Rockland Chaverim Sift Through Trash For Two Hours To Retrieve Lost Jewelry, Clothing [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Thanks to the dedicated response by Chaverim Of Rockland volunteers, a woman whose expensive jewelry ended up in the trash was thankfully retrieved.

Chaveirim received a frantic call that the woman’s belongings – including expensive jewelry and clothing – were mistakenly picked up by the IWS Sanitation.

Chaverim Coordinator Yossi Margareten immediately reached out to an IWS Executive who contacted the drivers and met up with Chaverim volunteers at their Hillburn Garage.

After around two hours of hard work sifting through the trash, the woman’s belongings were retrieved.


  1. I’m related to the woman who owns the jewelry. I spoke with her on Shabbos and she told me that it took far less than 2 hours until it was found; she also denied what was written in the previous post that she gave away a diamond to Chaverim.