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WATCH: Israel’s Ambassador Erdan Holds Picture of Murdered Paley Children At U.N. Security Council Meeting

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan spoke today at a special Security Council meeting on the Middle East and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In his speech, Ambassador Erdan criticized the members of the Council for calling the meeting to condemn Israel for its work to protect its citizens from Palestinian terror but not condemning or taking action against the murderous incitement by the Palestinian Authority (PA) against Israel and the PA’s support and funding of terror.

Ambassador Erdan said, “Over the past weeks, the State of Israel has been mourning the deaths of eleven recent victims of terror and dozens injured. Civilians. Yet shockingly, we are not here today to condemn the Palestinian acts of terror that led to this loss of life.”

“This meeting was once again initiated to condemn Israel. This time, for issuing building permits in already-existing communities. Building permits in our homeland spark international uproar, while dead Jewish children illicit nothing. This is an utter disgrace.”

Ambassador Erdan emphasized that the one who fundamentally violates all the agreements is the PA, which pledged to fight terror and does the opposite and also unilaterally joined the UN as an Observer Member, without any negotiations and in complete contradiction to its commitment. He added, “You are all aware of the huge, huge extent of illegal Palestinian construction throughout Area C, in Judea and Samaria in flagrant violation of international agreements – you can see it on the ground. Why is this never discussed by the Council?”

The Ambassador noted to the Council that PA President Mahmoud Abbas did not even condemn the acts of murder and terror and while the Palestinians were handing out candies to crowds celebrating the murder of innocent civilians, Fatah officials treated the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem as an act of heroism. Ambassador Erdan said that the fact that the Security Council does not find it appropriate to address and condemn these actions is a disgrace.

The Ambassador said, “You know, it is not by chance that Haj Amin al Husseini and the Palestinian leadership at the time, were close allies of Hitler and later led the rejection of the UN Partition Plan in 1947.

Nothing has changed since then. The Palestinians’ main goal has remained the same – to prevent the existence of a Jewish State.”

In his speech, Ambassador Erdan told the stories of the 11 murdered in the recent terror attacks, among them brothers Yaakov and Asher Paley, aged six and eight, who were murdered in a car-ramming attack in Jerusalem. The Ambassador presented their picture and dedicated a moment of silence to their memory and the memory of the nine other victims of terror.

“These two beautiful children were murdered just for being Jews. Today’s meeting should have been convened to condemn the price paid by innocent Israelis for the Palestinian Authority’s incitement and hate. I will not let the victims be forgotten. I will now rise for a minute of silence in their memory and the memory of all the other victims of Palestinian terror. I pray for their memory and I pray that you think of them in the future when discussing the true obstacles to peace in our region.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “…led the rejection of the UN Partition Plan in 1947.” 100% correct; the Arabs rejected a 2-state solution time and again, so leave us alone with your fantasy Mr Biden and company.

  2. These innocent angels were killed by Muslim animals due to the “incitement of Israel.”
    Whos trying to fool whom? Wasn’t Israel warned to stop building settlements? Arnt they occupiers of stolen land and further building to spite these crazed Arabs?
    Of course these murderers have no regard to human life in general but if you hit the bull he will bite. These animals know they’ll die soon so they’ll martyr themselves. Its a lost fight till Moshiachs day but dont play into their hands.
    And NO, Israel has NO right to exist. Not from a Torah perspective if anyone still remembers the teachings of it. Its EERETZ YISRAEL that exists with or without thr Medinah. Hashem will redeem us and give us OUR land back without the bloody Zionist hands.
    Does anyone still believe in that?
    Wake up Yidden. The Zionists are the core perpetrators of these atrocities. Of course the Muslim animals kill, and the Zionists play “nice” but its the “Jewish atheist Medinah” that is calamity of all times.

  3. The ohr sameach said we lost the beis hamikdash and eretz yisrael without a Navi so maybe we have to get them back without one too
    He thought we have a right.

  4. The UN always has so much negative to say about Jews and Israel. There are 57 muslim nations that actually don’t respect human rights. Same for much of the African continent. Same for South/Central America. And the more we get placed under a microscope, the more we need to change our laws to ensure our continued survival. Palis can go to Jordan – a “bastion” of human rights.

  5. To Miriam:
    I read your comment 3 times in order to make sure I fully understand.
    Almost all the big Rabbonim are telling us to vote in elections and also that we are permitted to have Kupat Cholim. We are allowed to sign up for Bituach Leumi. If Chas VeShalom there is a terror attack, the Rabbonim want us to call the Police. It is very obvious that the Rabbonim agree for the time being to participate with the state of Israel. I agree that Mashiach did not come yet. Also I would never go up to the Har HaBayis with the current Medina.
    Every single person that has Kupat Cholim is obviously a citizen in the Medina. Also in America it is the same story. When President Biden was giving out a stimulus check, if you accepted that check then you are saying that you are a US citizen.
    My main question is:
    My main question is:
    How can a normal honest decent person who accepted the Israeli stimulus check and ran to the bank to deposit the check, how can he or she in a dark alley go ahead and stab the Medina in the back?????????
    You need to respect the government where you live.

  6. To Miriam:
    “Aren’t they occupiers of stolen land”
    No- not at all
    If you do proper research, you will realize that thousands of Jewish people owned those exact homes and the Arabs forcefully removed the Jewish owners and the Arabs killed every Jewish person who put up a fight.
    In other words, those homes never ever truly belonged to the Arabs in the first place.
    We never ever stole any land what so ever from the Arabs.

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