experiments now allows travel there without muzzles. Thanks, but I think I’ll wait for this mistake of a regime to end. May it end soon.

  2. Curious why that date was picked! If Covid is still an issue, how will it end only at midnight of the 23rd? How can they know that that is the end? And if it is no longer an issue, then why not end it now? Israeli warped mentality is still prevelant.

  3. Not sure about the efficacy of the mask mandate in recent weeks. After the judge announced her ruling some time during Chol Hamoed, that was it, including in Israel. I flew back to the US on United Airlines a couple of days after YT, and verrrrry few people were wearing masks in TLV airport, and maybe 10-15% on the United flight back to the US. And I was on a flight to Washington Dulles which is not known to be a super Yeshivishe flight. I can only imagine what the Newark flight looked like. (Other airlines going to European countries that were more machmir had many more people wearing masks. But flights to the US? By far the minority only were wearing.)