TRAGEDY IN JERUSALEM: Egged Bus Loses Control, Strikes Pedestrians, Three Fatalities Reported [VIDEOS]


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Three people were R”L killed after an Egged bus jumped a curb and struck them on Thursday night.

It happened on the busy Shamgar Street right outside the Rav Shefa mall, when the bus driver lost control for unknown reasons, jumped the curb, and struck multiple pedestrians.

Emergency personnel rushed to the scene and treated numerous victims. Tragically, three victims were niftar at the scene, including a woman in her thirties and a three-year-old girl.

There are at least 3 additional victims, one of whom is in critical condition, one in moderate condition, and one who suffered minor injuries.

A Senior Jerusalem District commander told the Times of Israel that the driver was outside the bus at the time trying to fix a “technical malfunction,” when the vehicle began rolling away on its own. “And then what happened, happened,” Assistant Commissioner Kobi Yaakobi told the Kan public broadcaster.



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  1. Two nights in a row , an Egged bus driver loses control in Yerushalaim and a few people are killed.
    You can google it. two separate accidents
    I think the bus drivers are under a lot of pressure, plus the combination of night time driving====equals
    Maybe we should ride the busses only during the day?
    just maybe.
    Food for Thought.

  2. Were the bus drivers in these two incidents Arabs, and if so, might these have been terror attacks like the pilots who crashed into the Twin Towers?

  3. “Maybe we should ride the busses only during the day?” – If buses will run only during the day, all malls need to be open only during the day – at night will be no way to make shopping and mall’s employees could not get home at night. Wedding halls will need to be open only during the day for the same reason. And pharmacies need to be open only during the day, etc, etc

    Maybe bus drivers need to work less hours per day?

  4. The vast majority of bus journeys pass without incident and as R’ Mendel Kaplan, ztl, said, if something is in the geder of sakanaso metzuya (i.e. a misfortune is likely to happen), one is not allowed to do it, and if it’s not sakanaso metzuya (there’s only a remote chance of misfortune) then one is not allowed to worry about it. One message that comes out of this is that bus accidents do happen, even if only very rarely, and therefore whenever possible one should try to wear a seatbelt, which in case of an accident R”l can in many cases save lives and reduce injuries.

  5. UPDATED: The three killed were a pregnant mother, her three year old daughter and a seven year old relative who was with them. HASHEM YERACHEM. all from one family!

  6. shomershabbat, never knew that busses were vaccinated for the Covid and that’s why its brakes failed LOL,
    You need to take your medicines every day, or check yourself into the nearest mental asylum

  7. This is so so tragic! One wonders how the poor family can ever come to terms with this.
    Some food for thought: in this same area, Yirmyohu, a few months ago a massive chilul Hashem took place. Very few spoke up, or condemned it. No action took place against it. Hashem is Master of the world. He is the One who enables all! He is talking to us! Is anyone listening???

  8. hashem is delivering a message for each of us
    every Yid has something to improve
    could it be that learning Torah and saying Tehillim on the bus is a better idea than playing with smartphones?
    another opportunity for chessed on a bus is giving your seat to older people and women in special conditions!!!
    it was a popular mitzvah just a few years ago but now some youngsters seem oblivious while sitting on the bus
    may we always share only Bsoros Tovos