YWN EDITORIAL: Gov. Hochul’s Attitude Toward Orthodox Jews is Untenable; SHE MUST BE DEFEATED


Since its inception, YWN has never called for the ouster of an elected official, Republican or Democrat. That changes today. It is our firm belief that Gov. Kathy Hochul’s stance toward the Orthodox Jewish community in New York is such that she must be replaced.

Our position comes not only from her failing to publicly stand up for the rights of yeshivas, but especially because of what we have seen from the governor in private.

Several weeks ago, YWN was contacted by the Hochul campaign, with an offer to conduct an exclusive interview with the governor.

This offer was surprising on several fronts: firstly, it is well known that YWN rarely conducts interviews promoting specific positions, especially ones from political candidates. Of the 2 million-plus articles that have been published on YWN, barely a handful are interviews.

The second and primary reason for our astonishment over the interview offer was that Gov. Hochul had never before agreed to an interview with any Orthodox Jewish publication, online or in print. Why suddenly did she agree to one now?

The answer, it soon came to be obvious, was to ingratiate herself to the Orthodox Jewish community without providing any evidence that she is working for them in Albany.

YWN was asked to interview the governor at a location in Manhattan, but the Hochul campaign gave us just 10 minutes for questions. This in itself was ridiculous, as all know that any political candidate can take a single question and filibuster their way through an empty 10-minute answer.

YWN then demanded that we get a minimum of 20 minutes to question the governor, at which point the Hochul campaign began making demands – and their motive – clear.

“Please confirm [with the interviewer] that he won’t ask questions that are not good for us,” was one demand.

Another was that all questions to be asked should be submitted to the Hochul campaign beforehand for review. Yet another was that the interview shouldn’t focus on the situation concerning yeshivas – literally the number one issue for Orthodox Jews in this campaign!

The arrogance with which Gov. Hochul’s campaign came to the table was stunning. What the governor obviously wanted, as noted earlier, was for her image among Orthodox Jews to be rehabilitated without her actually facing a single difficult question or requiring her to make commitments to the community.

This attitude toward New York’s Orthodox Jews cannot stand, and we thus feel compelled to call for the defeat of incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul. New York’s Orthodox Jews deserve better.

The YWN Editorial Team

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Ridiculous article, very immature. If this is your problem with her what’s with Donald Trump??? A guy full of corruption since the 80’s.
    I vote Zeldin, but this letter sounds very unprofessional ad childish.

  2. Thank you YWN for not hiding the truth, Im sure you were given a lot of pressure to suppress this story. You are the preeminent news source for the frum population for a good reason. I would like to add to vote straight Republican or Conservative for ALL the seats that message would go even further. Let us remember that Tish James lets criminals out but goes after Trumps 1978 tax return and some real estate appraisals done by outsiders. Chuck Schumer is the leader of the woke crowd. Vote

  3. Kudos for YWN for exposing this filthy swine to the masses. She is a fraud, and clearly has issues with orthodox Jews. For the record, I am a Democrat.

  4. Very well put.

    “YWN has never called for the ouster of an elected candidate”

    The privileged white female Karen, Kathy Hochul WAS NEVER “ELECTED” AS GOVERNOR!!!!! Kathy is an UNELECTED incompetent dult.

  5. What a great exposé.
    Not very surprised. The Liberal machine has been getting questions to interviews well before this.

    Reminds me of when Hillary had the questions from CNN before the Trump debate.

    Hillary. Another piece of trash.

    Matza min es mino. #HillaryHochul

  6. Trash, Garbage…..
    The way YWN has bashed Gedolim for thinking or instructing their followers differently, is despicable. You earned your place as a low class Loshon Hora mouthpiece.

  7. @FaceIt – NO gedolim have endorsed differently. I will repeat that so you read it well. NOT ONE gadol endorsed anyone else. NOT ONE GADOL.

  8. rt:
    Who are you to judge anyone? Do you know their background? Do you know how much Torah they did or did not learn? Would you have done any better with the background he had?

    What matters to us is the values they promote and legislate, not their personal failings.

  9. While YWN has thoroughly covered the Zeldin campaign for governor and his overtures to the Orthodox Jewish community, YWN has never endorsed him or any other candidate, as per our long-standing policy for 19 years in covering thousands of elections.

  10. Based on few comments here it looks like members of Evsekzia of Democrat party are on board with supporting an evil woman who stands for murdering unborn up to the minute of birth and sexually mutilating young school children and exposing them to the pornographic material at school libraries.

  11. Silly article, even if she’s that arrogant. Just enumerate A LIST all the bad things her administration is responsible for, including form Cuomo’s COVID insanity days.
    1. higher theft crime due to lack of bail/punishment
    2. higher violent crime due to lack of bail/punishment
    3. higher antisemitism attacs due to lack of bail/punishment
    ….you had me at #1.

  12. Trash, Garbage…..
    The way YWN has bashed Gedolim for thinking or instructing their followers differently, is despicable. You earned your place as a low class Loshon Hora mouthpiece.

  13. She also wrote letter to the fum community making it clear that she is NOT a friend. She pledged nothing to us in the letter. Just the standard vague talk about “doing everything in my power” (Which she sure has not done yet) along with an even vaguer reference to continuing to support peoples right to religion and recognition of importance of religious education etc. There is absolutely nothing in this letter that the SED and those who are pushing pro criminal policies couldn’t have written too.

    That said we do have to be (1)careful to vote against her and (2)not burn bridges with her by attacking her personally . She does have better chances of winning than Zeldin and we may still need to deal with her in the future. A political opponent of ours she already is. No need to make her a personal enemy as well

  14. @Kaftor109 – No Gedolim said otherwise. Eveery single Gadol has said to vote Hochul. Not one Gadol said otherwise. Why are you lying and fabricating and fudging the truth./ I’ll said it again. Not one gadol said to vote for Hochul.

  15. @guteyid – YWN please ignore people like this. This is how people operated in the 1930’s and they ignore everything. Enough is enough. Call these rabid anti-semites out and finish them all off. This unelected fake governor never visited a Jewish community, never walked into a Yeshiva. Never defended Yeshivos.

    Get rid of her, and thank you to YWN for exposing her once and for all.

  16. She was trying to take advantage of ywn knowing they are not familiar with interviews and they would bamboozle their way with conditions. kudos for taking this stand and exposing these spineless moralless fools

  17. Your job is to provide information about and from elected officials. Why did you refuse an opportunity to meet? You could then disclose that you were not allowed to ask certain questions and other limitations.

  18. It appears to me that a lot of people forgot that Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky (may his memory be blessed) said that here in America we are in Galus.
    We are a guest.

  19. I have a funny feeling that maybe a Jewish person in Germany during the year of 1937, maybe he embarrassed one of the members of the government. —
    Just maybe–

  20. makes no difference, Zeldin is married to a MORMON…..not jewish at all, what voice can a man who lost even his voice is worth…..neither of these two is what is needed, shameful….