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Levaya Of Longtime Rockaway Hatzalah Member, (RL-78) Dr Van Amerongen Z”L

YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of longtime Hatzalah member, Dr Robert Van (Itamar Tzvi) Amerongen Z”L. He was around 62 years old.

The Niftar, known to many as “Dr Van”, was one of the founders of West Side Hatzalah (WS-26). He then moved to Woodmere around 25 years ago, where he joined Hatzalah in that area (RL-78). He worked for many years at the Methodist Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room, and then ran an urgent care in the Five Towns.

He was a well-liked person, and was a mentor to many young Hatzalah Paramedics and EMT’s, as they all looked up to him. He was a guest lecturer for many years for Hatzalah in many different neighborhoods, on the topics of pediatric emergencies.

He also served as the Medical Director of Camp Simcha Special, and was lovingly known by campers and staff alike.

Camp Simchas gave the following statement to YWN: “Dr. Van was a dedicated and compassionate physician who devoted his life to helping others. He was an integral part of Camp Simcha Special, and his contributions to the camp will always be remembered. Dr. Van helped lead the Camp Simcha Special medical program since its inception in 2001. His kindness, warmth, sense of humor, and gentle manner were an inspiration to all who knew him, and his loss will be deeply felt by the entire Simcha family.”

Sadly, he was Niftar over Shabbos after suffering from an illness.

The Levaya was held on Sunday morning, and was attended by hundreds of mourning friends, family and hundreds of Hatzalah members.

Yehi Zichro Boruch…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The rest of the story… His mother is a Friedman, grand-daughter of the famous Dr. Isomor Friedman, after whom he was naned. Dr. Isomor was known as Shabbos Friedman because he was a stringent Shomer Shabbos when it was almost unheard of in New York. Shabbos Friedman was such a dedicated Bobover chossid thst he went by boat to Bobov for Shevuos before WW2! Dr. Friedman and his family got Bobov started in America on the West Side of Manhattan where they lived. This mishpocho are true pioneers of frum community in America. Robbie was one of many doctors in the family, who saved lives and helped people in and out of the office. Not many like him.

  2. I knew him fairly well from my visits to UrgentCare in Hewlett with my kids. Always smiling, always calm and reassuring, always friendly and great with children. Everything you could want from an urgent care physician. Boruch Dayan Ha’emes. He was a good, good man who will be missed.

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