MAILBAG: The Bizayon Hatorah Of “Der Yid” Newspaper


Dear YWN,

I was shocked and appalled to see that “Der Yid Newspaper,” which is directly controlled by the “Reb Zalman Leib” faction of Satmar, chose to ignore the Levaya of one of the Gedolei Hador, Hagaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein ZT”L.

This unmitigated Chutzpah and blatant Bizayon Hatorah must be called out in public. It would be one thing if this was an accidental occurrence, but it’s not. Satmar controlled newspapers have a long track record of systematically ignoring anything that doesn’t fall in line with their “Shita”.

When HaRav Aron Leib Shteinman was hospitalized, one of the Satmar newspapers chose to ignore it. That itself is beyond the pale.

A staggering 250,000 people attend a Levaya this week for a gadol and you act like it’s not newsworthy? Are you seriously going to proclaim to the world that a building collapse in Iowa is the leading headline of the week?!

When Chacham Ovadia Yosef ZT”L was Niftar and a staggering 850,000 people attended the Levaya, it was ignored. Is he your Manhig? Of course not. But when a Gadol is Niftar, and has the largest Levaya in recorded history, isn’t it worthy of mentioning? Of course it is.

Do you think this is proper Chinuch for your children? Do you actually think the holy Divrei Yoel ZT”L would approve of this despicable behavior? Of course not. Shame on you.

Rav Gershon Edelstein zt”l was the Baal Tokea for the Chazon Ish when he was a BOCHUR. He was a Magid Shiur for 70 years – never missing a single day. He was “Mufkar” from the world and an Anav like we have hardly ever seen before. He didn’t sit on a golden throne, walk with a silver stick, or fly around the world on private jets. He never left the Bais Hamedrash for his entire lifetime. He was a Masmid and a Gaon Batorah. This is what you ignored, and instead chose to talk about a building collapse in Iowa as your lead story.

And one final point to Satmar, and let this sink in well. You ignored the Levaya of Rav Gershon Edelstein because he is an “Agudist”, and a “Tiyoni”. Let me remind you: Who do you run to when your Mosdos in New York are under attack? It’s not Satmar Rabbonim running to Albany to fight for your rights. It’s “Agudist” Rabbonim. Last I checked, neither of the Admorim of Satmar traveled to Albany even ONCE. Meanwhile, Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Yisroel Reisman, and Rav Yaakov Bender have worked day and night for your Mosdos, not their own. Vehamayvin Yavin.

Enough is enough. This shameful and disgusting public Bizayon Hatorah must be condemned once and for all.

It should be noted that Der Blatt Newspaper (controlled by the Reb Aron faction of Satmar) had this story on their front page.

Yossi Weissfish – Brooklyn

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



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  1. Sadly you make a good point! Thank you for calling them out on it! A מחאה is in order! Your letter is also very well written. Thank you!

  2. for the record kol mevaser chasiddishe hotline had extensive coverage of it including interveiws. To be clear im not not condoning or condeming but in general they are a very insular community and we are called modern….so maybe its because they saw all the chazals brought down by “shottenstein”😃 about not being affected by the “gass” (street).

  3. Wow. Der Yid, Der Blatt… I never even knew these yiddish periodicals even existed. I thought they went into oblivion like Der Stürmer. Growing I remember a small local yiddish tabloid published by a mechalel shabbos catering to the WW2-era Frei Yiddishistin. That newspaper along with that generation are long gone.
    At least someone’s keeping the language alive not just verbally.

  4. What is a more massive unmitigated Chutzpah and blatant Bizayon ? Ignoring our mainstream Gedolim’s passing away or ignoring יום-העצמאות or ignoring יום-ירושלים?
    To their credit:- The only thing the Zalmomites did correctly in recent past, was to support Lee Zeldin and not go along with Aharonites’ support of Hochul.

  5. Please! You have very valid points, but don’t involve all of Klal Yisroel in more Machlokes, try to do something about it, but in a more discrete way.

  6. @Wmore – Whatsbworse that you are a liar? Or that you are defending this bizayon

    It’s not on the “next page”. And what’s even worse is that it’s ONE LINE buried with every other Yoily that was Niftar in an obituary section.

    This letter writer is right. This wasn’t covered.

    A building collapse is the news of the week.

    And you made this even worse.

  7. These maramosh conivers are robbing the system blind and augah gedolim are saving their mosdos. Facts matter sometimes. Enough is enough. Have derech eretz or fight your own pathetic battle

  8. with all Respect , you are not right-
    Everybody has to follow his Rav, And so is Satmer following the HOLY Satmer Rebbe zZL
    you follow yours , (and not forget Jewish Blood spilling as water, and
    all these Rav Edelstein fans are part of this sick Misnachlim

  9. I think they’re having a problem with real “anavah” and when someone challenges the status quo of pomp, they get excited. Tab Edelstein was a real man and manhig without shtusim and desire to rule!

    This whole calls against boycotting agudah and their accomplishments is preposterous. How many did agudah reach out? How many organizations can make such a claim about success in bringing yidden together!

    Isn’t it time for a different rhetoric???

  10. its about time someone woke up here

    the Zali faction supports neturei karta lev tahor all fringe cooks
    when rav steinaman ztvkl was here they demesrtated against him
    they are the CRC who makes all the demonstrations and are memaze all gedolim that dont have their shita
    they have nothing to offer or sell
    besides this outdated irrelevant (state is here since 1948) shita

  11. I cannot confirm if Satmar runs to the Agudah in America but even if this is true, realize that the American Agudah is not a political party with, as an institution, any serious ideological disagreements with Satmar.

  12. I was wondering the same thing about the AMI Magazine. Unless I missed something and please correct me if I did, I did not see any mention about the petira of Rav Edelstein. In fact, the front cover and feature story was about a non-jewish business fellow, with a full picture on the front cover of that person!

  13. Wow so much narrow minded hate here! The great Agudist R Reuven Grozovsky used to say “we dont attack those to right of us” YWN and its commenters direct all their hate and anger for those more right wing more strictly religious and traditional then them and have all the tolerance in the world for the modernized secularized zionized

  14. Bkitzer, you just wanted to let the world know you’re an aroni. We get it.
    P.S. it wasn’t mentioned in the Ami either (ok probably bc they had already gone to print. )

  15. Just FYI: When The Gavad Of Yerushalayim was Niftar there was just a small ad in the Ami and nothing in the Mishpacha. He was not less of a Gadol. His levaya had just as many people.

  16. The Zalmanites including their leadership will hopefully end up in the proverbial ashbin of yiddeshe history. One can be “insular” and yet be civil. Apparently R’ Zalman has contempt for anyone but himself.

  17. No one ever called the Satmar Rebbe “The Divrei Yoel” just like no one ever called his nephew “The Beirach Moshe”. These are recent titles intended to make their rebbes appear more scholarly.

    Satmar as an entity is a split personality. When it comes to ביקור חולים, they are without peer. However, we must remember that they are Hungarians (though Satu Mare is now part of Rumania). Hungary is a landlocked country. Historically, it was wild and backward especially in the rural regions, filled with Gypsies and a host of multiethnic peripatetics. These features caused many Hungarians to be socially inept, insular and exclusionary. The Hungarians’ loss of national identity, first under by the Ottoman Empire and later under the Habsburgs, caused many of them to develop a persecution complex.

    Please remember these truths before judging Satmar too harshly.

  18. A bunch of reshaim all of you who agree with this crazy writer. to the writer what i have to say is that infact YOUR article is bizayon hatoroh! how do u have the audacity to write blatant lashon harah? and do me a Favour we all know you are not doing this for KAVOD HATORAH you just want a chance to curse out a community of over 2,000 yidden publicly. you are a rasha merusha. AND to ywn how dare you post something like this i hope you have the backbone to post lashon hara to thousands of yidden around the world. I hope your site malfunctions you reshaim.
    REB gershon is turning around in his grave from seeing this! you think this is what he would want?!
    if he was alive, he would probably make a cherem on your site.

  19. I think every JEW in New York should boycott buying Satmer (reb Zalmen Leib) Matzohs the same as you did
    With ANGEL Bread and Challahs….Hit them in the pocket Like BudLight and Target.
    The only language they all understand is Pocket Loss…!!!!!

  20. Der Yid has the same right as the “Yated” on how they report the Rabonim affiliated with Eida Hachradit or Satmar, or when they choose to completely ignore the thousands who came out to greet the Satmar Rabbi when he comes to Israel, or the protests etc. Rabbi Ovadia was very nice covered in Der Yid, Hrav Edelstein’s patirah was also covered in a big headline, (and I’m sure it will be a detailed coverage in next week issue) maybe it didn’t comply with how you feel he should be covered but again the “Yated” completely ignores not on page 1 and not on page 2 what the Satmar’s feel it’s kuvod hatorah and masiros nefesh etc.

  21. @computerbagels Magazines are not newspapers! They are prepared and printed a few days before publication, and you can assume it was too late to put in a new cover page article. I am sure you will see one next week.

  22. This is wildly hipocritical! When Satmar does something YWN doesn’t agree with they allow an article to be posted. But when Ger is mechalel shabbos to beat other Jews half to death YWN doesn’t think that is worth reporting. This is a joke.

  23. @lithuanian

    What makes a Satmarer more religious than a Litvishe yid? That he misses shacharis bzman? Just because they may come across as more insular doesn’t mean more religious. The Litvishe mesora is more authentic.

  24. Maybe it’s just because they’d rather avoid reporting that he was so highly admired by all that the ראש ממשלת הכופרים had to make time for a Shiva visit ASAP!

    So they ignored the news worthiness of the entire happening, not to connect the name of such a sacred Godol with any kind of idle worship.

  25. Please remove this article. We dodnt need more loshon hora !! Loshhora is a terrible sin and you causing many people to talk loshon Hora by posting this article. Please stick to news that’s not loshon hora.

  26. Comment # 22, ralphz, Right you are! THANK YOU for reminding us!

    Still this letter writer has a very, very point! Sadly! Let’s unite and be the Am Echad Hashem wants His to children to be! We were at Har Sinai.

  27. A cute saying tells about a Tzihitste Satmarer that was pouring “fire” against HaRav Shtienman ZTZ”L, till a calm elderly person told him: “Calm down please, because the stake you munch on כ”א כסליו, is much much thicker and fluffier than HaRav Shtienman’s sleeping mattress……”

  28. 147: I know right? The ehriche David Ben Gurion has established these holidays, how dare some frum Jews not celebrate them. Next thing you know, David Ben Gurion and his followers will stop celebrating our holidays, has v’shalom.

  29. I don’t understand when they make a protest in israel the litfaks and ywn says like “the exstramis people in israel riots” in something like that maybe they are right? they protest against a store selling smartphones that you don’t care? ha? R edlstein very good ruv but didn’t think the same like them so they have the right to ignore. Like you hate them if you have a problem go bust! about the askunim I don’t know about you but I live in boro park in I’m not sotmer in I have free tuition from NYC for all my kids which the satmerer askunim managed to get for us in lakewood Is there no free tuition so go blow im very happy I have sotmer and not the litvakes for my asken

  30. @bestcpa my point is ALL CHASSIDIM including SATMAR listen and give feedback to kol mevaser. that’s where their feelings and true colors show, not by a paper censored and run by their institution. also @dovy 2023 is right if reb gershon ztzl would be e.g. in a boro park hospital ect. SATMAR BIKUR CHOLIM would be there for him every step of the way!


    Pathetic click bait story

    How about writing an ARTICLE ABOUT THIS VERY WEBSITE, which is supposed to be for the Yeshiva world (Bnei Torah), in the meantime it’s more like a TABLOID with virtually every type of loshon horaah, Motzei Shem ra and M’charchei Riv (making machlokes in Klal Yisroel)

    Time to clean house!

  32. @bestcpa that what you have said is the biggest proof what SATMAR “really” thinks about RGershon Ztz”l. kol mevaser (if its true that its privately owned) shows Satmars true colors because Satmar speaks freely their opinions. also just look at all the wonderful satmar organizations…they would stop the world for R Gershon ztz”l had he needed assistance e.g. for bikur cholim hatzalah shomrim ect.

  33. The truth is. Who are any of us to judge anyone else. So what they didn’t put in on their paper. The fact is everyone in Klal Yisroel felt a loss. So for any of you to go around literally talking Lashon hara or making fun or bad mouthing Satmar in any way, is frankly an even bigger bizuyoin. And FYI they give more tzedaka than any other sect of klal yisroel.

  34. It is literally shocking and disgusting to see the way people talk about them, or chassidus as a whole. Does it really bother you that much or are you just looking for something to be upset about. I would like to bet it’s the latter.

  35. If they burnt a sefer torah is it a sin that it is not first page news most news papers go with you to the bathroom and that is where people read it this is a new sin that something was not published front page why does it say that they do not respect the torah or wouldn’t kiss the feet of rabbi Gershon just like the rav zalman maybe they are so happy will life that they do not need help from the aguda if somebody came to school and gave them a gay education if not for all the satmer it would be ehud barak front page news and much less kavod torah and a Israeli flag by the arohn kodesh esav won God

  36. It follows the same attitude of talking down about people way greater than themselves. Rav Elyashiv ztz”l was still alive when R’ Zalman went to EY and yelled about the בחירות הטמאות and that whoever participates is a טמא, פושע, and what not. Is that the way to talk?
    If שמאי held that הלל is wrong and that he’s מחלל שבת, did he go make a rally that רבא is מחלל שבת?!

  37. can’t wait until the day the IDF will have to come in to kiryas yoel and “vayoel moshe” neighborhood with rescue helicopters to evacuate all the satmar chasidim when antisemitism in the u.s. increases to an unbearable level…

    the question is will they allow themselves to be helped or will their pride & gaivah make them choose to die in shmutz laaretz rather than be saved by the “evil tziyonim” even as their community is being killed…

  38. It is assur to attack another Yids hashkafa, remember the Aguda itself is a shell of its time under rabbi Sherer and for many is too tight with woke politicians.

  39. Ok Ok I have another comment,,,
    This entire article is laughable. R’ Gershon’s petira WAS mentioned. On the page of the niftarim. And it says, 10s of 1000s attended the levaya.
    It’s not front page news bc R’ Gershon was not a gadol for chasidim. He is not well known outside of yeshivish circles. It was no bizayon hatorah. You have to calm down.
    This article is full of baseless hate and stirs the pot. This is not what R’ Gershon would’ve wanted.
    It’s just sad.

  40. as lipas song from the satmar rovs quote goes….Yid Yid…lets look at “der yid” of klal yisroel we all stood at har sinai like one man!!! the satmar rav loved every jew even tzionim that he fought against…may we be zoche to veyayaseh kulom agudah achas….!!!!

  41. Is what Der Yid did or rather did not do here any worse than how YWN reported the passing of a Ehrlich YID they disagreed with, Rav Moshe ber Beck z”l?
    This was the headline:
    “Neturei Karta Leader Moshe Ber Beck Dies In Monsey”

  42. “It is assur to attack another Yids hashkafa”

    Oh, so I guess its assur now to attack Modern Orthodox hashkafa. Or maybe even Conservative hashkafa?

    What a joke.

  43. “However, we must remember that the [Satmer] are Hungarians (t Historically, it was wild and backward especially in the rural regions, filled with Gypsies and a host of multi-ethnic peripatetics. These features caused many Hungarians to be socially inept, insular and exclusionary….”

    Ari Knobler: I’m sure Reb Eliezer and all our other Ungarishe YWN participants will enthusiastically endorse your socio-geographic assessment of the Satmar dysfunctional ecosystem. I heard from an adom gadol that indeed there are some quite normal Hungarian yidden that have overcome their genetic challenges.

  44. Nobody is asking you or forcing you to buy their paper.

    It’s privately owned by their community, don’t like it – don’t buy it.

    I’m not commenting on whether the article writer is correct or not, I’m simply saying if you don’t like it you aren’t forced to buy it. Freedom of speech lets everybody report as they wish.

  45. Besides for Kol Mevaser (which is a general news hotline), Kol Bechatzros, which is a hotline dedicated to news among Chassidish courts, tishen, etc. And is known to be run mostly by Satmar (they include both though) had extensive reports and updates throughout the day.

  46. One more point, the writer of the article attacks how Satmar uses Aguda when it needs.
    However he fails to acknowledge how much Aguda and every other type of Jew uses the Satmar chessed and charity organizations,, be it Bikur Choilim or one of the many Chessed Organizations they have.
    If your going to boycott Satmar, don’t just boycott the newspaper which you probably don’t buy anyway boycott the whole system – and let me know how that works out for you.
    Otherwise you just look like a Palestinian boycotting half of Israel and not the other half.

    Let’s focus on the positive that they do and stop focusing and bad-mouthing the negative even if they do have some shortfalls.

  47. I’m sure the guy who wrote this is an old bochur who has weight issues and lives in his parents’ basement. Stop slandering other communities in klal Yisroel. You didn’t cry when Mishpacha magazine didn’t mention anything about the Gaavad Yerushalayim being niftar. So don’t be a baby, every frum kehillah is entitled to have their own priorities of who they view as their leaders.

    Moderators Note: Mispacha magazine had it on their front cover. How can you possibly fabricate such a pack of lies? Absolutely incredible. It’s simply embarrassing how you can lie so openly, with zero bush.

  48. The best way to deal with being ignored is to ignore the one who is ignoring you.

    Why are you giving this newspaper any place in your mind??

  49. Welcome to Satmar dream land.If your not a member, you don’t exist!
    Just a short course in Aramaic. Mufka is detached. Mufkar is unowned. Rav Edelshtien ZTL was “mufka” from the world….
    May we be zoche to follow his footsteps!

  50. btw it is mentined in der ytd any one who want to see it can see it i saw it with my own eyes its the seconnd section where all the NIFTURIM are mentioned

  51. The article should have celebrated the lack of a mention if anything at all

    Rabbi Gershon Edelstein would surely
    have preferred not to be mentioned by such an extreme sect

    We should be grateful they were not
    rude about the Rosh Yeshiva on the lines of those that display Palestinian
    flags & visit Iran

    YWN & the author should not have given them airtime as it can create sinass chinom
    look how many comments this article attracted
    That in itself should encourage us to hold up a mirror to our own shortcomings before criticising cant remember so many comments about the guy from Angel Bakery who was mezalzel the Rosh Yeshiva
    AL todin….
    Let’s try focus on positivity specifically when it comes to our brethren however badly behaved they are

  52. these guys support lev tahor and neturei karta and other kinds of dangerous self-hating shmutz including their constant embrace of democrats even as the rest of the Yiddishe Olam has been resolutely voting republican for decades in line with the gedolei haposkim in america.

    as rav avigdor miller זצ״ל used to say: “the democrats stand for shmutz 98% of the time, and the republicans 33%.” As frumme yidden we must vote republican. better you don’t vote at all than vote democrat. it was true in the 1980s as it is true today. now though the shmutz is more obvious than ever.

    we must stand for the values of the torah and not ch”v the opposite…

  53. “Der Yid” newspaper is privately owned and mostly curated for Satmar-based readers. It is not the organ for Klal Yisrael; rather, it provides news that is of interest to Satmar yidden and those with similar interests. Some news may not be news to them, and they may not be aware of or interested in certain personalities or news items. The paper’s purpose is to entertain, not to force news upon its readers.

    While Rav Edelstein was definitely a Gadol Hador, most Satmar yidden were never aware of him. Der Yid covers most litvishe rabbonim who were popular and their personalities, and only if it does not aggravate their readers for any reason.

    Satmar people are known for their compassion, which is unparalleled in the world. In recent years, even non-Chasidish organizations have been trying to work together with Satmar. For example, Mikvah USA has partnered with Satmar, resulting in increased income and reach.

    Regarding Agudah, it is a truly beautiful organization with the most righteous rabbonim and askonim. Did you know that Agudah and Satmar work hand in hand? PEARLS is a partnership organization between Satmar and Agudah.

  54. I am absolutely devastated that YWN would stoop so low as to publish an article that unfairly targets and blames Satmar families. It breaks my heart to see such baseless accusations being thrown at a community that has always held itself to the highest standards of Torah and Halacha. Satmar families are a shining example of what it means to live a life of Tznius, Torah, and pure Hashkufa. They have always prioritized their spiritual growth and the well-being of their families over the empty distractions of the secular world.

    Satmar families have always been a source of pride and inspiration for all of us, and they have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Despite the hurtful words of others, Satmar families continue to stand strong in their commitment to Torah and Halacha. They are a community filled with Dayanim, Talmidei Chachamim, and hardworking Balei Batim who tirelessly dedicate themselves to Torah, acts of Chesed and kindness. Their exemplary behavior and unwavering dedication to their values make them a true holy nation.

    Satmar families will always remain precious and beloved in the eyes of those who truly understand their worth.

  55. @Baby squirrel. What you write is a blatant lie. Satmar DOES NOT support Lev Tahor or NK. Just the opposite! Do your research if you’re really interested in the truth. Thank you

  56. Moshe77: a healthy chunk of the money flowing into these groups come from rich philanthropists & askonim from satmar. the leadership of both lev tahor and neturei karta said so themselves.

    without the regular donations & funneling of money from certain members of the satmar community, these movements would have fizzled away a lot sooner

  57. די ״ישיווע ווארלד״ איז מוחה פאר ״כבוד התורה״

    די סענזאציע ענגלישע רוי-געבאקענע נייעס-טראסקער ״די ישיבע ווארלד״ איז פרייטאג ארויסגעקומען מיט א נייעס און א מחאה נמרצת קעגן די צייטונג ״דער איד״.

    צייגענדיג א בילד פון דער פראנט זייט פון ״דער איד״ איז ״די ישיווע ווארלד״ מוחה קעגן דעם וואס ״דער איד״ האט נישט באריכטעט איבער דער הסתלקות פון דעם ליטווישן גדול און מנהיג רוחני פון דער דגל התורה פארטיי הגאון רבי גרשון עדעלשטיין זצ״ל. כאילו ״דער איד״ איגנארירט און איז מזלזל אין דעם כבוד פון א גדול בישראל צוליב ״אידעאלאגישע דיפערענצן״.

    ווייל זילזול אין כבוד התורה, ווי איר דארפט פארשטיין, איז א זאך וואס די ״ישיווע ווארלד״ קען נישט פארשווייגן.

    אז איר גיט אבער בלויז איין בליק אין ״דער איד״ וועט איר זען אז ״דער איד״ האט שוין איינמאל באריכטעט וועגן דער הסתלקות פון הגאון רבי גרשון עדעלשטיין זצ״ל. אויף דער צווייטער זייט, וואו זיי באריכטן שוין יארן וועגן דער הסתלקות פון רוב גדולי ישראל. זיי מעלדן אויך, אז די קומענדיגע וואך וועלן זיי שרייבן א לענגערע הערכה איבער הגאון הגדול רבי גרשון עדעלשטיין זצ״ל.

    די הסתלקות פון יעדן רב, ראש ישיבה, און אוודאי יעדען גדול בישראל ווערט דארט לענגער באשריבן, אפגעזען פון ״אידעאלאגישע״ אדער שיטה דיפערענצן.

    אויב איז עמיצער מזלזל אין כבוד התורה איז עס דווקא די צייטונג פון דער ״דגל התורה״ פארטיי, די צייטונג ״יתד נאמן״.

    ווען דער ירושלימער רב הגה״צ רבי יצחק טוביה ווייס זצ״ל איז לעצטן יאר נסתלק געווארן האט עס דער ״יתד נאמן״ באריכטעט אין פארעווע געציילטע ווערטער.

    כבוד התורה.

    ווען הגה״צ רבי ישראל חיים מנשה פריעדמאן זצ״ל דער ראב״ד פון קהל יטב לב ד׳סאטמאר איז נסתלק געווארן איז דאס אין ״יתד נאמן״ געווען לא יזכר ולא יפקד.

    כבוד התורה.

    אבער ווייסט איר וועמען דער ״יתד נאמן״ האט באריכטעט מיט פראנט פעידזש קידוש לבנה אותיות? ווען דער רשע ונואף, חוטא ומחטיא, דער שרייבער ח. ו. האט געמאכט א סוף צו זיין לעבן האבן די ווערטער ״זכרונו לברכה״ פארנומען א האלבע זייט. די נייעס פון זיין פארלוסט איז באריכטעט געווארן איבער א האלבע זייט פון יתד נאמן׳ס פראנט פעידזש, כאילו כלל ישראל האט פארלוירן איינעם פון די גדולי הדור, און נישט איינעם פון די מחטיאי הדור.

    כבוד התורה.

    היינט זונטאג בהעלותך קומט פאר דער גרויסער כינוס ״אדירי התורה״ פון ליטווישע לעיקוואודער בני תורה אין פילאדעפיע. פאר דעם צוועק זענען פון בני ברק ספעציעל געקומען צו פארן הגאון רבי מאיר צבי בערגמאן שליט״א, איידעם פון הרב שך זצ״ל, און הגאון האדיר רבי דוב לאנדא ראש ישיבת סלאבאדקע שליט״א.

    דער ״יתד נאמן״ דערמאנט אבער נישט קיין ווארט וועגן הרב בערגמאן. זיין נאמען אין ״יתד נאמן״ איז לא יזכר ולא יפקד. צוליב פאליטישע כוחות-פארמעסטן אינערהאלב די דגל התורה פארטיי, ובפרט נאך דער הסתלקות פון הגר״ג עדלשטיין, טאר הרב בערגמאן׳ס נאמען נישט דערמאנט ווערן.

    כבוד התורה.

    ווען הגאון רבי שאול אלטער שליט״א, פון די גרעסטע גאונים בדורינו, האט מיט אנדערהאלבן יאר צוריק באזוכט אין אמעריקע האט ער געקראגן דעם גרעסטן קבלת פנים, מצד אלע שיכטן און קרייזן אין אמעריקע, אפגעזען פון אידעאלאגישע דיפערענצן, מער ווי סיי וועלכער גדול אין דער אמעריקאנער געשיכטע. די רעליגיעזע און ״חרדישע פרעסע״ אין ארץ ישראל האט אבער צוליב ריין פאליטישע און פינאנציעלע אינטערעסן, אנגענומען א פול מויל און נישט באריכטעט כי הוא זה פון דער נייעס.

    דער ״יתד נאמן״ און אלע אנדערע צייטונגען האבן נישט באריכטעט קיין אות אחת, נישט אויף דער ערשטער זייט, נישט אויף דער צווייטער זייט, און נישט אויף דער צענטער זייט.
    קיין אות אחת.

    כבוד התורה.

    די ״יעשיווע ווארלד״
    צוזאמען מיט דעם ענגלישן ״חרדיש-מאדערן-ארטאדאקסישן״ Ami מאגאזין זענען ליידער פאראנטוואטליך פארן אריינברענגען ראדיקאל ציוניסטישע און ראדיקאל עקסטרעם רעכט אמעריקאנער פאליטישע אידייען צווישן חרדישן ציבור. ווייסט איר וועמען דער ״עמי״ האט די וואך געהאט אויפן פראנט קאווער?

    הגאון רבי גרשון עדעלשטיין זצ״ל?
    וואו, וואס, ווען.

    זיי האבן געהאט א גאר וויכטיגערן פערזענליכקייט אויפן קאווער, – להבדיל בין טומאה לטהרה.

    דער גאנצער פראנט קאווער פון עמי האט געהאט דעם בילד פון
    Mr Wonderful.

    ווער איז דאס דער דער מיסטער וואנדערפול?

    א גויאישער פערזענליכקייט אויף אמעריקאנער טעלעוויזיע.

    ער איז געווען אזוי עקסייטעד אז זיין מאגאזין האט געקראגן אן אינטערוויו מיט מיסטער וואנדערפול פון די ״שארקס״ אויף דער טעלעוויזיע אז ער האט אים געמוזט מאכן פארן הויפט פיטשור און קאווער פאטא פון זיין שעטנז-מלא-דעות-כוזבת מאגאזין.

    כבוד התורה.

  58. Why don’t kosher websites have a listed Rabbi or Mashgiach over their content? The Chareidi newspapers and magazines (i.e. mishpacha, ami, hamodia, yated, etc) all have a Rav listed on their editorial boards who paskens for them. It may be possible that YWN, Matzav or VIN have Rabbanim they speak to, but why wouldn’t they be listed. I think reader’s would be more confident of the material they reading in terms of hashkafa and halacha if it was censored/approved by a Rav or Rabbinical board. I think such an initiative would also force some sort of filter tremendous amount of controversial comments.

  59. Always hilarious to see some YWN hypocrisy. When Harav Moshe Ber Beck Z”TL passed Away YWN had no issue writing a low hit piece despite the fact that many people held him in high esteem, regardless of certain opinions he had, but when Der Yid just chooses not to publish an article about a Certain Gadol it becomes a “Bizayon” hypocrisy at its finest

  60. I’m ashamed of YWN being so biased against the biggest the jewish community in NYC with no regard to their own Das Torah on their Hashkufa and the be clear it’s disgusting and dumb from your side to treat like that a community with the biggest private school in America. And because of this Bizayon Hatorah to my community’s Das Torah I’m joining a lot of other people in my community to BL”N not ever visit this disgusting site again except if you apologize.

  61. The only shaming of the Torah here is that the author of this article really believes that the way to honor the Torah is a news article in a newspaper.

    Rav Edelstein did not spend his time reading newspapers nor headlines. Opinions or editorials was not a decision maker or a vision director.

    The newspaper Der Yid serves its own community who has their own opinion on Rav Edelstein, just as you believe that they were supposed to report even on those they don’t believe in, they are allowed to disagree with you and not report on those who they do not believe.

    This guest editorial writer writes: “Satmar controlled newspapers have a long track record of systematically ignoring anything that doesn’t fall in line with their “Shita””

    First of all, what about the Bizoyen Hatora of the Satmar Rebbe R’ Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l? By referencing his learnings, and life mission as some “Shita” of some extremest in some sect is a great insult to him, so the so called “Bizoyen Hatora” is not what’s really bothering the author of this editorial.

    Additionally Here is where the author is mistaken, Der Yid is not a Satmar controlled newspaper. It is a Satmar newspaper!! By Satmar for Satmar. It written to and appeals to their own community in accordance to their own values. it is not published to please the Agidah, or anyone else for that matter.
    So yes they will write and report only in accordance to “their Shita”

    Not to mention that calling the ‘Shita” of the Satmar community as just a Shita, is an extreme insult to the Satmar people.

    According to the Satmar beliefs, it is the Shita of the true Torah Jews and believing otherwise is in conflict with the Torah. So for them it is Judaism not just a shita.

    Third, not mentioning the passing of rav edelstein may have been the only way to honor the fact that he was a gadol batorah. A report of his passing would have had to mention his position which is a great insult for a Torah giant according to Satmar.

    I am not raising an opinion of right and wrong regarding supporting Zionism or joining The israeli Keneset in any way, The point is that a community with their own newspaper which is directed by their own for their own gets to decide is newsworthy and what not and is not an insult to anyone.

  62. Ahgedank: “By Satmar for Satmar. It written to and appeals to their own community in accordance to their own values.”

    then tell me how is a building collapse full of goyim in Iowa more relevant to them and their community than the passing of the gadol hador in Bnei Brak?

    front page attention ???

  63. Who said it’s more relevant. Let me ask you a question. Would you go and read a sefardi newspaper on sefardi rabbanim if you were ashkenaz? Or vice Vera’s? No! So why do any of you care what they wrote In THEIR newspaper? It’s not like they didn’t mention it. It was posted on the next page. It’s so crazy how people constantly need to find something to be upset about. If you don’t like a specific paper, DONT READ IT. We don’t all need to hear your negativity on everything you don’t like.

  64. @baby, because any Satmar person is more interested in a building collapse in Iowa then Degel party In Zionist Israel. Quite simple. It’s not about relevancy it’s about when interests their readers.