Mayor Koch: Weprin Lying To Scare Seniors; Should Be Ashamed


Former New York City Mayor Koch, a Democrat who crossed party lines to endorse Queens businessman Bob Turner for Congress, today blasted career politician David Weprin (D) for lying to Queens and Brooklyn senior citizens through direct mail and telephone calls about Mr. Turner’s position on Social Security and Medicare.  Mr. Turner has firmly pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare benefits for seniors.

In a recorded telephone message delivered to tens of thousands of Queens and Brooklyn households this morning, Mayor Koch tells seniors:

“This is former Mayor Ed Koch.
“I’m calling set the record straight on something.
“David Weprin is making phone calls trying to scare seniors. They’re NONSENSE. Weprin should be ASHAMED of himself.
“Bob Turner is running for Congress to PROTECT your Medicare and Social Security.
“It’s why I ENDORSED BOB TURNER for Congress.
“If anyone tries to scare you with LIES about BOB TURNER, tell ’em ED KOCH told them to KNOCK IT OFF.
“BOB TURNER is the BEST candidate for senior citizens in this race.
“Don’t believe anything else.
“Send Washington a message:  Vote for Bob Turner for congress on September 13th.
Bob Turner is supported by Rudy Giuliani, the Liberal Party and me.”

“As a life-long businessman and political outsider, I amazed to see just how far a career politician will go to get elected,” Mr. Turner said. “I would expect David Weprin to be better than this, but I guess this is what professional politicians do.  The fact is that I have long pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, both in the long and short term, and I am grateful to Mayor Koch for stepping forward to strongly reinforce that.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Why am i NOT surprised? Career politicians do this all the time…misrepresent facts. Next thing you know Weprin will deny marching in the Gay Pride parade. He will deny that he got up on the Assembly floor to lavishly praise the Gay Marriage bill..AND will deny that he ever said that his Rabbi would never perform the marriage of a jew and a non-jew…but he doesn’t know why…

  2. Considering they already spent the Social Security trust fund on other things (that’s why Obama said that without a debt limit expansion he couldn’t make social security payments), it seems that defeating the Democrats would greatly increast the chances for survival of social security in the long run. All the Democrats off are bookkeeping tricks that will eventually lead a great benefits rendered worthless by a degraded dollar (just ask anyone whose pension or salary were paid in Israeli Lira – originally worth close to $5/lira).

  3. All Turner has to do to refute the charges is to state that he opposes the Ryan budget, which would eliminate Medicare and replace it with a voucher system (ironically similar to Obamacare). Turner has not done so. What IS your position, Bob?